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Who is Elaina Scotto Husband?


Hold you breaths, we are just going to black and white everything about Elaina Scotto Husband!

When it comes to New York television, nobody does it better than the Scotto family. With decades of experience in broadcast journalism, Greg and Rosanna Scotto have become household names across the tri-state area. But what about Rosanna’s sister, Elaina? Though she’s often overlooked, Elaina Scotto is a media powerhouse in her own right. From producing to hosting her own shows, Elaina’s career has been nothing short of impressive. But what about her bank account? In this blog post, get ready to dive into the juicy details of Elaina Scotto’s net worth.

Elaina Scotto Early Career

Before we dive into Elaina’s net worth, let’s take a quick look at her impressive career. Starting out as a local news producer, Elaina quickly worked her way up the ranks and became Executive Producer of the Emmy-award winning show “Good Day New York”. From there, she went on to become a host for the Food Network and eventually landed her own show on HGTV called “Small Space, Big Style”. These early accomplishments laid the foundation for Elaina’s future success.

The Scotto Family Empire

As mentioned before, the Scotto family is no stranger to the television industry. While Elaina has made her own mark, the family’s success has certainly helped boost her career. Many fans of the Scotto family are well familiar with their restaurant empire. With over 15 restaurants in the NYC area, it’s no surprise that the family is worth millions. Elaina’s sister, Rosanna, has even stated in interviews that the family’s business ventures have allowed for a comfortable lifestyle.

TV Hosting and Producing

Elaina’s work in producing and hosting has certainly added to her bank account. As a producer for several popular shows on Fox 5, Elaina has had a hand in the success of many New York TV staples. Her show on HGTV, “Small Space, Big Style”, also gained a loyal following and highlighted her knowledge of interior design. With hosting and producing under her belt, Elaina’s earnings and net worth continued to climb.

Real Estate Investments

While Elaina’s career in television has been impressive, her choice of real estate investments is also worth noting. Some reports incorrectly state that Elaina owns a property worth $12 million, but in truth, she has invested in several properties over the years. This includes a home in the Hamptons that she purchased for $1.5 million and later sold for almost double the price. Her eye for smart real estate investments has certainly contributed to her net worth.

Elaina’s Current Net Worth

It’s hard to get an exact number when it comes to Elaina’s current net worth, as she keeps her personal finances private. However, by taking into account her work in television, her family’s business ventures, and her real estate investments, it’s estimated that Elaina Scotto’s net worth is in the realm of $10 million or more.

Rumors about Elaina Scotto Husband

There have been many rumors over the years about who Elaina Scotto husband could be, with some speculating that he is a prominent businessman, while others believe he is a politician. However, there is one thing that we know for sure – he is not in the media industry. This is surprising, given that Elaina has spent her entire career in the media, surrounded by journalists, producers, and other industry professionals.

Interestingly, Elaina has never really talked about her husband in public. She has kept her personal life very private, and this has fueled speculation even further. In one interview, she mentioned that her husband works in finance, but she did not reveal any other details. This has led some to believe that he is a Wall Street banker or hedge fund manager.

Despite the lack of information available, some people have tried to piece together clues to figure out who Elaina’s husband is. One theory is that he is related to the Gotti family, as Elaina has known the family for a long time and has even covered their trials and tribulations on Fox 5 News. However, this theory has never been confirmed, and Elaina has never mentioned anything about it in public.

Another theory that has been put forward is that Elaina’s husband is of Italian descent, given her background as an Italian-American. This theory has some merit, as Elaina has mentioned in the past that she was raised in a very traditional Italian household. However, again, there is no concrete evidence to support this theory.

One final theory that has been put forward is that Elaina Scotto husband is a wealthy businessman who prefers to stay out of the public eye. This theory would explain why so little is known about him, as he may not want to draw attention to himself or his family. It would also explain why he is not involved in the media industry, as he may have no interest in it.


In conclusion, the mystery of Elaina Scotto husband continues to intrigue people to this day. While there have been many rumors and theories over the years, little is known for sure about who he really is. Elaina has kept her personal life very private, which has only added to the speculation surrounding her husband’s identity. While we may never know for sure who Elaina’s husband is, one thing is certain – he is a very private person who prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

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