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Who are Bhad Bhabie Parents? What Happened to Them?


Famed online celebrity and rapper, Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, better known by her stage name, Bhad Bhabie, first rose to stardom during her appearance on Dr. Phil’s show with her mother. Pronouncing the phrase, “Catch me outside, how about that?” with her unique accent made it a viral sensation as “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?” The newfound fame led her to the world of rap music, and in 2017, she set a record as the youngest rapper to have a single, “These Heaux,” on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Currently, she is signed to Atlantic Records all beacuse of the prayers of Bah Bhabie parents.

The relationship between Bhad Bhabie and her parents, Ira Peskowitz and Barbara Ann Bregoli, is often the center of controversy and public scrutiny. This article aims to shed some light on her parents’ lives and the ongoing drama that surrounds them.

Bhad Bhabie Parents, Mother’s Battle with Cancer while raising her in Florida

Barbara Ann, originally from a tough neighborhood in New York, relocated to Florida upon completing her education, where she worked as a compliance analyst. Meanwhile, her partner, Ira, was employed by the Palm Beach Police Department in Florida. Their paths crossed after Barbara’s move to the south, and in 2003, they welcomed their daughter in Boynton Beach. However, their union was short-lived, and they separated shortly after Bhabie’s birth.

Living with her mother in a house in Boynton Beach, purchased through Barbara’s credit score, life took a challenging turn for the young Bhabie. At just four years old, she became the main caregiver to her mother after Barbara was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Young Bhabie helped alleviate her mother’s suffering from the treatments and was there for her during the toughest times. By late 2007, Barbara’s cancer went into remission, but her recovery was not strong enough to allow her to work. They survived on insurance, child support, and assistance from their family.

Barbara shared her experience with the Palm Beach Post, highlighting the challenges of being a single mother and the critical role mothers play in their children’s lives. Regrettably, her cancer resurfaced when Bhabie was around 11, and Barbara believes this was the trigger for her daughter’s defiant behavior. Barbara confided in Dazed that Bhabie was scared of losing her mother and acted out because of that fear.

Barbara was blamed for exploiting her daughter’s fame once Bhabie became a celebrity

Bhabie’s conduct progressively deteriorated, leading to frequent school changes due to behavioral issues. Despite attending a school specifically for troubled girls in the sixth grade, her rebellious nature only intensified. When Bhabie’s behavior took a criminal turn, with her stealing her mom’s car for a trip to Miami, Barbara was left with no choice but to report her to the police.

Unfortunately, Bhad Bhabie parents had the judicial system was unable to rectify Bhabie’s behavior, prompting Barbara to reach out to Dr. Phil for assistance. However, the episode instead portrayed Barbara as a mother who had abandoned hope for her daughter’s transformation. Barbara insists that the production team manipulated the narrative of the show without her consent. She explained to Dazed:

“Just as we were about to go live on set, the producers notified us about the show’s title. I was taken aback, wondering, ‘What? I haven’t given up on my daughter, what are they implying?’ Regardless, I had to proceed with the show in hopes of getting my daughter the help she needed.”

Following the show, Bhabie’s popularity skyrocketed, and Barbara’s approach to her daughter seemed to shift. Barbara faced backlash for appearing to embrace her daughter after seemingly giving up on her during the Dr. Phil episode. Some followers even suggested the show was fictitious. Responding to her detractors in her interview with Dazed, Barbara said:

“I put my daughter on that show in a desperate bid to save her. These people do not know me or my daughter personally. Have they ever had a conversation with me or spent time with my daughter? No. But they are quick to judge her now. In addition, you know why? Because she is charismatic and has a unique talent.”

Ira, Bhabie’s Father, Asserts He Abandoned Custody Battle After Prolonged Frustration

Ira, Bhabie’s father, was visibly missing during her controversial episode on Dr. Phil. In a 2018 video, he shed light on his absence, revealing a longstanding custody dispute with Barbara, Bhabie’s mother, dating back to 2003. Exhausted by the court’s back-and-forths and escalating legal costs, Ira admitted to relinquishing custody of his daughter. He voiced his disapproval of Barbara’s upbringing of Bhabie, stating his own parenting would have been drastically different. He stated:

“I saw that my daughter had qualities that weren’t reflective of me. They weren’t how I would raise a child. I wouldn’t let her behave or talk that way, but I had no say in her upbringing. If I did, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now.”

After Bhabie’s appearance on Dr. Phil, Ira added her to his health insurance plan and enrolled her in a rehabilitation program. Despite having a family of his own, he expressed his desire for Bhabie to form a bond with her half-siblings. Ira was suspected of capitalizing on Bhabie’s fame, but he retorted that his actions were out of love for his daughter, assuring her, “Daddy always loved you. Daddy will always love you… You will always have someone here who will be your father.”

Bhad Bhabie Parents Response: A Restraining Order and Accusations of Parental Neglect

In the first quarter of 2020, Bhad Bhabie parents announced a social media hiatus to concentrate on her mental health. However, after just three days, she returned and fired back at her father’s Facebook post accusing Barbara of continued abuse. Bhabie accused Ira of abandoning Barbara and marrying a stripper from Canada. She alleged Ira was desperately seeking attention and expressed her intention for a restraining order against him.

In a subsequent Instagram Live video, Bhabie lambasted Ira for his neglectful parenting. She retorted:

“You haven’t done anything for me in my life. I only got one gift from you which I doubt you bought, it was probably your mother who purchased it. So please. I haven’t received anything. My mother did everything for me. Everything! You haven’t done a damn thing.”

The possibility of reconciliation between Bhabie and her father seems slim.

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