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Deanna Burditt Got Separated From Rick Harrison


Deanna Burditt wouldn’t be given much importance if it weren’t for her husband, who happens to be a co-owner of the gold and silver shop and is casted in a reality TV series; Pawn stars. Yes, you guessed it correctly; she’s the wife of Rick Harrison.

Becoming the wife of such a prominent man, pushed Deanna into a limelight. Such a thing was inevitable.

This is just one facet of Deanna’s life. What about the rest of her? Who really is Deanna Burditt after all?

The following article hopes to achieve this.

Early Life of Deanna Burditt

Deanna Burditt was born in 1976 in USA. Not much is known about her when it comes to early life; that who her parents are and what were their professions, where she did her schooling from. She didn’t even disclose her birthdate. Except this, that her ethnicity is mixed and that she is a Christian. 

This could clearly tell that just how extremely pivotal Dianna is, regarding her background.

However, we know of this much that as Deanna grew, she pursued law, completing the degree from a reputable private college. And that by profession, she is a legal Advisor. She works as a legal secretary in a law firm, where penning down summons, subpoenas and motions are one of her job descriptions.

Personal Life of Deanna Burditt

Deanna had been married twice and divorced twice.

Deanna was first married to Tomaino, taking his last name. The marriage didn’t last long. Reliable sources tell us this much that Deanna’s first husband had an unusual and ambiguous sexual life which ended up sprouting troubles like ivy growing on wall for the couple. The situation got so bad to the point, that Tomaino was arrested during one of the raids conducted by the police. He was later then prosecuted by court.

Deanna then got married the second time, to Martines. This marriage didn’t continue as well. Rumor has it that Deanna got divorced, probably because she was having a secret affair with Rick Harrison. She got separated in 2011, the same year when she first came across Rick. The truth appears a little sketchy and to be perfectly frank, a bit far-fetched but people were quick to point it out that it’s way too coincidental that the moment she was single; an alternative was already available.

Marriage with Rick Harrison

Deanna and Rick Harrison first came across each other at Aureole restaurant in year 2011. From there onward, they started dating. And a year later, on 14 February (Valentine’s day), they got engaged at the same restaurant where they met each other for the first time. 

Rick later admitted that it wasn’t exactly a proposal per say. Yes, he did give Deanna a ring; a 2 ½ carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring which by the way didn’t came from the stockroom of Gold and Silver Pawnshop. And instead of asking her hand, he basically said ‘Girl, I’m marrying you’. When you come to think about it, he was actually right. Rick wasn’t proposing. It’s more like he was claiming Deanna.

And claim her he did. The happy couple got married on 21 July 2013 in Ritz Carlton, Laguna Beach California. The wedding was attended by 180 to 200 guests. Counting cars star Danny Koker was the minister who officiated Rick and Deanna’s wedding, while Rick’s co-star Chumlee aka Austin Lee Russell was the ring bearer. The band Steel Panther were hired to play music at the reception.

As for the wedding dress, Deanna wore a while Inbal Dror gown which was shipped from London’s Morgan Davies Bridal and she looked stunning in it. 

Deanna not only got a new husband. She was living in a mansion in Las Vegas with her new family. She became a step-mother to three kids; sons Rick had from his previous early marriages. And Rick in turn became a step-father to three kids; daughters Deanna had from her aforementioned marriages. At this, Rick jokingly commented;

“It’s a perfect symmetry! I’ve got three boys. She’s got three girls. We’re basically the Brady Brunch!”

Seeing that they have got a large family and that they were done having kids, Deanna and Rick decided not to have any more kids.

Deanna Burditt Net Worth

Working as a legal secretary for 20 years is bound to make Deanna Burditt well off enough in monetary terms. However, after marrying Rick Harrison, who basically is a business Tycoon, her net worth only increased and that her financial freedom instantly expanded. It has been estimated that Deanna Burditt’s net worth is somewhere between $4 to $5 million and now you know Deanna Burditt net worth.

Which then brings us to another point; Deanna Burditt had been accused of being a gold digger. The people were of this notion that Deanna married Rick simply because of vast amount of money and fame attached to his name. There’s no denying though that before meeting Rick, nobody knew of Deanna. It was after marrying Rick, did people wanted to know more about her.

Two things debunked the above statement. As mentioned above, Deanna shuns publicity and tries to avoid the public eye wherever she can. She wasn’t interested in appearing at Pawn stars show. And two, Rick was the one who took the entire control of their wedding day. For Deanna was of this opinion that they should have a small ceremony and that they should go for a simple camping trip for their honeymoon.

Of course, Rick listened to none of that because they did end up having a lavish wedding on seaside.

Rick Harrison Wife and the Divorce

They say ‘Third time is a charm’. Sadly, this saying can’t be implied on Deanna and Rick marriage. For the couple got divorced during the pandemic 2020.

It happened quietly and that it didn’t receive much media attention. Though that could be due to George Floyd protests raging the country during that time and all the focus was diverted on that issue.

However, upon going through the court documents it was found out that Rick filed for divorce mainly because their likes, tastes, views and mental dispositions became divergent to the point that compatibility became a faraway thing and thus Rick Harrison wife got separated.  

Deanna Burditt is now once again single.

Lindsay Born
Lindsay Born
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