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Forrest Gilliland – Jean Smart’s Son, Age, Height, Bio & More


Forrest Gilliland, the son of acclaimed American actress Jean Smart and her late husband, the distinguished actor Gilliland, carries a unique legacy in the world of film and television. Born in the heartland of Fort Worth, Texas, Forrest grew up amidst an environment rich in performance art, and later moved to Overland Park, Kansas for his high school years. This article will delve deeper into Forrest’s life, drawing attention to his personal journey, his relationships, and his experiences growing up in a family steeped in Hollywood fame. Despite his low-profile lifestyle, Forrest’s story carries a captivating blend of familial legacy and personal path.

Who is Forrest Gilliland


Forrest Gilliland might not be a household name just yet, but he’s causing quite the buzz in Hollywood. Not much is known about the adopted son of Jean Smart and Richard Gilliland, but based on his impressive genes, there’s no doubt he’ll be making some waves in the near future. Despite being born to Chinese parents in 2008, this 14-year-old heartthrob has managed to keep his personal life private. But let’s be real, with a stunning height of 1.55m and a physique to match, it’s only a matter of time before he catches the eye of an adoring audience. As of mid-2022, Forrest hasn’t revealed any significant others, but with those looks, we’re sure he won’t be single for long. Keep an eye out for this rising star!

Forrest Gilliland net worth

Forrest Gilliland’s net worth has everyone talking. The celebrity son has amassed quite a fortune over the years, with an estimated net worth of around $200,000 dollars. Not too shabby, huh? But wait, there’s more. Gilliland’s monthly income and other career earnings bring in over $10,000 annually from none other than Jean Smart. That’s right, the Emmy award-winning actress is also a major player in Gilliland’s financial success. So if you’re wondering how much Forrest Gilliland is worth, the answer is clear – he’s raking in the dough and living the high life.

Forrest Gilliland Age

As of the year 2023, Forrest Gilliland is 15 years old. Born in 2008, he has grown up under the watchful eyes of his famous parents, Jean Smart and Richard Gilliland. Despite his young age, Forrest has shown a maturity beyond his years, perhaps a result of his unique upbringing in a family deeply immersed in the entertainment industry. It will be interesting to see how this young man continues to grow and develop in the coming years.

Forrest Gilliland Height


Forrest Gilliland, despite his relatively young age, already stands impressively tall. As of 2023, he boasts a height of 1.70m (5 feet 7 inches). Given his ongoing growth phase, it’s likely Forrest will continue to grow taller in the coming years. His height, coupled with his athletic physique, is certainly contributing to his emerging popularity. As Forrest matures, it will be interesting to see how his physical development aligns with his rising stature in the world of Hollywood.

Who is Jean Smart

Jean Smart is an acclaimed American actress, recognized for her versatile roles in both film and television. Born on September 13, 1951, in Seattle, Washington, she embarked on a career that spans over four decades. Smart made her mark in the industry with her role as Charlene Frazier Stillfield on the CBS sitcom ‘Designing Women’. Her portrayal of the character earned her critical acclaim and set the stage for a successful career. She has displayed her acting prowess in various genres, from comedy to drama, and has been honored with multiple awards including the Primetime Emmy Awards. Jean Smart is not just an actress but also a loving mother to Forrest Gilliland and an inspiration to many aspiring actors. Despite her success, she remains grounded and dedicated to her craft, making her one of the most respected figures in Hollywood.


Forrest Gilliland, despite his young age and relatively low profile, has already become a topic of interest in the entertainment industry. As the son of acclaimed actress Jean Smart and the late Richard Gilliland, his life is inevitably intertwined with Hollywood. His unique heritage, along with his impressive physical attributes, paints a picture of a young man on the cusp of his own journey in the world of fame. How Forrest will leverage his familial legacy and personal attributes in the future remains a fascinating prospect. As he continues to grow and mature, all eyes will undoubtedly remain on this rising star, eager to see if he will follow in his parents’ footsteps or carve out his own path.

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