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Elva Dornan – Jamie Dornan’s Second Daughter


Well, another day and another article to answer fulfil your curiosity about celebrities and their personal lives and if the celebrity is charming, charismatic, handsome and cute Jamie dornan.. then we do understand your curiosity.

Well we all know he is taken, so lets talk about how good of a father he is and what’s his second princess Elva Dornan like?

Elva Dornan birthday and early life

Elva Dornan is the second daughter of Fifty shades grey actor, and BAFTA nominated actor Jamie Dornan and musician and former actress Amelia Warner. Known because of her father, Elva Dornan’s birthday is on February 16. She was born in the year 2016, the same year her father Jamie dornan was shooting for Fifty shades darker.

What is the meaning Elva?

Well, Jamie Dornan is of Irish origin, and presumably because of that he chose to give his beautiful daughter and even prettier name. Elva is an Irish name which means noble, bright or white.

However Elva Dornan and her other two sisters are of British nationality. The couple unsurprisingly kept the news of their first and second child to themselves, as that time Jamie was still a struggling actor, however at the time of Elva Dornan, Jamie Dornan had blown off the charts and earned a pretty good name in the industry by his debut in Fifty shades of gray but the reason behind keeping the news to themselves was that Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner are both protective of their privacy and intent to raise their children away from all the attention.

Nevertheless they did announce the birth of their third child Alberta, Amelia Warner posted a picture on  instagram of 3 baby shoes on mother’s day.

Otherwise the BAFTA nominated actor and his wife are both not that active on social media.

How many children does Jamie Dornan has? Siblings of Elva Dornan

Jamie dornan has 3 amazing daughters. Elva dornan is the second one among the 3 princess. The eldest one being Dulcie Dornan (9 years old) and the youngest one is Alberta Dornan (3 years old).

Elva dornan is 6 years old. All 3 of her daughters are pretty close, in fact they are a great intuitive family.

Jamie Dornan told in an interview with Kelly Clarkson 6 months ago, that he has a ‘2 week rule’ he doesn’t stay away from his family for more than 2 weeks.

So you can imagine? With a father that involved and a mother who manages her work with kids at home, Eva Dornan and her sister’s are being brought up in a healthy and communicating environment.

Elva Dornan’s family

Well, we all know the last name (Dornan) quite well, don’t we?!

Elva Dornan’s father Jamie Dornan doesn’t need any introduction however lets take a inside scoop on his career and his family life.

The Belfast born actor is known for his work in various movies as well as for his dashing looks, cutest smile, his shyness when he talks and definitely his work as Christian Gray in his movie fifty shades of gray.

Jamie Dornan was born in the month of may (1 may, 1982) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Making him a charming taurus.

Jamie Dornan is the youngest in 3 children his father Jim Dornan (a reputed gynaecologist) and his mother (a nurse and an artist) had.

He has two Elder sisters, (Elva Dornan’s aunts) Liesa Dornan, who works for disney london and Jessica, a fashion designer by career.

Jamie being the youngest and only son, one might think that he might be the most loved and spoiled one of the family, but according to the actor he was the most “tortured one”. He told in an interview that although he was the youngest but his second sister was the one who used to torture him the most.

The actor rejoiced, a memory from his childhood that his elder sister hit him with a tv remote once during a sibling rivalry. But then he also told, that his parents had a tradition where they used to make their children write letters and give them to each other, whoever had a fight.

Elva Dornan’s grandfather and Jamie Dornan’s Dad was a well known, larger than life full of character, gynaecologist and OBGYN. He died last year during the pandemic. But when Jamie talks about his father, He never misses to mention how he was the most positive man he has ever met.

In face to face talk with Eamon Mallie, When asked, what’s the one thing he has learned from his father, Jim dornan? Jamie, also called jimmy, Replied “his unwavering positivity” despite any situation.

Jamie Dornan is a university drop out

Coming from a family of doctor and nurses, Jamie Dornan was adequately poor in academics, says the actor himself. He never found studying history or anything at school interesting, probably because he was meant to be an actor.

His father who was a gynecologists’ by profession, also had a dream to become an actor which he couldn’t fulfil. But Jamie was fortunate enough to have parents who supported his dreams. Although his mother, a very charming woman, died when he was quite young.  

Jamie Dornan began his career as a model, working for huge brands like Calvin Klien or Dior. His modelling career was itself a success. He received various accolades for his modelling. Vogue ranked him number 1 out of 25 biggest male models of all times in 2015. However for Jamie Dornan Modelling wasn’t really something he wanted to do all his life.

In his interview with Eamon Mallie, the actor told that after he met his wife in 2010 he knew he has to start doing “something serious” the actor added “modelling wasn’t something serious for me”. Although he was acting a little bit here and there appearing in various films but he properly made the career shift from modelling to acting after 2010.

He gained Recognition internationally for his role as sherrif graham in TV series “once upon a time” and then his fame only sky rocketed.

Jamie Dornan’s major breakthrough

Many of you might know Elva Dornan’s father as Christan Gray of fifty shades of gray, nonetheless, Jamie Dornan’s fame and success started before he landed Fifty shades franchise.

In 2013, Jamie Dornan played a lead role of serial killer in an Irish TV series Fall, which earned him his very first best actor Irish Film and television Award and was nominated for British Academy and television award for best actor as well. The show has 3 seasons and it ended in 2016.

Meanwhile in 2013 he was also offered the famous role of christian Gray. The film was released in 2015 and the rest is history.

Jamie Dornan blew everyone’s mind away. He co starred with Dakota johnson. In the movie Jamie (christan Gray) was a sadistic millionaire who later turned the most loving and charming man. He later also appeared in fifty shades darker and fifty shades freed. The franchise became the seventh highest grossing franchise making  $1.32 billion.

During this time he had become a father of two daughters, Dulcie Dornan and Elva Dornan. Unsurprisingly, Jamie Dornan has also been ranked as the 3rd most sexiest Man alive by People magazine.

After this he has worked in several movies and earned nominations of different awards. His latest work is in a movie called Belfast (2021). He plays the character of a working class father. Speaking of father…

What kind of Father is Jamie Dornan? Is he the cool dad to Elva Dornan and her sisters?

Well, the actor is quite private about his personal life, however he definitely is the most loving dad and the most thoughtful father.

And never shys away from telling the world that his family means the most to him.

In fact when he was asked “what’s your biggest fear?”

He replied without a second thought “Failing my family, not being able to provide for my wife and my kids” he continued “I hope I’m a good father and a good husband, beyond that I don’t really care”.

He makes sure that he spends plenty of time with his daughters (Elva Dornan, Alberta Dornan and Dulcie Dornan) and his wife Amelia. Which is why has a 2 week rule. He doesn’t spend more than 2 weeks away from his family.

In an interview with Kelly clarkson, he was asked if he is still the funny dad he was when his daughters were younger. To which the actor sadly said “well they don’t find my jokes funny anymore as they are growing up”  even though they are pretty funny.

Jamie Dornan’s daughters mock him for his accent!

Dulcie Dornan, Elva Dornan’s elder sister is growing up to be quite posh and english. Her father says, how her daughter Dulcie specifically mimics his accent thinking it sounds funny. The actor said while telling a funny story about his daughter dulcie.

How did Elva Dornan’s parent meet?

The graceful couple met in 2010 in LA house party.

Jamie Dornan, while talking to Eamon Mallie, said that he knew Amelia Warner way before he met her, and had always fancied her. “I just knew that If we met, we are going to become something, and that its going to work out, it weird but its true”

When the interviewer asked him “did you ever tell her this?”

He with cutest smile on his face said “I tell her I love her 10 times a day”.

He further added, that the knew he will marry Millie (Amelia) when he first met her in 2010, which also led him to thinking that be needs to shift his career from modelling and do something serious so that he can provide for his future family.

So when Jamie heard that Amelia is attending a house party in LA, without a second thought, he immediately decided to attend the party. 2 years later he proposed her, and in 2013 the couple married each other.

The couple now has 3 beautiful daughters together. Amelia is a musician and has earned best music composer award as well.

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