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Emily Rinaudo – Mizkif’s Sister and Digital Influencer


Emily Rinaudo is a digital content creator, social media influencer and the sister of popular Twitch streamer Mizkif. Born in the United States, Emily was the founder and CEO of Aire before turning it into a multimillion-dollar company with hundreds of thousands of users across three continents.

Although there isn’t much information available about her parents or childhood, it is believed that she might have attended Harvard University. Emily’s rise to fame can be attributed to her hard work and dedication which has made her an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

Is Mizkif Emily Rinaudo’s Sister?

Emily Rinaudo is the sister of streaming sensation Mizkif, who first gained fame from his Twitch streams in 2019. Emily’s other siblings include Ashley Kennedy, who is married to David Kennedy, and together they form part of The WAGS team.

During the 2016 WAGS League season in Western Australia, Emily played five games as a striker and managed to score four goals – an impressive feat! Her performances saw her twice being included in the Team of the Week selections.

Away from the pitch, Emily is a proud mother to her son Jaxx Homme alongside her boyfriend Nathan Homme. Together the three form a close-knit family that undoubtedly serves as motivation for Emily both on and off the pitch.


Emily has made a successful career as a model since her start in 2017. She has received many offers from companies due to her growing popularity on social media platforms and was frequently seen posing in bikinis and lingerie for brand promotion.

Through Model Mayhem, Emily worked with photographers, other models, and gained insight into the modeling world that allowed her to build a successful career.

Outside of work, Emily hits the gym regularly to stay toned, often highlighting the fruits of her labor through “before and after” pictures online. Overall, Emily is a passionate individual who maintains focus on both her professional and personal life.



Emily has become a superstar on Instagram, with more than 150k followers at the time of writing. After being shut down for posting rules-breaking content, Emily quickly bounced back and rebuilt her account from the ground up. Her popularity only grew since then.

Just recently, Emily was selected to represent her country Maxim’s Finest competition, organized by the international men’s magazine Maxim. It’s not hard to see why she was picked—her beauty alone is captivating enough to gain new followers every single day. Even if some of them disagree or criticize her work, it won’t stop her from becoming an even bigger star!

Net income

Emily Rinaudo’s net income is undoubtedly a figure of much speculation. What most people don’t realize, however, is how hard she has worked over the years to build a multimillion dollar business as a model, influencer and adult film star.

Her persistence and dedication to her craft have earned her considerable wealth that puts her in an elite group of high-flyers. With such an impressive array of revenue streams, it’s no surprise that sources believe her net income is somewhere between $100,000 and $1 million – a staggering figure and proof of the power of determination.

Emily Rinaudo Controversies

Controversies come out of the most unexpected places, as was the case with Emily, Mizkif’s sister. In a video made by her best friend Lena the Plug, that created an online sensation, Emily admitted that she lets her boyfriend have sex with another girl–the shocker being that “the other girl” is Emily herself.

Clearly this type of behavior has provoked censure from traditionalists, but for Emily, who was open about her polyamorous lifestyle in the vlog, this is totally acceptable if three people are hanging out and enjoying themselves.

While Emily received a lot of attention for her views, as far-fetched as some commenters may have found them to be, there’s no denying that controversy can arise from the least likely of places.

Everything Sexy about Emily Rinaudo

Emily Rinaudo is known for her beauty and sexy charm. She has made a huge name for herself as a model, influencer, and adult film star – all thanks to her dedication and hard work.

She stands tall at 5’10” with long blonde hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, and curves in all the right places. People from all over the world follow her on Instagram, where she often posts pictures of herself in lingerie or bikinis. Her fans go wild for her tanned skin and toned body, which Emily maintains with regular workouts at the gym. All this is what makes Emily Rinaudo so sexy.

Whether it’s her inspiring work ethic or her charm and good looks, Emily Rinaudo is sure to be a star for years to come.


Emily Rinaudo has managed to make a name for herself in an incredibly short time. She is a model, influencer, and adult film star who has built her own multimillion dollar business from nothing.

Her success is proof of the power of determination, and her stunning beauty has made her one of Instagram’s most popular influencers. Despite a few controversies, Emily continues to pursue her passions and live life on her own terms. It’s clear that Emily Rinaudo will be in the limelight for years to come.

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