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David Scott Simon – A Mastermind Redefining Success


David Scott Simon is an American businessman and former actor, best known for his marriage to the former actress Alison Berns.

He married the ex-wife of renowned radio and TV personality Howard Stern in 1989 – shortly after she filed for divorce from him.

Born in 1954, David Scott Simon has kept a relatively low profile since then, with little information about his life available online.

Despite this, he remains well-known as a result of his union with Alison Berns.

David Scott Simon Wiki?

Well, well, well… Look who just turned 68 years old. It’s none other than the infamous Davis Scott-Simon.

You know, the guy who always thinks he’s so high and mighty with his fancy suits and schmoozing at all the important events.

Well, now he’s one year closer to retirement and I bet he’s feeling the pressure. Happy birthday, Davis Scott-Simon.

Maybe now you can finally start to relax and enjoy the simple things in life.

David Scott Simon net worth

Oh, David Scott Simon, the journalist that no one seems to know much about. Unlike those fancy pants, award-winning journalists, he’s just a regular guy.

Unfortunately for him, that also means he’s not raking in the dough like some of his colleagues. We don’t have much information on his cash flow, but we do know a thing or two about his wife’s money.

Alison Berns, who used to practice psychoanalysis, married Howard Stern and even appeared in a few of his performances.

But the real kicker? She received a healthy chunk of Stern’s wealth in their divorce, totaling over $20 million. Looks like Simon’s not the only one living modestly, huh?

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What profession is David Scott Simon

He’s only an American journalist and the mastermind behind the beloved radio news program Weekend Edition.

You know, the one that keeps you informed and entertained during those lazy Sunday mornings? Yeah, that’s all thanks to Mr. Simon.

Just imagine not having his witty banter and insightful reporting to keep you company. It’s a good thing he’s on our side, or else we’d all be lost in a sea of boring news.

So, the next time someone asks if you know who David Scott Simon is, you can confidently reply, “Of course, he’s the guy who makes my weekends that much better.”

Who is David Scott’s Wife?

Have you heard about Alison and David Scott Simon? The rumor mill has been churning for years about these two and their supposed affair.

It all started back when Alison was still married to that shock jock Howard Stern.

Let’s just say, things weren’t exactly peachy keen in that department. Allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity plagued their marriage.

Enter the dashing and debonair David Scott Simon, who allegedly stole Alison’s heart. But were these rumors true?

According to the media, they were nothing more than idle chatter. Regardless, it’s hard not to wonder what really happened between Alison and David.

How many children does David have?

Well, isn’t that ironic? David Scott Simon and Alison Berns don’t have any kids of their own, but Alison has three from her previous marriage to Howard Stern.

Emily Beth, Deborah Jennifer, and Ashley Jade must make for quite the blended family. I wonder if David ever feels left out at family gatherings or if he relishes in being the cool stepdad.

Either way, it’s clear that they all love each other as if they were all biological siblings. Who needs genetics when you have love?


David Scott Simon, born in 1954, is a former American journalist and the mastermind behind Weekend Edition.

He is well-known for his union with Alison Berns and despite keeping a relatively low profile since then, there have been rumors of their supposed affair that still linger to this day.

Although David and Alison don’t share any children together, they are happily part of an extended family which includes three kids from her previous marriage to Howard Stern.

With 68 years under his belt now, we can only hope that David will continue to enjoy the simple things in life as he looks towards retirement.

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