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Dana Gadot – Gal Gadot’s Sister – Age, Height, & Boyfriend


Majority of people have a habit of staying low key and living their lives peacefully. This privilege is easily available to any common person however for some this is considered a luxury especially for celebrities such as Hollywood actors and actresses, fashion models, musicians and sport athletes, you name it.

Once these celebrities express their talents in any form, be it acting, playing any musical instrument or performing exceptionally in sports, on either national or international spectrum, their privacy cease to exist as large number of the masses become fans and followers of their adored celebrity.

Most celebrities have come to accept this part of this career and are often prepared for this massive attention and fame. However same cannot be said for celebrity’ family members as it has been observed that they would rather prefer to keep themselves hidden than to expose themselves to public eye.


But this is impossible as somehow identity about celebrity’s close family members especially siblings do get disclosed like in happened in case of Dana Gadot, who is known as sister of the Wonder Woman’s actress Gal Gadot.

If you are the fan of Wonder Woman actress and is keen to know more about her sister, then this article is for you.

Dana Gadot Age & Background

Dana Gadot was born on 9th January to the Michael Gadot and Irit nee Weiss in Rosh HaAyin, a city located in the central district of the Israel. Her father Michael Gadot is an engineer, while her mother worked as physical education teacher.

Dana has only one elder sister named Gal Gadot who is nine years older than her and she has a daughter Alma Varsano. Though she is a born Israeli, but long before her birth, her parents Hebraized their family name by replacing old name Greenstein with the new name Gadot.

She belongs from the Ashkenazi Jewish sect, a Jewish population who were settled within the lands of Mighty Roman Empire way back in around the end of 1st millennium CE.

Dana’s maternal grandparents were born and raised in Europe in 20th century. Before the occurrence of the Second World War II, her grandmother along with her family made a timely escape from the terror of upcoming war.

However her grandfather was not fortunate enough, as he was captured and imprisoned in the inhuman cells of the Auschwitz concentration camp but miraculously was able to survive the Holocaust.

Dana Gadot completed her high school education from the renowned Private high school located within her town district. After completing her school, Dana got enrolled in Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, where she did her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Dana Gadot Personal Measurements

At present, the height of the Dana Gadot is 170 cm which is 5 feet and 7 inches. She is slightly shorter to her elder sister Gal Gadot who currently stands tall at 178 cm which is 5 feet and 10 inches.

There is no information available regarding Dana Gadot’s present age as details of her birth year is not disclosed. Nonetheless some news sources share the common opinion that the age gap between Dana and her sister Gal must be between nine years, inferring that if Gal Gadot is 35 years old then Dana present age must be 26 years old. However the actress still has yet to confirm this detail.

Dana’s sibling relationship with Gal Gadot

Since these two are the only daughters of the Gadot family, naturally the sisters are very close to each other. Despite the many years gap, Dana and Gal share the strong bond.

In fact, Gal spent majority of her childhood and teenage years taking care of her Dana.

Unlike her sister, Dana Gadot is a private person and tends to keep details of her life away from prying eyes. However Gal Gadot does talk about her with love and affection, whenever she gets an opportunity.

Last year, without revealing the Dana’ name of the husband’s to be , Gal Gadot shared the news of her sister getting married in her own official Instagram account.

Dana Gadot Net worth

The current net worth of the Dana Gadot is $750, 000. Though she has majored in Psychology but at present she is working as controller for Israeli Airline.

Gal Gadot from Israeli Military gym Instructor to Hollywood Actress

Usually a person has a clear vision of what profession they want to work for. After deciding the profession, a person will spent years developing and fining those skills that their selected career requires.

However not everyone has smooth career development journey. Sometimes, for some reason an individual takes 180 degrees turn and completely change their career regardless of having no prior knowledge in new profession.


It’s not unusual trend as this has been happening for many years within the Hollywood Industry. Gal Gadot is one of the living examples of this major shift in a career.

At age eighteen, a young Gal Gadot decided to enter the Beauty Pageant on 2004 just for fun experience.

In fact, she herself informed that the main reason she decided to enter this glamour competition was that she will have something amusing to tell her future grandchildren. To her own surprise, Gal Gadot did end up winning the contest and earned the title of Miss Israel of 2004.

After earning this glamorous award, now twenty years old Gal Gadot become busy with another major obligation which was to serve at least two years of military service to Israel Defense Forces where she learned the necessary combat skills and served as a gym instructor for the army.

Upon the completion of military service, Gal Gadot got enrolled to the private university to pursue a degree in Law. By the end of first year, Gal was offered to audit for the role of the fictional character Camille Montes in James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

Though she failed to get the role, nevertheless Gal continue to improve her acting skills by spending time with acting coaches. In addition to this, she managed to get an acting role for the Israeli drama “Bubot” back on 2008.

But this was all due to change as three months later; the casting director of Quantum of Solace contacted Gal Gadot again and have her auditioned for the fictional character of Gisele Yashar for the Fast & Furious’ fourth film.

This time Gal Gadot passed the audition successfully and got hired. Thanks to her combat skills in years of military service, Gal Gadot performed her own stunts. This was the starting point of Gal’s major acting career in upcoming Hollywood Films.

Gal Gadot’s Characters

While Gal Gadot played the same character for the Fast & Furious franchise in next two upcoming films, however later on she decided to expand her career further by auditioning for new roles in other movies as well.

Though it was not the easy but Gal was optimistic and instead took these auditions as opportunity to learn something new and different. Then in November 2017, Gal got her crucial breakthrough in her acting career when she was selected as leading character for DC comics film “Wonder Woman”.

After its official release, the film earned whopping $ 821 million amount on international scale, causing it to be ranked in tenth position for highest-grossing film on 2017.


From 2017 onwards, since then Gal Gadot has been casted in several of the films; with some of movies which had relatively renowned actors and actresses including Dwayne Rock Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Kate Winslet, Kevin Costner and Isla Fisher.

At present in a following years, Gal Gadot is set to play the character of Evil Queen for the Disney live –action adaption movie of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Along with this film, she will be working as producer as well as star in the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “To catch a Thief”.

Some Fun Facts about Dana Gadot

1. In contrast to her sister, in appearance wise Dana Gadot is blonde.
2. She has two official YouTube Accounts. One account contains old videos about her travels and photos albums of her family. While in second account, Dana uploads videos regarding her field of work.
3. She is an avid traveler and has travelled in more than twenty places.
4. She is an animal lover, with cats and dogs among the most favorite ones.
5. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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