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Conan Gray Sexuality —unpacking his lifestyle choices


Described as the “King of melancholy” by GQ Magazine, Conan Gray emerged from the depths of YouTube vlogging and cover songs in 2013 to become a global sensation. Hailing from Texas, this pop artist’s unique songwriting skills caught the attention of music lovers worldwide, ultimately landing him a contract with Republic Records in 2018. Gray’s love songs, laced with an appealing gender-neutrality, have led fans to speculate about his sexuality and interests.

Conan Gray leverages Twitter to denounce ongoing speculation about his sexuality

Conan Gray’s androgynous fashion sense and aesthetic have contributed to the growing interest in his personal life, especially regarding his sexuality. However, the pop sensation keeps his sexual orientation intentionally vague, opting for privacy over speculation. On February 11, 2018, he took to twitter to address the ceaseless questions, tweeting:

“Y’all are so annoying, all y’all ever want to do is place a label on me, just let me fucking exist what the fck.”

This 23-year-old artist reiterated his stance against rigid labels in a subsequent tweet, expressing his resentment towards the practice of confining everyone into easily-understood categories.

Conan openly discusses his struggle with traditional masculinity and now embraces being a “feminine man”

While Conan keeps his sexuality under wraps, he has been candid about his struggle with societal expectations of masculinity. Growing up with a father who was a professional arm wrestler, Conan faced difficulty reconciling with his own identity, which he described as less traditionally masculine. He confessed:

“Growing up, masculinity was such a big part of who I am because I am not manly at all. People always told me ‘You are such a girly boy’. No one ever looked at me and thought ‘that dude…that’s a man’. I just never exuded that aura.”

To begin with, Conan found the term “girly boy” hurtful. However, with time, he learned to embrace his uniqueness and does not mind being compared to a girl anymore, acknowledging the excellence of women and using it as a positive reference.

Conan has received accolades for his unique approach to masculinity, though he claims this is not a deliberate act of defiance. He merely dresses as he pleases and creates music that resonates with him.

He acknowledges the work of trans activists, queer individuals, and people of color, recognizing that his freedom to express himself is a testament to their efforts. He believes the lack of controversy surrounding his style signals how far society has progressed.

Despite experiencing heartbreak, Conan states he has never been in a relationship

In a conversation with GQ, Conan recounted his experiences with unreciprocated love and the associated heartbreak of loving individuals who did not return his affection. Surprisingly, despite these experiences, he revealed that he has never been in a romantic relationship, saying:

“It might come as a surprise, but I’ve never dated anyone, which I find a bit embarrassing! I feel anxiety around dating. But I observe my best friends in their relationships and learn through them.”

The inspiration for his hit song “Heather” and his debut album was a person he loved in high school. Their actions, however, left him deeply hurt. He did not reveal the person’s gender but admitted he still pens songs about them.

Conan Gray Sexuality finds himself drawn to individuals who are genuine, who aren’t afraid to show their true selves, and who remain open to personal growth. Nevertheless, anxiety keeps him from dating, fearing the potential heartbreak:

“I often make blunders when it comes to dating. The thought of dating terrifies me, often leading me to push people away due to fear of getting hurt.”

Despite the fear, Conan feels he is nearly ready to embrace a real relationship, having come to terms with his anxieties and the idea of casual dating.

“You don’t have to marry everyone you’ve fancied! That was a significant realization for me this year. I’m still navigating through it,” he concluded.

Recollections of Early Experiences: A Glimpse into Conan Gray’s Life

In a recent interview with NME, Conan Gray, often referred to as the “introverted youth,” opens up about his primary experiences, including attending his debut concert and his first-ever performance. He reflects on the rapid pace at which his life was evolving, a pace that was faster than his ability to absorb and process it.

The 22-year-old artist shares his memories, awash with youthful zeal, while expressing gratitude for his present circumstances. He offers insights into the minutiae of his life, down to the first self-purchased T-shirt or CD, and shares his journey as an artist.

When quizzed about his first musical infatuation, Gray instantly names Adele, revealing the source of inspiration for his melancholic music.

At the tender age of 12, Gray had experienced several heartbreaks, which resonated with Adele’s music. His affinity for Adele was evident in his own music, such as the single “Heather.” Co-written by Dilon Mathew with Gray directing the video, the song propelled Gray to stardom.

“Heather,” a poignant song, details his feelings for a high school crush and his yearning for another girl named Heather. It explores the pain he endured watching his crush fall for Heather. Despite Heather being a hindrance to his love, Gray admires her, describing her as a beautiful, kind-hearted individual—a likely reason for his crush’s attraction towards her.

Is Conan Gray Gay?

Renowned YouTube sensation Conan Gray frequently utilizes Twitter and has occasionally discussed his sexuality in his tweets. In August 2018, he mentioned that he does not identify as gay, but his posts suggest potential bisexuality.

He often refers to his friend Ashley as his lover, leading followers to speculate a potential gay or bisexual orientation. Neither party has confirmed their relationship status. Adding to the mystery surrounding his love life, Gray posted a photo of him and Matty Healy sharing a kiss in December 2019.

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