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Dierks Bentley’s Top 10 Tracks


What are Dierks Bentley’s Top 10 Tracks? Well, Dierks Bentley has emerged as a luminary in the sphere of country music during the 2000s, with his popularity being attributed not merely to his chart-topping numbers but also his knack for seamlessly weaving together various musical genres. For a prolific career that spans two decades, Bentley has skillfully interlaced elements of country, bluegrass, and rock, manifesting his deep-rooted passion and respect for these genres and music as a whole.

Bentley first burst onto the country music scene in 2003, captivating audiences with his debut single “What Was I Thinkin’,”. Since then, his prowess and momentum have only amplified. In this section, we delve into an in-depth analysis of ten of Bentley’s most remarkable songs.

1. “Still”

Bentley adopts a deeply introspective approach in his 2023 album, Gravel & Gold, a quality epitomized by the song “Still”. The track’s simplicity, consisting only of Bentley’s gentle voice and an acoustic guitar, allows listeners to fully immerse themselves in his internal struggle for tranquility. The song resembles a musical meditation, derived from Bentley’s search for calmness amid chaos, and it offers the listener a similar sense of peace and serenity. The lyrics of “Still” express Bentley’s longing for the untouched serenity of nature, which provides a sanctuary where he feels most at home. The song’s effect resonates with listeners, creating a powerful sense of calm that matches Bentley’s lyrical journey to find inner stillness.

In the absence of tranquility, I seek sacred solitude

On some lonely hill, I feel right at home, my heart is still

In an instant, my mind becomes as clear as the sky

Just like the unmoving trees, my heart finds stillness

In a world untouched, crafted by the divine, everything is still.

2. “Burning Man” ft. Brothers Osborne

“Burning Man” is a standout track from Bentley’s highly praised 2018 album, The Mountain. This song, a collaboration with the Brothers Osborne, showcases Bentley’s ability to blend profound lyrics with exceptional musicality. It starts with John Osborne setting the rhythm on the guitar, creating a dynamic foundation that complements the harmonious blend of T.J. Osborne and Bentley’s vocals. The lyrics explore a man’s struggle to balance his grounded nature with his free-spirited side. The song resonates deeply, thanks to its electrifying energy and Bentley’s articulate expression of the human condition.

I’m a bit steady, yet somewhat a rolling stone

I’m a bit of heaven but still somewhat flesh and bone

Somewhat found, somewhat unsure where I stand

I’m a bit of holy water but still somewhat a burning man

Burning man

3. “Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)”

The song “Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)” is among Bentley’s most recognized tracks, comparable to his debut hit “What Was I Thinkin’.” This light-hearted and uplifting country melody uses the vast tapestry of nature to symbolize the essence of absolute freedom, painting vivid images of cherished memories suspended on high line poles or basking in a sunbeam that shines upon him like a colossal spotlight. Bentley, along with Brett Beavers, Rob Harrington, and Rod Janzen, infuses the track with such an infectious, joyous energy that the listener can’t help but believe in the free-spirited narrative. This track stands as a testament to Bentley’s signature sound and is undeniably one of the most impactful songs in his illustrious career.

There’s no predicting where the wind may take me

With freedom and ease, I traverse this road

Living life at the leisurely pace of a Sunday amble

With freedom and ease, I traverse this road

With freedom and ease, I traverse this road

4. “Walking Each Other Home”

“Dierks Bentley’s “Walking Each Other Home” is a poignant exploration of companionship throughout life’s journey. The song introduces us to various figures that have left profound imprints on Bentley’s life journey: an enlightening collection of Jack Kerouac’s poems, his first love who instilled in him the essence of hope, and the touching friendship between two elderly men, brought together by the shared experience of losing their wives. The song serves as an emotional touchstone for listeners, underscoring the importance of companionship and community in navigating the tumultuous paths of life. The lyrics are steeped in a potent mix of melancholy and optimism, painting a vivid picture of life’s interconnected journey. Since its release, “Walking Each Other Home” has distinguished itself as one of Bentley’s most profoundly emotional tracks.

So take the low road, take the high road

Take whatever road you’re on

Sometimes the wrong one leads you right

Sometimes the right one leads you wrong

And the world just keeps on spinnin’

So find a hand for holdin’ on

‘Cause we’re all just walkin’ each other home

Walkin’ each other home

We’re all just walkin’ each other home

5. “I Hold On”

“I Hold On” represents a significant landmark in Bentley’s discography, having gained double platinum certification from the RIAA. The song is an intimate reflection of Bentley’s cherished keepsakes – a worn-out truck that carried him and his father across the country to Nashville, where Bentley pursued his music dreams, and the weathered guitar strings he was strumming when the song was released in 2013. The narrative follows Bentley as he ponders over his more-than-decade-long career, signifying that he still has many tales to unfold. The song, in essence, captures Bentley’s core values and his journey, making it a defining piece in his music career.

*To the things I believe inMy faith, your love, our freedomTo the things I can count onTo keep me going strongYeah, I hold on**I hold on*

6. “What Was I Thinkin’”

Dierks Bentley’s track “What Was I Thinkin'” holds a particular significance, as it was the genesis of his illustrious career – released as his debut single in 2003 that skyrocketed to becoming a No. 1 hit. This tune, distinctive amongst other contemporary country tracks, narrates a humorous and wild tale. It follows a man’s misadventures during an impulsive night out with an unruly and unpredictable woman. The night unfolds with a series of events, escalating from a bar brawl to a heart-pounding police chase – all encapsulated in the memorable and self-reflective line, I know what I was feelin’ / But what was I thinkin.’. The song’s success laid a strong foundation for Bentley’s promising career, earmarking him as an artist worth watching closely in the country music scene.

*‘Cause I was thinkin’ ’

7. “Up on the Ridge”

Dierks Bentley’s profound affinity for bluegrass music is reflected in his 2010 album, Up on the Ridge. The title track serves as an exemplar of his versatile musical prowess and his ability to seamlessly blend genres. Bentley takes the listener on a picturesque journey away from the city’s hustle and bustle, towards serene landscapes where the air is still. The track is a lyrical invitation to his beloved, enticing her to share an intimate moment under the moonlight. This fusion of country and bluegrass was a bold move, pushing Bentley’s artistic boundaries and cementing “Up on the Ridge” as one of his most compelling pieces.

*Won’t you join me this evening, beneath the moon’s captivating gaze**Seeking just one tender kiss, in the tranquil solitude of the ridge*

8. “Home”

With “Home,” Bentley offers an intimate glimpse into his heart, crafting a tune influenced by a tragic event in his home state of Arizona. This event, a 2011 shooting, led to the critical injury and eventual retirement of Rep. Gabby Giffords, along with the loss of six lives. In “Home,” Bentley presents a reflective commentary on the country, punctuated with deep patriotic sentiments. Despite acknowledging the scars the world possesses, he continues to see life’s inherent beauty, even amid difficult times, as communicated through his soothing vocals. This emotionally charged piece stands as a touching tribute in Bentley’s musical repertoire.

From high atop the majestic mountainsTo the coast kissed by crashing wavesThere is a path leading to brighter days, I’m certainThe journey has been long and challengingYet, there’s still some way to goBut this, this is the placeThat we all fondly call home

9. “How Am I Doin’”

Brimming with the raw emotion of heartbreak yet showcasing a resilient spirit, Bentley’s “How Am I Doin’” is a classic hit from the early 2000s that manages to turn the bitter taste of betrayal into a lively country anthem. Bentley demonstrates his exceptional skill in penning witty and relatable lyrics akin to his earlier work in “What Was I Thinkin’”. The song unfolds the story of a man who, though battered by a lover’s infidelity, is navigating the path of recovery with strength. Its catchy tune and dance-inducing melody make it a crowd favorite at Bentley’s live performances, even after all these years. The song serves a reminder that pain can be transformed into resilience, a testament to Bentley’s emotive songwriting prowess.

*Well how am I doin’ since you did what you did to me?**

*I can’t deny, sometimes your memory brings a tear to my eye**

*But I keep my friends close, and my schedule full, sleep isn’t a priority**

That’s how I’m faring since you chose to leave me be

10. “Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do”

The song “Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do” showcases Bentley in his element, embracing his innate wanderlust. It was a significant hit early in his career and its lyrics reveal Bentley’s unapologetic admission of his love for freedom. The song metaphorically alludes to his old boots that still have much ground to explore, highlighting his restless spirit. Bentley candidly expresses being hard to handle and warns his lover that he’s not someone who can easily be tamed, as depicted in the line so before you go and turn me on / Be sure that you can turn me loose. This song, embodying a classic country melody, is a portrayal of Bentley’s personal experiences and adventures on the road.

And as long as there’s a songLeft in this old guitarThis life I’m bound to leadAin’t for the faint of heartSo you won’t fall for meIf you know what’s good for you‘Cause I still got a lot of leavin’ left to do

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