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Fashion Designer Brittney Mitchell


Fashion Designer Brittney Mitchell is a self-taught fashion designer and U.S. Army member who launched her brand, Hauze of B, in 2021 amid the pandemic.

With no formal training and after extensive research into fashion design, she has created a unique line of clothing that caters to those who enjoy looking their best regardless of where they are going.

From the grocery store to a night out on the town, Hauze of B offers something for everyone!

Brittney recently opened up about how she balances military life with running her own business as well as what goes into creating each piece for her collection.

How did she get into design? 

Fashion designer Brittney Mitchell has harbored a passion for fashion since childhood.

Even though she grew up admiring her parents’ outfits and reading magazines, it was only during college when she truly developed an interest in design.

She found her opportunity in the university’s Greek store, where her manager allowed her to create clothing for customers and vendors across different states.

Seeing people wear the items she designed pushed her towards cementing the dream of becoming a fashion designer – and that is exactly what she has done!

Her achievements have been recognized all around with some of her work worn by high profile celebrities and featured in televised talk shows.

How does she remain creative while balancing a career in the military?

Balancing military life and self-expression can be a real challenge, as fashion designer Brittney Mitchell knows too well.

She has found that weekends are her chance to be her true self without any restrictions.

Mitchell has found creative ways to stay true to herself while wearing her uniform, like trying out different styles with her hair, showing off vibrant nail colors and wearing optional accessories approved by the military.

She is proof that it is possible to embrace both military life and express your personal style at the same time.

What is your design process like?

As fashion designer Brittney Mitchell will attest, when it comes to sewing and fabrics, having a reliable manufacturer close to home can make all the difference.

Brittney is what many would consider a beginner sewer, but still manages to make the basics look beautiful.

To ensure she is getting the best fabrics for her projects, Brittney will scout out options at her local fabric market before sending photos of desired fabrics to her manufacturer for a swatch.

This gives her an opportunity to analyze the textures and check for stretch before moving forward with her plans.

While she admits sketching is not one of her strengths, Brittney’s team of design experts take care of that by refining any rough drafts she composes before putting them into motion.

With Brittney’s methodical process in mind, it’s no wonder so many of her designs are beloved by customers across the world – something that just keeps getting better with each piece she creates!


Fashion designer Brittney Mitchell is a true inspiration to aspiring fashion designers.

Despite having no formal training in design, she has created an amazing collection of clothing that caters to anyone looking for something fashionable and stylish.

Her story exemplifies how it’s possible to balance military life with self-expression through her unique style choices and creative methods for staying true to herself while wearing the uniform.

Additionally, her meticulous process of scouting out fabrics at local markets before sending photos off for swatches speaks volumes about her drive as well as attention to detail when creating each piece from Hauze of B.

We are so proud of all that Brittney has accomplished thus far and can’t wait to watch what else she does in the future!

Aiman Aamir
Aiman Aamir
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