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Dareh Ardashes Gregorian – Maggie Haberman Husband


As far as fame is concerned; it has lot more influence, especially within the sphere of the media. From this statement, you must be thinking that I m talking about Hollywood celebrities. Yes it’s true that people working for entertainment are influential however let’s not forget that beside entertainment there are other people within media industry working for different section commonly known as news reporting and journalism. Even though people working as news reporter and journalist are not as popular as pop idols and yet they are well known for their work among those who watch hard news rather than soft news.
Just like in entertainment industry, connections with well-reputable people can do wonders for one’s career. In fact we have seen it in many cases in which a person was not well known. But after marrying a certain recognizable individual, that person also comes to share the spotlight as well. This happened in the case of Dareh Ardashes Gregorian, who married Maggie Lindsy Haberman an American journalist currently working as a political analyst for Current News Network (CNN) and White House correspondent for New York Times. Though Dareh Ardashes is himself a notably reporter, a researcher and typist but his fame rose noticeably after this marriage. Without waiting any longer, lets us continue this article which talks about this distinguished reporter.

Background of Dareh Ardashes Gregorian

Dareh Ardashes Gregorian was born in 24th March 1970 in Austin, Texas to Vartan Gregorian and Clare Gregorian. Both of his parents were successful and well-reputed in their own respective field of their work; as his father Vartan Gregorian was well known historian, academic and educator throughout his lifetime. While his mother Clare Gregorian worked as the chairperson for the Literacy Partners, an organization that provided professional training to the future educator to be. In addition to this, she served as volunteer leader in various states and was a strong supporter for woman rights. Dareh Ardashes has two brothers, Raffi Gregorian and Vahe Gregorian.

Dareh‘s father, Vartan Gregorian was an Armenian-American Christian. He was born to the Armenian family in Tabriz, Iran. He completed his early education from elementary school in Tabriz. Later on he continued his secondary education from College Armenian in Beirut, Lebanon. During his childhood years, Vartan spend his free time in Armenian Library, which lead him to become a devoted reader in upcoming years. After finishing his PhD from Stanford University, Vartan served as educator/historian in several of the universities, where he taught European and Middle-Eastern History. In addition to this, he was appointed as president for New York Public Library where he accomplished in reviving the cultural importance and stabilizing the institution from financial aspect. Because of his notable works, he has been awarded with Presidential Medal of Freedom (2004) and National Humanities Medal (1998).

We were unable to find out from where did Dareh Ardashes did his early schooling, however we did came across the information that revealed that his passion for journalism and report writing stemmed from his parents’ profession. Hence he got enrolled in Boston University where he completed his bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass communication.

Career of Dareh Ardashes Gregorian

After graduating, Dareh Ardashes joined as a reporter for New York Observer. Because of his unparalleled execution in reporting, Dareh was promoted as a researcher within the span of few months. But his career growth didn’t stop there because in same year he got recognized by the one of the prominent publication organization, The New York Post, where he was hired as an editor and journalist. While working as a full time reporter, Dareh also worked simultaneously as reporter for New York Police Department (NYPD) for two years and as well as for Supreme Court of United States for twenty years (1992-2012).

However in next year 2013, Dareh was offered a position of reporter from “The New York Daily News” where he worked for three years before shifting his career from reporter to becoming political editor in 2016. Ever since then, he had been doing well in professional terms, serving as a political editor and reporter for NBC news. For his outstanding work in his profession, Dareh has been awarded with copious amount of rewards which includes New York Police Department Crimestoppers Award as well.

Personal Life of Dareh Ardashes Gregorian

As I already mentioned Dareh Ardashes is married to prominent news journalist, Maggie Lindsy Haberman. Maggie Haberman was born 30th October 1973 in New York, America. She is the daughter of Clyde Haberman, who himself was remarkable American journalist for the ‘The New York Times”. After completing her college from Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Maggie got enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in 1995. Having done her bachelors, Maggie also started pursing her career in field of journalism after getting inspired from her father’s profession and was determined to live up to the reputation.

In year 1996, Maggie Haberman got a job in New York Post. Three years later, her job’s responsibilities were further expanded towards City Hall where she was given the task of political reporting. During her work, she got an opportunity to work along with Dareh Ardashes. With time passed working together, Dareh and Maggie fell in love and got involved in intimate relationship. The couple dated for seven years before they finally got married at the Tribeca Rooftop in Manhattan in 2003. The couple has three children (Max, Miri and Dashell). At present, the whole family is residing in Brooklyn.

Net Worth of Dareh Ardashes Gregorian

Over the years of working as reporter for well known news organizations, Dareh Ardashes’s net worth has reached up to $3 million approximately. On the other hand, his wife is estimated to have net worth of $5 million.

A Quick Summary and Some Additional Details

  1. z at present works as reporter and political editor for NBC News.
  2. He is married to one of the famous American journalist, Maggie Lindsy Haberman. Like her husband, Maggie Lindsy Haberman has also being acknowledged and rewarded for her journalism. In 2018, she was awarded with Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for her coverage on President Donald Trump governance and presidential campaign.
  3. Dareh Ardashes late father’s Vartan Gregorian was one of most reputed and well known Armenian-American scholar, historian and intellectuals. During his lifetime, Vartan Gregorian has earned thirty-nine awards, consisting of fourteen civic honors, sixteen prestigious medals and six international decorations.
  4. Dareh Ardashes has own his official twitter account with 4880 followers at present.
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