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Dan Bilzerian Net Worth, Biography And Personal Life


You must have heard this quote “The one who has the gold makes the rules” from Disney’s animated fictional film ‘Aladdin’ in which the character Jafar was persuading Aladdin to join him for a dangerous mission in the Cave of Wonders and we all know too well what happened next.

At that time we wouldn’t have spared a thought over this quote since we were little and were only concerned with a storyline. But if we reflect on this quote, it holds in real life as well as we have seen that billionaires and rich wealthy people don’t follow the typical norms of society; on the contrary, they bend the rules accordingly to their will without having any care about the consequences of their actions. 

Though there are handfuls of rich people who we respect because of the contribution they have given to society however there is another half of rich people which the whole society, in general, doesn’t respect because these individuals follow a lifestyle that they don’t approve of such as drinking, playing poker, hanging out with glamorous ladies and yet their net worth is of millions.

The habits of an individual sound familiar don’t they? That’s right; it is none other than Dan Bilzerian himself. But before we ponder over Dan Bilzerian net worth in 2022, let’s head to back his past and see how all of this started and what events in past made Dan Bilzerian the person he is now. 

Earlier life of Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is an Armenian-American poker player, businessman, and social-media celebrity. He was born on 7th December 1980 in Tampa, Florida to Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. His father Paul Bilzerian worked as a corporate takeover specialist on Wall Street. Dan Bilzerian is half-Armenian from his father’s side. He has only one elder brother named Adam Bilzerian. 

The position of the corporate takeover specialist enabled the whole Bilzerian family to lead a luxurious lifestyle as they used to live in 28,000 square yard mansion in Tampa. However this blissful standard of living didn’t last long as in the year 1988, Paul Bilzerian was indicted for tax and security fraud, which earned him a sentence of 13 months prison time and a $1.5 million fine. But before he was convicted, Paul Bilzerian entrusted trust funds in his both sons’ names. 

While there is no public disclosure about Dan’s early education but we do have info that Dan Bilzerian got himself enrolled in the University of Florida to study Criminology and Business though it is unclear whether he ever completed his university or not.

But before going for higher studies, at first, Dan Bilzerian signed up for the Navy on 1999. The next year, Dan was made to go through SEAL training where newly recruits go through a series of tough training exercises as a requirement to become professional solider. Dan completed his two weeks of rigorous training however he was kicked out of the program a few weeks earlier before his official graduation due to a dispute he had with one of his instructors over a safety violation at a gun range. 

Dan’s start of his career as a Poker Player 

With no luck in attaining formal education, Dan decided to look for another profession somewhere else. On 2008, he was introduced to the game of poker by his brother Adam and his friends.

After seeing that he had an aptitude for playing the gambling game, Dan made up his mind to become a professional poker player and had never looked back since then. On 2009, Dan participated in the World Series of Poker Main Event in which he ended up landing in the 180th position.

In next year, he was voted as one of the funniest poker players by Bluff magazine. 

However, on 2011, Dan Bilzerian found his winnings crumble when he along with ten celebrities were asked to return all their winnings which they had won against Bradley Ruderman who was arrested for a Ponzi scheme.

Those winnings were to be returned to those people who unknowingly became victims of the fraud. In the same year, Dan came to defend the favor of American business Alex Rodriguez who was accused of illegal gambling activities. 

Since 2011, Dan actively played professional poker on and off consistently. The years of playing card games enabled Dan to convert $750 to approximately $187,000. On 2013, Dan made an unofficial announcement on Twitter which claimed to have won $10.8 million in a single night of playing poker, though many of his followers find it hard to believe as they were all aware of Dan’s bad habit of over exaggerating. 

Whenever he took a break from his poker profession, Dan used to spend his time by side betting on challenges and competitions to make more cash and maintain his fame. Once on an occasion, he once challenged American producer, Bill Perkins that he could ride on a bike from Vegas to Los Angeles in two days with no medical assistance.

To everyone’s surprise, Dan succeeded in keeping true to his word as he was able to complete his race within 33 hours. But before betting on a risky challenge, Dan made necessary preparations by getting trained by one of the professional bike racers Lance Armstrong, who agreed to help Dan in return for a hefty donation to his cancer-charity foundation.

Dan Bilzerian as Businessman 

On 2017, after seeing the potential demand for cannabis and vapes, Dan founded the public limited company called Ignite International Brands ltd, which has expertise in producing consumer-related products such as cannabis-related products for example CBD oil drops, vodka, energy drinks, water bottles, and electronic cigarettes.

However to manage any business regardless of what size, requires serious authoritative measures, commitment, and discipline which unfortunately Dan lacked as it became apparent after two years of attaining public limited status.

The company suffered a financial loss of millions on 2020 since most of the revenue and investment generated was spent by Dan on maintaining his expensive lifestyle filled with partying, flying on private jets, gambling, and drinking.

The negligence with the combination of poor business practices has put the whole company at stake and is on the verge of bankruptcy. The stock price at which Ignite’s shares are listed is currently $0.49. Although the company accounts are recording losses Dan refuses to admit his company is in bad shape by posting a denial status on his Twitter account. 

Dan Bilzerian in Hollywood 

Despite having no prior training in acting, Dan has expressed his interest in acting in Hollywood films. In the year 2013, Dan finally got his wish true when he was assigned a small role in a film called ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ along with other notable stars including Gerald Butler and Morgan Freeman. Since then, Dan has played minor roles in the following six films which were:

 1) The Other Woman

 2) Lone Survivor 

 3) Car Run 2

 4) The War Dogs 

 5) Extraction

However, on 2014, Dan sued the producers of the film Lone survivor for failing to give him eight minutes of screen time in a movie in exchange for a one million dollars investment. His lawsuit imposed a fine of $1.2 million but later on, it was dropped due to a $1.5 million cash awarded to Dan for the movie’s commercial success.    

In the year 2017, Dan produced the animated series known as ‘Blitz Real Hollywood Stories’ in which Dan Bilzerian’s life is portrayed in the cartoon animated form.
The minor roles in Hollywood have also played a important role in bolstering Dan Bilzerian net worth as well.

Dan Bilzerian as Social media star 

To increase his popularity, Dan Bilzerian launched his own personal Instagram account on 2012 to share his lavish lifestyle with his peers and followers. Moreover, he gave himself a title called ‘Playboy King of Instagram’. Dan has over 26 million followers on Instagram while one million followers on his Twitter account. Recently Dan has been receiving backlash due to the disclosure of his lifestyle to the public. But to Dan, this is nothing new as he has gotten used to all negative criticism thrown at him.  

Personal Life of Dan Bilzerian 

 At present, Dan Bilzerian resides in a mansion in Las Vegas which is currently valued at $3.7 million, complete with a pool, hot tub, Movie Theater, and eleven bedrooms. In addition to this, he has a garage that accommodates his collection of sports cars including Bentley, and Lamborghini. All of the household daily duties are done by the servants he has hired. As aforementioned, Dan lives the life of a classic playboy as he has been notoriously known for partying with glamorous ladies, drinking, and hanging out with some celebrities including Steve Aoki, Kanye West, and Floyd Mayweather as shown by his social media accounts. 

Dan is also infamous for playing pranks. On 25th July 2022, Dan uploaded his wedding photo in which he is seen all dressed up in a black tuxedo, his one arm clutched by a beautiful bride who appears to be holding white flowers. The moment he shared this aforesaid photo, all of his followers and his peers were baffled, with some of them congratulating the celebrity for finally settling down for good, while some of them were skeptical, claiming that this is just another one of his pranks. In less than one week, the latter opinion turned out to be true as the next photo uploaded on Instagram showed Dan relaxing in the pool accompanied by a few ladies with a caption stating a warning ‘Marriage is a trap, stay single.

Net Worth of Dan Bilzerian 

All the winnings of the poker, managing the business venture, and starring in a handful of Hollywood films and social media activities have led to Dan Bilzerian’s net worth in 2022 to reach up to $310 million, which is considered an impressive leap provided that Dan Bilzerian net worth at first was estimated to be around $50 million on 2013. From next year, Dan Bilzerian’s net worth converted from double digits to triple digits and had been increasing fairly enough with the passing of each year. 

If we were to calculate his monthly income, it is around $4.16 million per month. His main source of income comes from his cannabis business and playing poker. According to analysts, if the cannabis industry were to thrive then inevitably Dan Bilzerian’s net worth will increase tremendously.

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