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Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons


Walmart is a one-stop solution for everything, whether you need to get things of daily use for yourself or your family or even if you are hosting a party, you can get everything easily available on Walmart. You can get balloons, confetti, party poppers, ribbons, and all the other decorating items you would need to make your party a success.

However, the biggest issue while putting up all these decorations is the process of blowing up balloons, and if you want to put in the manual effort it could take hours. Moreover, today is the day of helium and of course, humans can’t produce it right? So, the question is where do you get all these balloons blown up?

Does your one-stop solution Walmart have a solution to this problem as well? Let’s find out;

Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no, the yes because Walmart does have an area for blowing up balloons with helium gas and more, but no because this service is only available at a few stores.

However, there’s only one condition on which Walmart offers this service to its customers, and that is if the balloons are bought from Walmart as well. If you have got balloons from some other place and you expect Walmart to blow them for you, well, you need to go back!

Use Walmart Store Finder!

There is a Walmart store almost in every area of the country, but to find out which of these stores does this balloon blowing job or not can be difficult.

Obviously, you can’t go looking around every store in search of the one. For that, we have one simple solution, “The Walmart Store Finder”, here you can find contact numbers of all the stores, their open hours, and their locations as well.

Now, instead of going to every store, you can simply call them and ask if they have the Balloon blowing service or not. That’s it!

All Types are Applicable…

The second question after finding out if Walmart blows up balloons or not is what type of balloons does Walmart blow? Well, the answer to this one is pretty simple, Walmart does blow up all types of balloons.

Whether it’s Latex or Myler, whether you want to get Helium or normal gas, you can have it all at Walmart. No matter what size or what shape the balloon you have, Walmart will blow it up for you. But again only if it’s bought from them!

Let’s take a look at the Prices

Well, the best thing about Walmart is that you can get everything at the best and most reasonable prices. So, let’s take a look at how much Walmart charges for blowing up balloons.

Well, a Walmart store that offers this service will charge you around $0.25 for a single balloon on average. However, this price might change based on what type and size of balloon you have. The bigger the size the higher the price.

The Walmart Exclusive Rule

As we mentioned earlier, Walmart only blows up balloons if you buy them from the store you are in or any other Walmart store. This Walmart exclusive rule is the one they practice in all their stores.

However, if you have got balloons from any other store, you can call up Walmart and ask if they will help you with them. They might say yes, but you’ll have to pay more than 25 cents for every balloon.

After all, they have to cover the cost!

You can also learn about how long is the orientation at Walmart in this article.

The Alternative

As we said only a limited number of Walmart stores do this blow-up job for you, and there is a high possibility that none of these stores are in your area. Of course, taking balloons to the store is easier but carrying all the blown-up balloons is a tough job especially if you’ve come far away from your place.

To overcome this problem, this one-stop solution place has an instant and reasonable solution for you. You can simply blow up all these balloons by yourself but with the help of the Helium Tanks available at all Walmart stores.

These Helium Tanks are highly reasonable and can help you fill up to 50 balloons with helium, of course, this number depends on the size of the balloons but this is an average. Moreover, there are a few options available starting from $23 to $55, and you can choose the right one based on your requirements.

If you want to go with the standard one, it costs you around $30 and is around 14.9 cubic feet. This size helium tank will help you blow up 50 standard 9 inches balloons or 28 of the 11 inches ones.

We think that’s a pretty good deal for a party and also with this, you won’t even have to worry about the transportation of all the balloons. You can simply do it all at your place.

Does Sam’s Club blow up balloons?

If you are a loyal Walmart customer, you must know that Walmart has its own subsidiary called Sam’s Club, where you can find almost everything you can at Walmart.

However, if you want to get your balloons blown up, Sam’s Club might disappoint you because it does not have that facility. But you can still get a good variety of balloons and a helium tank here!

Let’s wrap it up!

Well, that’s pretty much all the information you would need to find out about Walmart balloon blowing up business. And if you are planning a party anytime soon, you know what to do.

It’s a simple process, go through Walmart Store Finder, find a store nearby with balloon blowing service, pay a visit there, find all the balloons you want, get them blown, and that’s all! You have the perfect decoration for your party!

So, now you have answers to your questions! Let us know if our information helped you out!

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