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Diane Plese Divorce Robert Herjavec


Breaking: Diane Plese Divorce Robert Herjavec!

Prior to his marriage with Kym Johnson, Robert Herjavec was hitched to his first wife, Diane Plese. The prominent ‘Shark Tank’ personality and the optometrist were united in matrimony for an impressive 26 years, ending their relationship in 2014.

The romance between Robert and Diane ignited in the late ’80s, during one of Robert’s eye appointments with Diane. The optometrist told the National Post that Robert’s enthusiastic outlook on life was irresistibly appealing. Their dating period soon ensued, leading to their wedding in 1990 in a Croatian church in Ontario, Canada. They embraced parenthood with the birth of their three children, Caprice, Skye, and Brendan.

Diane’s support was instrumental as Robert’s fame and fortune grew. Yet, after over two decades, the pressures became too immense. The couple separated in 2014, with Diane denying any speculations about their separation. Citing personal reasons, she ensured that the details of their split remained private. The following year, Diane took the legal step, filing for divorce, which was finalized in 2016.

Robert acknowledged the challenging time during the separation, confessing that they had drifted apart over time. Despite the love between them fading, the process was emotionally taxing. However, he managed to recover from the distress, expressing that he found happiness within himself.

Diane’s Roots Lie in Canada

Just like Robert, Diane is a native Canadian. As per Entity Magazine, she currently resides in Canada with their children.

Diane’s Profession: Optometry

Her current occupation remains unknown, but Diane has a past as a practicing optometrist. It was during one of her eye checkups that Diane met Robert in 1988.

Diane’s Significant Wealth

Apart from her earnings as an optometrist, Diane amassed considerable wealth from her divorce settlement with Robert. Reports suggest that she received half of Robert’s assets, an impressive figure of $100 million, as there was no prenuptial agreement signed before their wedding. The financial settlement was adjudicated in court.

Diane is not Robert’s Sole Life Partner

Post their divorce, Robert fell in love again with his second wife, Kym Johnson. The two met on the set of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, where Robert was chosen as Kym’s partner. They exchanged vows in 2016 and welcomed their twins, Hudson and Haven, in 2018. Robert expressed his gratitude for Kym, who revitalized his life and positivity.

Diane Plese: Key Details about Robert Herjavec’s Ex-Wife

Diane Plese is primarily recognized as the ex-wife of the entrepreneur from “Shark Tank,” Robert Herjavec.

The couple was married in 1990 and decided to part ways in 2015, after 25 years together. They have three children from their marriage, two daughters named Caprice and Skye, and a son named Brendan. But what else is there to know about Diane Plese?

We at ENTITY firmly believe in celebrating a woman’s individual accomplishments, so we have put together a few important facts about Diane Plese.


Diane Plese is a professional optometrist. Interestingly, she was Robert’s optometrist before they became a couple. It is said that their romance sparked during one of Robert’s eye check-ups, creating a potent tale of “love at first sight.”

Diane, however, has been very private about her professional life and has not disclosed much about her optometry career.


The reason for Diane Plese’s separation from Robert Herjavec has been the subject of much speculation.

Rumors circulated that Robert was unfaithful to Diane with his “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Kym Johnson. Diane reportedly decided to end the marriage on learning about Robert’s alleged affair. However, she quickly quashed these rumors.

In a public statement, Diane stated that Robert was a devoted husband and father, but she could not continue to live with him. The reasons for their separation, she insisted, would remain private.

Likewise, Robert denied the infidelity claims and spoke highly of his relationship with Kym as a strong friendship, born out of their shared dance experience.


Born and brought up in Toronto, Diane owns an opulent home in Canada. The ex-couple’s Canadian residence, a French-style chateau located in Toronto’s Bridle Path, was featured in Movato HOME Magazine. Interior design specialist Leah Lipkowitz had expressed interest in the property.

While Diane continues to live in Canada with her children, it is unclear whether she resides in this particular house.


Diane Plese Divorce Robert Herjavec but Diane’s separation from Robert was less than amicable, and the exact reasons for their fallout remain undisclosed. Following the emotional turmoil of the divorce, the couple found themselves in a bitter financial struggle. As they had not signed a prenuptial agreement, Diane claimed half of Robert’s $200 million net worth. After protracted negotiations, they agreed that Diane would indeed receive half of his assets. Consequently, Diane Plese’s net worth currently stands at $100 million.


After his divorce from Diane, Robert found love again and remarried a year later.

He tied the knot with Kym Johnson, the professional ballroom dancer who was previously rumored to be romantically involved with him during his marriage to Diane. Robert and Kym were dance partners on “Dancing with the Stars,” sparking rumors of their affair. However, these claims were never substantiated.

Diane Plese Divorce Robert Herjavec but before marrying Kym in August 2016, Robert ensured she signed a prenuptial agreement, which prevented her from claiming any of his properties if their marriage ended.

As per the Daily Mail, the agreement stipulates that “Kym will receive $100,000 for each year of their marriage, capped at $1 million, in the event of a divorce.” This was a crucial step for Robert, given his recent financial settlement with Diane.

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