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David Dahmer – What is Jeffree Dahmer’s Brother Doing Today?


David Dahmer – The infamous American serial killer may have died, but his crimes still haunt the world. Having a serial killer as your brother is a nightmare. A murderer living right under your nose is equally sad and terrifying. Hear about David Dahmer, the sibling that grew up alongside Jeffery Dhamer, but one turned out to be a complete monster.

You are familiar with most of the Dahmer clan: Joyce, Lionel, and Shari, but where is David Dahmer now? There is almost zero information about him in the press. Unlike Jeffery’s parents, you cannot find a single interview about him. It’s almost as though he disappeared without a trace. Read out to find out what must be David Dahmer doing now.

Who was Jeffery Dahmer, and what did he do?

If you are unfamiliar with who he is, you are probably living under a rock. Or it’s better that you don’t know- in this case, ignorance is bliss. Belonging to the town of Portage, Wisconsin, Jeffery was a problem child in the worst way you can imagine.

Dahmer was only eighteen when he first got his hands dirty. Over the years, matters worsened as he committed sixteen murders and was found guilty of fifteen. Apart from killing, he committed heinous crimes such as dismembering his victims, cannibalism, and necrophilia.

Most of these men were gay young African Americans, whom Dahmer enticed back to his house by promising to pay them to take nude photos in exchange for payment. Then, after drugging and strangling them to death, Dahmer would typically mutilate and occasionally consume their bodies.

If you’re interested in learning about the crimes of Jeffery, watch the Netflix series Moster-The Jeffery Dahmer story, which sheds light on his childhood and what led him to turn into America’s most feared man at the time. Make sure to watch it with a friend with the lights on, as it gets disturbing.

Who is David Dahmer?

Jeffery had a younger brother, David. Born in 1966, he and Jeffery had a six-year-old age difference. Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Dahmer even let Jeffery pick out the name for his younger sibling.

Were Jeffery and David close as kids?

Sibling rivalry is frequent in every household. But with the Dahmers’ there is always an underlying sinister aspect. The brothers were not close. They were polar opposites.

David was a bright and cheery kid. Generally, always being the expressive and outgoing one. Jeffery was more closed off and shy. He spent a lot of his time alone and quiet.

Jeffery perceived David as the center of attention. He felt left out. David being the newborn, received more time from his parents. Jeffery felt alone and spent most of his time by himself. As a result, he grew jealous and disliked his brother for being more liked.

Separation of the brothers

Joyce and Lionel divorced in 1798. The parents went their separate ways, and so did the kids. Joyce took David with her and moved in with her family in Wisconsin. Jeffery stayed in his childhood home with his father, Lionel.

Jeffery was 18, while David was 12 at the time of the divorce. The different personalities, the 6-year age gap, and a dysfunctional family kept the brothers from developing a close-knit relationship.

Jeffery’s childhood was far from normal. The negligence he suffered as a kid, a strained relationship with his parents, and his father demonstrating how to bleach a rodent’s body contributed to Jeffery becoming a serial killer. Perhaps, the divorce pushed him off the edge, as he committed his first murder shortly after. The birth of a monster took place.

The tragic death of Joyce Dahmer

After battling breast cancer, Joyce Dahmer passed away on November 27, 2000, at 64.

In his book A Father’s Story, published in 1994, Lionel Dahmer made an effort to understand his late son’s psychology and what motivated him to murder. He detailed Joyce’s prenatal struggles with Jeffrey and David, his younger sibling.

The book claims Joyce suffered from severe nausea, dizziness, and muscle stiffness. Her muscle issues were undiagnosed, so doctors prescribed phenobarbital and morphine. Lionel had a theory that Joyce’s prescription had a role to play in how Jeffery turned out.

A diagnosis of postpartum psychosis, which includes symptoms like “severe disorientation, loss of touch with reality, paranoia, delusions, disorganized mental process, and hallucinations,” was made after Joyce gave birth to David’s second child.

Did David Dahmer visit Jeffery in jail?

David graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1994. Following the arrest of his brother in 1991, David decided to cut off completely. They barely had a relationship before, but now he went cold turkey and did not want to associate himself with Jeffery. That is understandable, as even though David was not a victim, he still suffered a lot of trauma because of his brother’s actions.

While Lionel and Shari showed up to court hearings, David did not. He was absent from the news and appeared in zero interviews.  David even refused to visit Jeffery in jail. To take things a step further, he changed his name, moved away, and completely hid his identity. We don’t know who David Dahmer is- his identity is a complete secret to the world. Concealing his identity may be the best option, as the Dahner name carries all sorts of negativity.

How old is David Dahmer now?

David is now 55 years old. But his identity is a mystery to the world. His father and stepmother claim he has a successful career, a wife, and two kids.

The most recent update about David Dahmer

If you are in anticipation of this update being fairly new, do not get your hopes up! The last update we received regarding David was back in 2004. In 2004, on the show Larry King Live, Lionel and their stepmother Shari informed that David had a set career and was married with two kids.

He decided to stay out of the spotlight and stick to it. Joyce and Lionel also said they are proud to be associated with the Dahmer name, despite their son’s vile activities. David is happy, according to Joyce and Lionel. They respected their son’s decision to remain anonymous forever. Since that interview, there has been no additional information regarding Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother.

Perhaps he did not want to have his name tied with a serial killer, hence the reason for such a bold decision. Going incognito was the right move, as the public is unaware of his whereabouts, so the press cannot bother him.

We may never know who the real David Dahmer is, and it is for his good. We can only hope he is living a peaceful life.

However, this isn’t the first time a serial killer’s relative changed their name to stay hidden.

Is David Dahmer alive?

The Netflix series left the question unanswered if the younger brother is still alive. If he was alive, David would be 55 years old today.

Is Jeffery Dahmer alive?

Jeffery was beaten to death by his inmates in 1994 at the Colombian Correctional facility in Portage, Wisconsin.

Before Joyce’s death, she stated that she wanted Jeffrey’s brain donated to science so that it be investigated for his murderous tendencies, but Lionel refused and had Jeffery cremated instead.

Will David Dahmer ever go public?

There is no definitive answer, but most likely, no. David has spent decades behind the curtains to hide from all the chaos. News like this never goes old, and if he breaks out of his shell, he will get bombarded with the media- and there is no escaping from it. He is adamant about remaining anonymous forever, as he completely changed his name and identity so no one can recognize him. His current address, name, and social media accounts are not public information.

Even if you search the pictures for David Dahmer on Google, you will be out of luck. There is not one recent picture depicting his appearance. Maybe while walking in the streets or shopping for groceries one day, you will bump heads with David, but you will never know who he is. Let’s hope he is living his best life, far away from all the drama.

It is for the best he stays hidden forever, as no one wants to be associated with being the sibling of Jeffery Dahmer.

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