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Who is Tudor Dixon Husband, Aaron Dixon?


Who is Tudor Dixon husband? Well, a well-known American political commentator and politician, is happily married to Aaron Dixon. She has gained significant recognition as a member of the Republican Party, and is the Party’s choice for the 2022 Michigan Governor’s race.

Tudor Dixon Husband at a Glance

Full Name: Aaron William Dixon

Profession: Financial Controller

Spouse: Tudor Dixon

Children: Four

Getting to Know Aaron Dixon, Tudor Dixon Husband

Despite being married to a political figure, Aaron Dixon prefers to stay out of the spotlight and leads a private life away from the media’s scrutiny. Professionally, he is a financial controller, a high-ranking role where he manages the daily financial activities of a company. As a guardian of the company’s books and records, Aaron is always busy with his work-related tasks.

The Dixon Family Life

There isn’t much publicly available information about Aaron’s family or parents. However, he has built a beautiful family with his wife, Tudor, and they are parents to four children. Although Aaron doesn’t have a significant social media presence, he often appears in his wife’s posts along with their children.

Tudor Dixon’s political career has brought her under the media spotlight, especially with her recent nomination as the Republican party’s candidate for Michigan’s 2022 gubernatorial race.

A Look at Tudor Dixon’s Professional Journey

Before stepping into the political arena, Tudor Dixon worked in sales for several steel companies owned by her father, Vaughn Makary. She also pursued acting as a hobby, appearing in the vampire web series Transitions: The Series, and the low-budget horror film Buddy BeBop vs. the Living Demise.

In 2017, Dixon co-founded Lumen Student News, a now-inactive news site that delivered conservative-leaning lessons for elementary school students. She has also been a conservative political commentator, hosting the weekly program America’s Voice Live on Real America’s Voice.

Her political career officially started in 2021, when she announced her intention to run as the Republican Party’s nominee for the Michigan Governor’s race in the 2022 election.

Tudor Dixon Personal Life

Tudor Dixon, born on May 5, 1977, hails from Naperville, Illinois and is currently 45 years of age. She attended a private school in her hometown before moving to Lexington, Kentucky to further her education. She pursued her undergraduate studies in Psychology at the University of Kentucky, graduating in 1998, then relocated to Muskegon, Michigan in 2000.

Tudor Dixon Husband and Family Life

Tudor Dixon is happily married to businessman Aaron William Dixon. Their paths first crossed at the University of Kentucky, sparking a relationship that eventually led to marriage. Tudor made her husband known to the public through social media during a difficult time when they lost a beloved grandmother to COVID, an event that motivated Tudor to run for governor. The couple, who are parents to four daughters, often appear in heartwarming family photos shared by Tudor. The family was last seen together during an outing in August 2021, as shared on Tudor’s Twitter.

Aaron William Dixon: Tudor Dixon’s Husband

Aaron William Dixon, Tudor’s husband, holds the dual roles of CFO and CEO in his private company, the name of which remains undisclosed. Aged around 50 as of 2022, Aaron is a University of Kentucky alumnus like his wife, Tudor. His business portfolio includes significant investments in industrial sales related to heavy machinery across the agricultural, automotive, and energy sectors.

Tudor and Aaron Dixon’s Children: Their Four Daughters

The Dixons are proud parents of four lovely girls. Although they have kept the names of their daughters discreet, one of them is known to be Elin Dixon. The girls, all under the age of 13, are currently pursuing their education in private schools. Tudor’s concern about the schooling system’s potential influence on children led her to establish Lumen News, offering morning news programs suitable for grade school students. Aaron has been supportive of Tudor’s initiatives, demonstrating the couple’s dedication and love for their children. The Dixon family resides in Michigan.

The Conjugal Life of Tudor and Aaron Dixon

Aaron Dixon shares a blissful marital bond with his wife Tudor Dixon. Their union, which has lasted for half a decade, has also been blessed with the joy of four daughters.

The Love Story of Tudor and Aaron Dixon

The couple’s paths crossed at the University of Kentucky, where they were both students. Their academic journey also marked the start of their romantic relationship, eventually leading to their marriage in 2015. Aaron, recognizing his wife’s public role in politics, prefers to maintain a low-key profile. Although Tudor rarely discusses her personal life with the media, her social media platforms reveal moments of her life with her husband and children. The couple recently shared about the painful experience of losing their grandmothers due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an event that propelled Tudor’s decision to enter the gubernatorial race. Despite her busy schedule, Tudor ensures she spends quality time with her family and frequently posts pictures of their outings on her Instagram account.

Aaron Dixon’s Financial Status

Aaron Dixon’s financial status ranges from a modest few thousands to potentially millions, accumulated from his career as a Financial Controller. As of 2022, his estimated net worth is speculated to lie somewhere between $100,000 and $1 million. In light of data from salary.com, the average annual income of a Financial Controller in 2022 is approximately $238,700, with the range spanning from $198,600 to $283,300. Therefore, Aaron’s salary could potentially fall within this range, or above or below it. Tudor, on the other hand, boasts an estimated net worth of around $1 million in 2022.

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