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Debbie Rowe was Michael Jackson’s ex-wife


Debbie Rowe is best known for her marriage to the late pop icon Michael Jackson. The two met in the 1980s when she was working as a nurse at his dermatologist’s office, and they eventually married in 1996. After their divorce three years later, Debbie Rowe became an even more public figure due to her custody battle over Jackson’s children Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson. She has since become a celebrity of sorts, with her net worth estimated to be around $10 million dollars. In addition, she continues to make headlines for various reasons such as speaking out about her relationship with Michael Jackson or appearing on reality shows like “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Who is Debbie Rowe

In case you don’t know, Debbie Rowe is a woman who played a significant role in Michael Jackson’s life. She met the King of Pop while he was seeking treatment for vitiligo, a skin condition that caused him to lose pigment in certain areas of his skin. Rowe happened to be working at the dermatology office Jackson went to for his treatment. In a conversation with ABC News, Rowe recalled their first encounter, “I go ‘Hi’. And he goes ‘Hi,’ and I said, ‘You know what? Nobody does what you do better, and nobody does what I do better. Let’s get this over with.’ And he laughed, and we just became friends. It was just right away.” What a wild ride their friendship would become.

Informative: Fans of Michael Jackson are well-aware of the pop star’s desire to be a parent. After his divorce from Lisa-Marie Presley, he married Debbie Rowe in 1996. Even though the marriage was short-lived, Rowe provided Jackson with two children. Rowe shared that she knew Jackson’s dream of fatherhood and wanted to make it happen for him. She believed he was one of the people who should be a parent, and she was happy to give that to him. Jackson was a fabulous man, and Rowe was more than willing to help him become a dad.

She was raised by the women of her family

Deborah Jeanne Rowe’s childhood was full of love and nurturing from the women in her family. Her father’s absence did not dampen her upbringing, as her mother, grandmother, and aunts made sure that she always felt loved and supported. Growing up in such a close-knit family, it’s no wonder that Deborah developed strong ties to her roots and a profound respect for the women who helped shape her. These days, she’s living it up in sunny Palmdale, California, but she never forgets the strong foundation that her family provided. With role models like the ones she had growing up, it’s no surprise that Deborah is a force to be reckoned with today.

Debbie tied the knot with Richard Edelman before Michael Jackson

Debbie’s love life was certainly eventful before she became romantically linked to the King of Pop. She tied the knot with Richard Edelman back in 1982, but the two were simply not meant to be. In fact, Debbie felt so trapped in her marriage that she decided to call it quits in 1988. Before they got married, Debbie even went as far as to convert to Judaism for the sake of their relationship. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, but one thing’s for sure – she certainly hadn’t met the one and only Michael Jackson yet!

She met Michael while working as a Dermatology assistant

Debbie’s life took an unexpected turn when she met the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. It all started when she was working as a Dermatology assistant and he was undergoing treatments for vitiligo, a skin condition he was well-known for having. Who would have thought that a simple job would lead her to make friends with one of the biggest music icons in the world? As they spent more and more time together, they formed a bond that would last a lifetime. It’s not every day that you get to meet a legend like Michael Jackson, but for Debbie, it was just another day at work!

Who are their children?

Informative: Michael Jackson and his wife, Debbie Rowe, welcomed their first child, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., in 1997. Rowe had suffered a miscarriage earlier that year and was afraid she wouldn’t be able to have children. The couple got married before Michael Jr.’s birth to avoid their child being born out of wedlock. Rowe later revealed that she wanted to spare her children from having to deal with the same judgmental scrutiny their father had faced throughout his life. Despite the early challenges, Rowe and Jackson went on to have two more children: Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II, also known as “Blanket.”

After three years of marriage to Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe gave birth to two of his children: Prince and Paris. But during her testimony, Rowe made it clear that she did not become a mother for herself. Rather, she did it for Jackson to fulfill his desire to become a father. She believed that being a parent was something you earned, and she had not done anything to earn that title. Despite this, she was awarded a hefty sum in the divorce settlement, but Jackson took sole custody of their children. Years later, she applied to resume contact with her children and obtain visitation rights, showing that perhaps the desire to be a parent can sometimes be stronger than the belief that you have not earned it. The lawyers asked Rowe about the possibility of Jackson’s death and what would happen to the children. Rowe replied confidently that he had a wonderful person in mind to take care of them.

The couple got divorced in 1999

In 1999, the world was shocked to hear that the famous couple Michael and Debbie had officially divorced. Rumors had been circulating for a while, but they had always managed to keep everything private. Debbie was never a fan of the spotlight, so it came as no surprise that the whole ordeal went down lowkey. Though the exact reason for the split was never made public, it’s believed that Debbie walked away with an $8 million settlement and the ownership of their lavish Beverly Hills mansion. It’s crazy to think that just a year before the divorce, Paris Jackson was born. The world may never know what tore this power couple apart, but we can only hope that both parties found happiness beyond their split.

She was diagnosed with cancer in 2016

Debbie’s strength and resilience are truly admirable. When she received the news that she had breast cancer, she didn’t let it bring her down. Instead, Debbie saw it as a blessing in disguise. Not only did she fight through the difficult treatments, but she also took the opportunity to reconnect with her daughter Paris Jackson. The bond they formed during this difficult time is truly heartwarming. And when Debbie rang the bell to celebrate her last chemotherapy appointment, Paris couldn’t help but share her joy and pride on Instagram. Such a powerful example of the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter.

Debbie Rowe net worth

Debbie Rowe may not be a household name, but she was once married to the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, as with many celebrity marriages, things didn’t quite work out between the two, and they went their separate ways back in 1999. However, Debbie didn’t leave empty handed. After the divorce was finalized, she walked away with a hefty settlement and Michael was granted full custody of their kids. But don’t feel too bad for Debbie, as she’s sitting pretty with an estimated net worth of $25 million. These days, she’s living the good life in sunny California and enjoying some well-deserved peace and quiet. Who says divorce can’t be profitable?


Debbie Rowe story is one of a selfless act, as she decided to help make Michael Jackson’s dream of becoming a father come true. Despite her own beliefs that motherhood was something you had to earn, she still chose to provide him with two children and eventually received visitation rights after their divorce. Her net worth today is estimated at around $10 million dollars and although the couple never remarried, Debbie continues to be an important part of Jackson’s legacy by being there for his children even in death. With such dedication and love, it’s no wonder why fans continue to remember her fondly all these years later.

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