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Ennis Howard Plemons: Son of Kristen Dunst and Jesse Plemons


Ennis is the son of the well-known actors Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons. The sheer adorable star kid Ennis Howard Plemons was born on May 3rd in the year 2018, his zodiac sign is Taurus. As Taureans are believed to be intelligent and hardworking, we are rooting for this start kid to turn out exactly when he is a grownup person.

Little Ennis is an American being born in Los Angeles. Ennis is the first child to his parents and in 2021 he cheerfully witnessed the arrival of his younger brother named James. Ennis is not a name that you get to hear very often as it is very unique. The name has an Irish origin with a very brave meaning ‘from the island’. Ennis has delicate blonde hair

About Ennis Howard’s Mother; Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is one of the actors who made their presence noticeable by working outstandingly in movies that remained in the history of well entertaining films of all time. An American who started her career pretty early at the age of twelve by working in Interview with the Vampire released in the year 1994.

She was also casted in the film Little Women in the same year. And her career accelerated with every movie that she appeared in. She got her claim to fame role in the movie Spider-Man in the year 2002.

Later on in her profession, she took two years break from being in front of the camera however her comeback was stronger as she acted incredibly well in Melancholia and it was exactly a flash in the pan moment. The child actor is now a grown-up successful woman. She won the Best Supporting Actress Award in the Golden Globe.

About Ennis Howard’s Father; Jesse Plemons

An America based actor who started his career as a child actor and managed to make his mark in the Entertainment Industry all the way to his adulthood by playing different roles in different movies. However, majority people pertained to this industry know him as his character of Landry Clarke in the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights.

He made his appearance in projects like Breaking Bad for which received a Critics’ Choice Television Award, The Master, The Hoseman, Black Mass and several hit movies. He is a two times Emmy Award nomination achiever. She has made her sheer prominence in Hollywood.

How did Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons met

The two working stars were met on the set of Fargo in which they both worked together. They ended up falling in love with each other and decided to start seeing each other in the year 2017. The adorable couple have two sons as of now, elder one named Ennis was born in the year2018 and the younger one named James was born in the year 2021.

The couple finally decided to tie the knots by getting married in the year 2022. 

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons Planning for having their first child

For celebrities, family planning is a task as they are almost always preoccupied or reserved for future dates for their work. Also, they have to make public appearances which require them to look their best on the camera.

Especially for female actors, it is a milestone to keep their personal and professional life going in a balanced way. However, Kirsten stated in a public place that she was feeling the baby mode being inspired by her two good friends.

She believes that thirty-three is a good age to finally have an offspring. The couple initially kept the news of their pregnancy hidden from public knowledge until Kirsten got her bump and picked the best way to break the news to the world through posting a soulful picture showing her baby bump.  

Ennis Howard Plemons Public Appearance

Being a star kid naturally gathers the attention of people. The already famous start kid took people’s heart with his cute looks and the surreal moment of him walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside his parents happened when he was only 15 months old. The kid’s both parents are good looking and no doubt the kid himself is very adorable. 

Ennis Howard Plemons’s Younger Sibling

Even though the Ennis howard plemonshimself is a little kid and needs the attention from his parents but the couple must have found a need for another baby. Ennis howard plemonswas delighted to welcome his baby brother. He now has a friend forever to play with.

His baby brother was born in May 2021 and named as James Robert Plemons. The parents are keeping it low key and don’t find it suitable to reveal the child’s face to the public. Maybe it is indeed too early as they must have been going through some personal experiences themselves. The fans are pretty respectable about this decision. The baby’s looks are anyone’s guess. 

Ennis Howard Plemons’s Net Worth

The little kid’s primary source of his net worth is yet to discover as we see a lot of potential opportunities in the future for Ennis howard plemonsas both of his parents are Hollywood stars. The boy is indeed born with a silver spoon and is leading a pretty comfortable and luxurious life.

It will be too soon to predict his net worth, however, parent Jesse Plemons’s net worth is $15 million and parent Kirsten Dunst’s net worth is $25 million.

Ennis Howard Plemons’s social media

As many parents like to make their baby’s pictures open for public to see and appreciate and many celebrities even sell their baby’s pictures to media but no such indication has made yet from the star couple.

There are no social media accounts officially made by Ennis’s parents. However, we are expecting to see more of the Ennis’s life and a sneak peek into his little’s brother life. Fans are eagerly waiting to witness the insights of these star kids’ life. 

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