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Who is Dan Bilzerian Girlfriend?


Who is Dan Bilzerian girlfriend? Well, Dan Bilzerian is a name that is synonymous with luxury, extravagance, and women. With a staggering 33 million Instagram followers, the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” has never shied away from talking about his lavish lifestyle, which involves women, parties, drugs, and alcohol. Bilzerian’s relationship status has been a topic of interest for many of his followers, and after the recent news of his probable marriage, it’s time to take a look back at some of the women he has dated over the years.

Dan Bilzerian Girlfriend

Following are the girls that dated Dan and we’ll also reveal about Dan Bilzerian girlfriend below.

Lauren Blake


In 2016, Bilzerian was spotted with Liverpool-born model, Lauren Blake. The young and beautiful model had been working in the industry for some time but gained unprecedented attention when her pictures with Bilzerian went viral. It was a short-lived romance, and soon after, Bilzerian moved on to the next object of his affection.

Sofia Bevarly


Bilzerian’s relationship with Sofia Bevarly was one of his most open and public ones. The two had met through social media, and Bilzerian admitted in an interview that he had slept with three other women that day before he met Bevarly. Despite the strange beginnings of their relationship, Bevarly and Bilzerian seemed pretty serious, and fans were expecting him to take their relationship to the next level.

Janice Griffith


Janice Griffith is a known name in the adult industry, and it was reported that the two had started dating after Bilzerian paid her $85,000 to throw her off the roof of a house. The incident received a lot of negative press, and fans criticized Bilzerian for reinforcing harmful stereotypes. Their relationship was a tumultuous one, and both Griffith and Bilzerian accused each other of abuse.

Lindsey Pelas


In 2017, Bilzerian was linked to model and actress, Lindsey Pelas. Pelas had been gaining a lot of attention on Instagram for her curvaceous figure, and it was rumored that Bilzerian was taken with her looks. Despite their obvious physical attraction, it’s unsure what happened between the two, and Pelas has moved on to other relationships.


Dan Bilzerian has been in the news lately due to the announcement of his probable marriage to his girlfriend, according to an Instagram post. Despite his reputation as a player and womanizer, it seems that Bilzerian has finally found someone who he wants to settle down with. However, the list of women he has dated in the past is a long one, and shows just how complicated his romantic life has been. It remains to be seen if this new relationship will last, but for now, fans of the King of Instagram can only speculate.

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