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Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch – Son Of Benedict Cumberbatch


Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch is the first born of  actor Benedict Cumberbatch and soap opera director Sophie Hunter. Benedict Cumberbatch is known for his role in Sherlock Holmes, Hawking, Imitation game, atonement and much more..

Birth of Carlton Cumberbatch

Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch came in to this world on 1st June 2015, 3 months after the Wedding of his Parents. The couple Got engaged in November 2014 and  Sophie Hunter got Pregnant with Christopher two months later.

Marriage of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter

14th February 2015 is special for every couple around the world, but for Cumberbatch couple, its extra special, because the couple got married on 14th February 2015, in a very intimate setting at isle of Wright.

Christopher Carlton is named after a tv series character

True to their profession, the Cumberbatch Couple is a authentic drama and art lover. They have named two of their sons after taking inspiration from literature.

Christoper Carlton Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch son is named after A character of tv series Parade’s end, and fun fact? Benedict himself has played the character, Christopher, in the series.

That’s nice. No?

The couple probably wanted to give their first born son the best name with good meaning, which is a right of every child, to be named good. Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter named Christopher after 3 months of his birth.

Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch was spotted in New Zealand during his birthday

The otherwise secretive and protective couple, was spotted in new Zealand amidst Covid’19 breakout with Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch and his two Younger brothers.

Reportedly by ES Insider Magazine Christopher Cumberbatch was with his father benedict Cumberbatch in New Zealand. Benedict Cumberbatch went to new Zealand for the shoot of his movie the power of dog. But the shoot got postponed due to pandemic outbreak. The Cumberbatch family decided to stay in hawke’s bay Hotel. We don’t know for sure if Christopher carlton  celebrated his birthday in New Zealand but they did spent a month there, so maybe they did a small family thing together on his birthday.

Benedict Cumberbatch thinks lockdown was great

Well he loved lockdown for all the right reasons. While a lot of us got depressed staying at home, but there are still manyyy out there (including myself) who loved staying at home. For Benedict Cumberbatch, Lockdown gave him plenty of time with his wife and his boys which otherwise he doesn’t get. Life slowed down, you had a moment to breathe, to experience all the small things that we wouldn’t get ‘time’ for normally.

Benedict Cumberbatch is not only A marvel superhero (Dr strange) but also a real life hero. Or we can say that he is real gutsy.

Dr. Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch saved a man from Muggers

The Sherlock Actor, saved a delivery man from attackers who were attempting to snatch and steal his bike.  And co incidentally, the attack happened near the home of his fictional Character Sherlock Holmes, 221B baker’s street.

Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter were travelling on an uber through marylebone high street when benedict Cumberbatch (age:41 years old) noticed an attempt of robbery and mugging happening on the street. He instinctively got out of the car, and tried to stop the gang of muggers who were trying to steal the bike of a deliveroo cyclist. He tried them to get off of the cyclist.

The witness to this incident was their Uber driver, who at first had no idea that his passenger was a great Hollywood star.

He reported that Benedict Cumberbatch jumped out, ran over and pulled the muggers away from cyclist. However the muggers started ganging up around him and things looked like they were getting worse, that’s when the Uber driver, Dias, joined in. According to the driver, benedict had held off one guy and looked like ‘he knew what he was doing’.

The muggers tried to hit benedict Cumberbatch but he defended himself quite well and pushed them away. The muggers later ran away, without any harm caused to any party involved. As per the driver, muggers probably recognized that it was Benedict Cumberbatch and they ran away.

The metropolitan Police, did report the case but no arrests were made. The cyclist got injured but wasn’t hospitalised. And reportedly there were no stealing of items committed.

Looks like, he is not only a wonderful actor but he is also a self-less man who got  guts.

Because how many people these days jump in to save others from street crimes or literally anything wrong that happens right in front of us?

If you are not familiar with the actor and his acting skills, we suggest you watch these great movies/tv shows that will definitely be worth your time.

Benedict Cumberbatch movies

  1. Sherlock Holmes (tv series)
  2. The imitation game (2014)
  3. Dr strange (2016)
  4. Dr strange in the multiverse of madness (2022)
  5. Atonement (2007)
  6. The power of dog (2021)
  7. Black mass (2015)
  8. The hobbit (2012)
  9. The current war (2017)
  10. Thor ragnarok (2017) -you would have probably watched this if you are a marvel fan.
  11. August osage county (2013)
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