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Fashion Nova Models – Top 10 Hottest With Pictures


Fashion Nova models are rapidly growing in popularity. It is a well-known brand that was founded in the US and ships its goods all over the world. It is renowned for its fashion styles and patterns. Fashion Nova sets trends. You may also wonder how much does fashion nova models earn.

Is being a model an easy task?

Unfortunately, modeling is not in everyone; capacity. Modeling is a highly competitive occupation by nature. The truth is, fashion nova models don’t have it easy. It is a full-time job that needs serious attention.Not as a pastime or side job.

The modeling industry can be very demanding, and not everyone can meet those standards. Fashion nova models must be devoted, patient, diligent, and persistent to succeed.

Unfortunately, rejection occurs frequently in the modeling industry; however, you should never take it personally. Your chances of success will significantly enhance if you have faith in your talents.

What is fashion nova?

Fashion nova is an American e-commerce retail company. The usage of social media marketing by Fashion Nova is well-known, especially on Instagram.

Their clothes are popular, especially among Gen Z. Models, celebrities, and other clients are compensated or given free apparel in exchange for promoting the brand. Let’s see fashion nova model names.

Can I become one of the fashion nova models?

Yes, you can. Go to Fashion Nova’s website and check for any vacancies and requirements. See what it takes to become a fashion nova model. Find out how much does fashion nova models earn.

How to Sign Up?

Head over to Fashion Nova Careers. You see a list of job openings. Click on your desired job and examine the requirements. If they don’t have a vacancy, tough luck.

Who are fashion nova models?

Fashion Nova models are taking the internet by storm. People from all over the world wear Fashion nova clothes and are also endorsed by celebrities like Cardi B.

Fashion Nova models are wealthy individuals with successful modeling careers. Not only do they receive modeling opportunities but also other gigs as well. That explains why their popularity in on cloud nine.

Everyone is curious about fashion nova model names. Stay tuned ad read about the famous fashion nova superstars. Do you want to know about the brand’s hottest models? Fashion nova model names are listed below.

10. Aliana Mawla


Aliana Mawla is one of the most famous fashion nova models of 2022. But that is not the only reason she is in the spotlight. Recently, Aliana made headlines after being spotted with ex-One Direction band member Liam Payne. According to the media sources, they are dating.

She is 24 years old and born in Colorado, United States. She has a following of 305k, which makes her a perfect candidate to be amongst the fashion nova models. She stands about 5′ 4″ tall and weighs about 50 kg. She has black hair.

Aliana has served as the face of numerous fashion, sports, underwear, two-piece, and skincare companies, such as Fashion Nova, Lounge Underwear, and Naked Wardrobe.

9) Audrey Littie

Audrey comes under the category of fashion nova models plus size. Age 30 is Audrey’s. American model and Instagram sensation Audrey Littie. On Instagram, she has almost 223,000 followers.

She was employed as a model by numerous well-known companies, including Fashion Nova, WilhelminaModels, and ImmCurve.

Her estimated net worth is $400,000.

8) Demi Rose

Demi rose is one of the beautiful fashion nova models. She was born in Birmingham, England, on March 27, 1995. She is 26 years old. Her Instagram has a staggering 19.8 million followers.

Taz’s Angels signed her when she turned 18, making them the first agency to sign Demi. She has worked with businesses and is highlighted by well-known magazines like Nuts, Zoo Magazines, Fashion nova, and FHM without looking back.

Apart from making her mark in the modeling industry, Rose has featured in music videos for DJ Khaled and Chris Browm. Her net is $4 million.

7) Jossie Ochoa


She was born on 8th December 1992, which makes Ochoa 28 years old. She belongs to immigrant parents of Guatemalan descent. Jossie is 5’5 with a following of 420,000 people on Instagram.

Fashion model Jossie Ochoa is also a successful businesswoman and social media influencer.

The diva has participated in numerous fashion shows, including Miami Fashion Week, Nuestra Belleza Latina, L.A. Fashion Week, LA Swim Week, etc. She also took home the first prize in Miss Guatemala US 2014.

Besides being a model, Jossie is an entrepreneur as well. She owns JossieStyle, a clothing brand that focuses on fitness.

6) Janet Guzman

Janet is another fashion nova star that is known for her alluring beauty. On Instagram, Janet has more than 1.1 million followers. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 19, 1993.

Guzman was passionate about modeling since a very young age. Her parents supported her career choice but also wanted her to attend university. Currently, the mode and fashion photographer is around 26 years old.
She thus pursues a profession as a photographer and model.

Her net worth is between $400,000 and $500,000. Janet earns a living by working as a model, fashion photographer, and influencer.

5) Crystal Serrano

Another fashion nova model name is Crystal Serrano. On July 12, 1994, Cristal Serrano was born. She is a Los Angeles native. American model Cristal Serrano has appeared in advertisements for companies such as Love Culture, Sabo Skirt, and Missguided. She also works for LA models.

Her estimated net worth is between $2 and $4 million.

4) Tiffany Keller

She was born on April 14, 1995, making her 27 years old. She is also a Los Angeles resident.

Tiffany Keller is a well-known social media influencer, fashion model, and Instagram personality. She is recognized for appearing in swimsuits designed and manufactured by many brands, such as Salty Mermaid Swimwear and fashion nova.

She earns money through social media advertisements, brand endorsements, and modeling.

3) Marylin Melo

On March 11, 1994, Marilyn Melo was born in the Dominican Republic. She is 28 years old. She was raised alongside her siblings in her hometown but later shifted to the United States.

She featured in Urban and Dopeness magazines, which attracted a lot of social media attention, especially on Instagram. Melo stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs 55kg.

In addition, Marilyn models for the leading fashion companies in the world, like FashionNova, which sells a variety of clothing, from lingerie to chic swimwear. She was also a Tabria Majors’ model.

Marilyn, a well-known Instagram star and model, is thought to be worth between $1 million and $5 million. Melo’s net worth was reportedly between $100,000 and $1 million in 2018.

2) Audreyana Michelle


Audreyana Michelle was born in Oklahoma City on April 13, 1999. She is an American citizen. The model is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

In a short period, Audreyyana had already worked for reputable modeling agencies like companies like LPA the label, PRISM Boutique, and Pac Sun.

She has also worked for Good American, a multi-million dollar firm owned by Khloe Kardashian. Michelle has primarily worked for Kylie Jenner in her cosmetics range.

She has made a name for herself as an Instagram model and has even participated in campaigns for well-known companies like Addidas.

Audreyana Michelle’s current estimated net worth is $500,000.Her main source of income comes from her modeling career.

1) Daniella Beckerman


One of the youngest fashion nova models names is Daniella Becerkman. She was born on February 7th, 2001. She is just 22 years old.

She has worked for Fashion nova which helped her gain immense popularity. She also works for Elite models. She has around 390,000 Instagram followers.

She also featured in the music video for Not Ok by Chealsea Cutler and Kygo.
How much do fashion nova models earn?

-It has been stated that Fashion Nova models make $8,000 per post, which is high compared to their competitors. To receive payment, the model must be active on Instagram. The Fashion Nova website provides affiliate programs that pay commissions on affiliate sales.

-In the US, Fashion Nova models make an average of $22 million annually.
How tall are fashion nova models?

Being a fashion nova model is not the same as being a traditional runway model. Usually, models are required to be very tall, ranging from 5’7 and above.

However, it is the complete opposite with fashion nova. Fashion Nova is not so strict with how tall a model is. Women that range from only 5 feet to above 6 feet work for them.

Are there plus-size fashion nova models?

Yes, they are an inclusive brand and hire plus-size fashion nova models.

Does fashion nova have a plus size line?
They carry a plus size line featuring the most trendy and on-brand outfits for you to shine in. They also hire fashion nova models for their plus size line. They carry 1X to 3X.

In the past five years, fashion nova has dominated the fashion sphere. A brand that successfully ships all over the world. You are bound to find a fashion nova clothing piece in a person’s closet. They are successful for several reasons:
1) Their ability to manufacture clothes at a chape price
2) Keeping up with fashion fads by constantly putting out new clothes

Do fashion nova models receive free clothes?

Yes, they receive the clothes they model in. In addition, they get special bonuses and discounts.

If you are a social media influencer, and your following is the kind of audience fashion nova targets, you may receive a sponsorship. You will have to promote the brand on your stories and feed.

YouTubers often post fashion nova haul in which they are sent clothes directly from the company. Their review encourages their audience to buy the clothes they try on. Many also have affiliate links that award their audience with special discounts.

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