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Ciara’s Oscars Dress Tops – Did Oscars Had Naked Dresses?


As the Academy Awards 2023 draws to a close, we take a look back at some of the best red carpet looks from this year’s ceremony.

According to recent Google Trends, Ciara’s sheer dress by Dundas topped the list as one of the most trending looks from last night’s event.

The daring and intricate design was definitely something that caught everyone’s attention and made for an unforgettable moment in fashion history!

Ciara’s Sheer Dress By Dundas

Ciara attended Vanity Fair’s Oscars Party wearing a sheer gown designed by Dundas. The intricate cut-outs were strategically placed around her body, giving it an edgy yet elegant look.

It was definitely one of the most talked about dresses on social media with searches increasing by over 5,000 percent!

Not only did she make headlines but also created quite a stir among fashion experts who praised her bold choice of outfit. It goes without saying that she looked absolutely stunning in this unique creation and stole the show on Oscar night!

Naked Dresses At Oscars?

The term “naked dress” has been used to describe any garment which appears almost transparent or sheer.

Ciara’s Dundas dress certainly fits the category and sparked a debate on whether it was appropriate for an Oscars ceremony.

While some argued that the dress was too “risqué” for the event, others applauded her courage to take risks with fashion. No matter what your opinion might be, one thing is clear: she definitely made a statement!

Breaking Fashion Norms

Ciara’s look is a great example of how people can be creative and break fashion norms while still looking stunning at any event.

It also shows that being daring with your wardrobe choices doesn’t have to come at the expense of sophistication or elegance; you can still make an impact without being too over-the-top.


Ciara’s sheer Dundas gown was definitely one of the most talked about looks from this year’s Academy Awards and it’s clear to see why.

Not only did she look absolutely stunning, but her bold choice also sparked a debate on whether naked dresses are appropriate for an Oscars event.

One thing is certain though; Ciara has set a new standard in fashion with her daring yet elegant creation!

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