Emma Roberts Parents – Digging into the Family Tree


When we think of Hollywood families, there are certain names that come to mind immediately. The Barrymores, for example, or the Fondas. But what about the Roberts family?

For some, that name may not immediately conjure up images of stardom, but that’s exactly what it should do when we’re talking about Emma Roberts. The talented actress has been making a name for herself in the entertainment world for years, and she’s been doing so with the support of her famous family. So, just who are Emma Roberts parents, anyway? In this blog post, we’re going to delve into the background of this talented woman and learn more about her incredible family history.

Emma’s early life

To understand who Emma Roberts parents are, it’s helpful to take a closer look at her own life first. Born in Rhinebeck, New York, in 1991, Roberts grew up in a household that was already steeped in the entertainment industry. Her grandfather was the famous actor Walter Roberts, and her father, Eric Roberts, was a well-known actor in his own right. And although Eric and Emma’s mother, Kelly Cunningham, were divorced by the time Emma was just a child, that didn’t stop her from becoming a fixture on movie sets and in the public eye.

Emma Roberts career

Emma got her start in the entertainment industry at a very young age, appearing in television shows like “Unfabulous” and “Drake & Josh” while still a teenager. But even as she started to gain fame in her own right, her family background continued to be an important part of her life. Emma has often spoken about how much she values her relationships with her father and her grandmother, the actress Betty Lou Bredemus. In fact, she even starred alongside both of them in the film “Grand Champion” when she was just eleven years old!

Emma Roberts parents

So, who exactly are Emma Roberts parents? As we mentioned earlier, her father is Eric Roberts, who has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. He’s appeared in dozens of movies and television shows over the years, and has been nominated for both Academy and Golden Globe Awards. Eric is also the older brother of another famous actor, Julia Roberts. In addition to Emma, he has two other children, Keaton and Morgan, from other relationships.

Emma Roberts Parents & Husband

Emma’s mother, Kelly Cunningham, has had a much lower profile in the entertainment industry than her ex-husband. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been an important part of Emma’s life. In fact, it was Kelly who encouraged Emma to pursue acting as a career when she was just a child. Emma has called her mother her “rock,” and says that she’s always been there for her no matter what.

When it comes to Emma’s family tree, there are plenty of other interesting connections to explore as well. Her stepfather, for example, is the famous musician Kelly Nickels, best known for his time in the band L.A. Guns. And her stepmother, Eliza Roberts, is an actress who has appeared in films like “National Lampoon’s Animal House” and “Pretty Woman.”


So, who are Emma Roberts parents? It’s a more complex question than you might think, given the many connections and relationships that make up this talented actress’s family history. But what’s clear is that Emma has had a lot of support and encouragement from the people in her life, and that her family has played an important role in her success. Whether she’s working on the set of a blockbuster movie or spending time with her loved ones, Emma remains a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, and there’s no doubt that her family’s talent and legacy will play a continued role in her future as well. So the next time you see her on the big screen, take a moment to appreciate the contributions of the Roberts family to the history of American entertainment.


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