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Dina Norris – Truth About Chuck Norris Daughter


Dina Norris is the daughter of famed actor and martial artist Chuck Norris.

Despite being kept from her father for 26 years, Dina has still managed to make a name for herself in Hollywood.

She has appeared in several A-list movies alongside her famous father, as well as having had relationships with women that have failed.

While Dina may have experienced some difficulties throughout her life, she continues to be an inspiration for those who face their own challenges head on.

Who is Dina Norris?

Dina Norris came into the world in February of 1963 – the unexpected result of an affair between the famous Hollywood actor Chuck Norris and Tang Soo Do founder Johanna.

With few details regarding her background, it wasn’t until 26 years later that Chuck Norris would discover he had a daughter.

Dina grew up in California, attending Mount San Jacinto Community college before graduating from Orange Coast College with a degree in business administration in 1985.

Although understandably difficult for someone with such an unconventional familial arrangement, Dina has evidently persevered to achieve great successes; according to her LinkedIn profile, she is now a successful real estate agent specializing in business property management.

The Affair That Produced Dina

Little did Chuck Norris know that during one of his travels to learn more about Karate, it would lead him to meeting Johanna and starting an entanglement that resulted in her getting pregnant.

In a twist of fate, Chuck Norris and Johanna were both married at the time they sought solace in each other’s arms – further accentuating their now complicated situation.

To keep herself and the baby out of any drama, she bravely chose to carry on with the pregnancy alone and kept its existence from her father-to-be.

Years passed without Dina Norris, born from this distant episode, ever knowing anything about her real parentage; it wasn’t until she became 19 when she realized who her true legacy was – Chuck Norris had grown up in status to be a celebrity icon unaware of his daughter all this while.

How Did Chuck Norris Find Out About Dina Norris?

1991 was a remarkable year for Dina Norris, now known as Dina Di Ciolli. She had finally discovered her biological father’s identity; the award-winning actor Chuck Norris.

After overhearing her mother’s conversation with a colleague, she took it upon herself to write him a letter unveiling the truth about their relationship.

To everyone’s surprise, Chuck agreed to meet with them—confirming once and for all that he and Johanna had a child together despite his claims of being married at the time.

Needless to say, meeting her long lost father and finally learning why he left was a day she would never forget.

Where is Dina Now?

Dina Norris, also known as Dina Di Ciolli, has created a family bond that looks invincible.

She is married to Damien Di Ciolli and together they have three wonderful children; Dante Di Ciolli, Eli Di Ciolli, and Gabi Boardman.

Both Dante and Gabi are married; Dante owns the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, while Gabi is a medical scientist.

On top of this, Dina Norris is mother to four more successful children – Mike Norris, Danilee Kelly Norris, Dakota Alan Norris, and Eric Scott Norris – who have all been spotted accompanying her on vacations and other fun activities around the world.

Their bonded relationships seem strong and powerful enough to withstand anything that life throws their way.

What is Dina Norris Net Worth?

Dina Norris has certainly proven to be a success story, even by her father’s standards.

With a net worth of an estimated half a million dollars and rising, this up and coming social media star is on track to one day join her father in his impressive $70 million dollar fortune.

With her career going from strength to strength, Dina Norris promises to be an example for everyone aspiring for financial stability.


Dina Norris is living the life she always dreamed of, with a loving family that she cares deeply for.

After years without knowing who her father was, she is now filled with gratitude for his reappearance in her life.

Not only did he reunite with Dina and share many previously unknown details about her heritage, but he also quickly became an important contributor to the Norris family dynamic.

It’s a chance that almost certainly wouldn’t have happened if not for Dina’s determination and dedication to locating him and the warmth of those around her ensuring he was welcomed into the fold.

With newfound understanding and strength from within, Dina has found peace at last.

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