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Denise Lombardo – What Was The Cause Of Her Divorce


Denise Lombardo is a name that everyone knows, but few people know the details of her life. She was once married to infamous stockbroker Jordan Belfort and their divorce was highly publicized.

But what caused this couple to part ways? Was it money issues or something else entirely? In this blog post, we will look at Denise Lombardo’s story and explore the cause of her divorce from Jordan Belfort.

We’ll also examine how she has moved on since then, including her successful career in real estate. So if you want to learn more about the woman behind one of Wall Street’s most famous stories, read on!

Introducing Denise Lombardo

Denise Lombardo may not have had a high public profile as Jordan Belfort’s first wife, but she has had an impressive career in the real estate industry in the U.S. which spans decades.

Born on 11th November 1962 to American parents in Ohio, Denise is a Scorpio and is now turning 60 this year! Throughout her life, Denise has established herself as a successful businesswoman, especially noted for her significant accomplishments within the real estate sector.

Although not widely known, Denise Lichtenstein Lombardo’s story deserves its own place within American business history.

Denise Early Life & Education

Denise Lombardo was born into an Italian family and grew up in a house full of sisters. She attended Bayside High School for her schooling before enrolling in Adelphi University, Towson University and Australian Catholic University to gather her degrees which included English Literature, Business Administration and Science, as well as Educational Leadership and Administration General.

After such a long journey of academic accomplishments, Denise Lombardo could finally rest knowing that her hard work and dedication had paid off.

What was her Career Like?

Denise Lombardo’s career graph has been quite adventurous, with many ups and downs. From 1993 to 2000 she worked in sales for Modern Medical Systems Company, then from 2000 to 2006 as a flooring specialist in Home Depot.

Moreover, she had interesting assistant experiences in fashion projects like Blu Marine, Genny-Byblos, Laurevan Shoe, and Stefano Bravo. For two years starting 2006 she worked at Smith & Nephew Company until 2008.

Now since 2010 to date, Denise Lombardo is working as a licensed real estate agent for the Douglas Elliman Prudential Elliman Company which seems to be suiting her ambitions better than ever before.

Denise Lombardo Personal Life

Jordan Belfort has had a career and personal life full of highs and lows, however this did not stop him from having one of the longest relationships he ever had. Back in his high school days in the Bayside High School, Jordan met Denise Lombardo who would eventually become his wife. They got married in 1985, staying together until 1991.

Rumors began when Jordan’s dalliances with other women became public, resulting in the couple filing for divorce shortly after. Despite their divorce, Jordan and Denise have no ties to each other nowadays and they do not share any children. All that is left of their relationship are memories of their once happy union.

How was her Life After Divorce

Coming back to Denise Lombardo, she has kept her personal life within the sheets since her divorce from Jordan Belfort in 1993. While rumors have suggested that she rekindled a romance with her long-term boyfriend Mlady, sources claim the two married each other in 1994.

Lombardo has neither confirmed nor denied this speculation, but we can safely assume they are still in a happy relationship even today. However, Denise’s private nature has been evident as she does not maintain any social media accounts, providing further proof that she likes to keep her personal life out of the spotlight following her failed high-profile marriage.

Denise Lombardo Net Worth

Denise Lombardo is a science graduate who put the emotional effects of her divorce to Jordan aside and worked diligently towards achieving success. Her efforts have paid off and she currently holds a net worth of $9.5 million. Denise has earned her wealth primarily through her business savvy skills as a flooring expert, saleswoman and real estate agent.

Post-divorce, Denise received a hefty payment in alimony from her former husband Jordan, who had established himself on Wall Street by then. This sum accounted for another $3 million added to her already impressive net worth.

Final Thoughts on Denise Lombardo

Denise Lombardo is a woman of many talents who has made a name for herself in the business world. Her marriage to Jordan Belfort, the infamous stockbroker of Wall Street, may have ended in divorce, but she did not allow it to define her life.

Instead, she put her emotions aside and continued striving for success. She has worked as a saleswoman and flooring specialist at Home Depot as well as a real estate agent for Douglas Elliman Prudential Elliman Company. Not only this, Denise also received a hefty payment in alimony from her former husband thanks to his high-profile status on Wall Street. This transaction significantly increased her net worth which now stands at an impressive $9.5 million.

Aside from her professional accomplishments, Denise has also been able to live out a happy private life with her long-term boyfriend Mlady whom she allegedly married in 1994.

Despite not having any social media presence, rumors suggest that they are still together today and are leading a contented marital life free of the spotlight and scrutiny that comes with fame.

Overall, Denise Lombardo is one inspiring woman who despite experiencing difficult times did not let them hold her back from achieving success professionally and personally. She is proof that with determination and hard work we can all overcome obstacles no matter how tough they may be.

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