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Claire Stoermer – Spiderman Zendaya’s Mother


Parents are the only people who have best interests in their hearts for their children and will do anything to support their dreams. Many people who have reached their goals will always give credit to their parents by acknowledging that if it weren’t for parents’ support, they wouldn’t be here at first place.

Not just any common person, even majority of celebrities have expressed their appreciation to their parents for being their constant cheerleader for helping them reach their goals. Like most of the actors and models, an American Actress and singer Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman has always been thankful for her parents support.

Zendaya herself confirmed that it was her mother, Claire Stoermer who has encouraged her to become successful actress as she is now. Hence in order to understand Zendaya’s success and career, it is utmost importance to know more about her mother and what role did she contributed in shaping her daughter’s glamorous career.

Clarie Stoermer Background

Claire Stoermer was born on 24th March 1964 to Philip Hillary Stoermer and Daphne Carol Whitelaw in Oakland, California. She has mixed ancestry of Scottish and German. She has five elder siblings out of which only identities of two siblings are known to public which are, one elder brother named Mark Andrew Stoermer and one elder sister named Hillary Andrew Stoermer.

Claire finished her college from Oakland High School; later on for further studies she got enrolled in Santa Clara University where she completed her bachelors at 1987.

Her relationship with Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and the birth of Zendaya

There are no exact details available that when did Claire and Kazembe first met each other, however it is said that the couple started dating somewhere around early 1990s. On 1st September 1996, the couple was blessed with beautiful baby girl whom they named her “Zendaya” inspired from Shona word ‘Tendai’ which means “giving thanks”.

Kazembe already had five children from his previous marriages but that didn’t affect their relationship as Claire treated all of his children equally and lovingly. Because of this, even step children became attached to her and included her maiden name Stoermer to their names. At year 2008, When Zendaya was twelve years old; the couple finally got married and spoke their wedding vows.

Unfortunately the marriage didn’t last, as couple went for separation in 2016. The reason behind their separation was due to vast differences and disagreements. Despite being separated, Claire and Kazembe have chosen to maintain their relationship as close friends; and have agreed upon mutual term which is that whenever their daughter needs them, they will be there for her.

The divorce didn’t left any long lasting negative impact on Zendaya as she was well taken care of already by her large loving family. Zendaya herself has attributed that her parents and her siblings have inspired her to become the best version of herself.

Claire Stoermer Career and her influence in Zendaya’s career and personality

After completing her university, Claire became elementary school teacher. She taught the elementary class to the very same school where Zendaya was enrolled, in Fruitvale Elementary School for twenty years.

During summer holidays, Claire used to work as house manager for California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda where she was responsible for selling tickets and managing maintenance.

Often times, Zendaya used to accompany her mother at her workplace. The time spent assisting her mother and watching theatrical plays prompted Zendaya to become captivated by the arts.

Hence due to this Zendaya got inspired and decided that she wanted to pursue acting as a career. When Zendaya shared her dream, Claire provided her support by having her perform in some plays and signing her up for dancing classes in order to polish her talents further to perfection.

Claire wasn’t just a caring and nurturing mother but she also proved to be equally a helpful mentor, especially to Zendaya. With teaching as profession, Claire put her heart and soul in preaching two crucial life lessons to her students which were the importance of the education and appreciating the gift of this life.

This particular mindset influenced Zendaya to take her education seriously while making time to cherish the present moment as well.

After Zendaya got a lead role in Disney Sitcom “Shake it Up”, Claire along with whole family shifted to Los Angeles (LA), despite the fact that she was hesitant at first to shift due to her nature of job.

Nevertheless Claire made adjustments and continue encouraging Zendaya to give her best in her acting career.

Personal Measurements of Claire Stoermer

Claire Stoermer is the tall structure woman with height of 193 cm tall which is 6 feet and 4 inches. Her current weight is 64 kg. At present, she is 58 years old. Her Zodiac sign is Aries.

Net Worth of Claire Stoermer

Being an elementary teacher and house manager for theater throughout her life, Claire Stoermer net worth is $ 300,000. However after retirement, she has opened her jewelry venture by the name “Kizzmet Jewelry”.

Zendaya has often been seen donning those jewelry pieces in special occasions such as Red Carpet, Academy Awards celebrations.

Zendaya jumps to defend her parents after a rude tweet

Not everyone is welcoming towards celebrities, especially the trolls and haters. Trolls and haters are notoriously known for using abusive and foul language towards celebrities just to demean them or express their intense dislike for them.

Most celebrities have learned a skill to simply ignore them and not to take them seriously. However there are times that even negative comments do get to the skin and celebrity has no choice but to respond back, particularly if it involves verbal attack on any family member.

Like any other person, Zendaya uploaded her photo along with her parents in her twitter account. One of the trolls made fun of Zendaya’s parents by expressing their disbelief that how does an ugly set of parents could ever produce a beautiful daughter like Zendaya.

This comment made Zendaya angry and she immediately rushed to defend her parents by composing a long detailed response to this troll by saying that first she is going to pray to God to give guidance to this troll and second she stated that parents are most sincere and selfless people to exist in earth; they sacrifice every second of their lives in grooming and nurturing their kids that they just don’t care about their appearances anymore.

Thirdly she raised the issue of how badly underfunded this teaching profession is as teachers are the backbone of cultivating the well-behaved society. Lastly she concluded her response with replying to troll that you are beautiful too, perhaps the inner battles resulted into developing such negative mindset.

This reply provides a clear evidence of Actress’s humbleness and self reliance and the influence her parents had left on her during her upbringing.


The love and respect that Zendaya expresses for her parents, particularly for her mother Claire Stoermer proves that her parents are most important people in our lives.

Though they have their own flaws but deep down they are most sincere people on earth who love their children to the core of their hearts and will try their best in upbringing their child to become best version of themselves.

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