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Christine Deveau – Bruce Campbell Ex -Wife


Christine Deveau is a former American Actress who hasn’t done much work in Hollywood tv series or film. She is known for her work in Generations (1982) an age old American TV series that aired from 1982-1983. Christine Deveau and Bruce Campbell both worked in this Television series along side some other wonderful actors. Christine Deveau is also known as ex wife of Bruce Campbell.

Christine deveau and Bruce Campbell married in 1983. Their affair started through work. Unfortunately there is not much known about their love story or wedding story since the couple belongs from the time where there was no social media so our guess is, there was no way for audience to know the nitpicks of anyone’s life. Except the major events, like divorce or marriage dates.

Anyway, moving on..

 They fell in love and got married in 1983. Bruce Campbell has two children with Christine deveau. A boy and a girl. Their names are Rebecca Campbell and Andy Campbell. However quite unfortunately their marriage didn’t last long enough. Bruce Campbell and Christine Deveau got divorced in 1989.

Since then Christine Deveau has remained single. But Bruce Campbell is living a good married life with his current wife Ida Gaeron, a costume designer.  They both live in Jacksonville, Oregon.

There is nothing much to know about christine Deveau except that she is Bruce Campbell ex wife. That is the only thing which is publicly known about her. Otherwise christine Deveau seems to be a very private person who has no social media presence at all. We don’t know about her career, or her personal life for that matter.

But lets talk about the OG bruce Campbell for a minute.

A man who continues to sparkle in all his elegance, grace and sheer charisma.

Bruce campbell is popularly known as American Actor, Director and handsome gentleman of Hollywood. His Middle name is Lorne. Bruce Lorne Campbell was born on 22nd June 1958.

Bruce Campbell started his career with short films and Low budget cult films.

Some of the cult films he worked in were Crime wave, Maniac Cop, Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat and Bubba Ho-Tep. Throughout his promising career he worked in various television, movies and was nominated for several accolades as well.

Early life of Bruce Campbell and his career path

Campbell is one of those people who were passionate about acting since a very young age. Or you can say, who started working in the industry long before anyone else. They have stayed for longer and their experience is far more valuable than so many others. Bruce Campbell also started working in entertainment industry when he was just a teenager.

He pioneered his career by making short super 8 films with his friend Sam Riami. Sam Riami and Bruce Campbell were friends since high school and began working on these tiny projects when they were just teen boys. After completing high school Bruce Campbell went to Western Michigan University to complete his college graduation while still somehow working and building his acting career piece by piece.

That’s what I’m talking about, Bruce is one of those people who have working passionately, acting was not just a happy coincidence for him, it was a dream. Back in his time it was relatively difficult to make movies as well as being an actor. An actor rising from nothing. It was a whole process that would take much long time than it does now.

During their graduation Bruce Campbell and Sam Riami made a 30 minute long film called within the woods, within the woods was first version of his later block buster movie the evil dead.

A few years later Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi again collaborated with some of their friends and family and began working on the evil dead. Bruce Campbell was lead actor and also working as a co-producer behind the camera. It took them two whole years to complete The evil dead. Bruce campbell told reddit “It took us two years to complete that movie, because we kept running out of money”. When asked by a fan that did they know what they had done when they made evil dead? Were they expecting this praise?

Campbell in all his honesty told the viewers that “we had a very difficult time filming that movie, so it wasn’t like wow this movie is going to be really successful in our minds. For us it was a struggle to just complete that movie” he further added “for me When the first evil dead came to my local cinema in Pontiac Michigan in 1981 that’s when We made it in my mind”

“I didn’t care what were the box office numbers, I didn’t care if we will ever make another movie, I was like this is it, we made it”

Fast forwarding four years later, The evil dead became number one movie in united Kingdom after its distribution started. Later it also released in united states and earned itself two sequels, The evil dead two and Army of darkness.

While talking to reddit when he was asked how many times did he get injured during the shoot and he said “I got injured quite a lot of times but I only went hospital once during The army of darkness, I fell pretty bad while doing a stunt, My chin got a deep a cut and it was all blood for the next few minutes, I went to the hospital they stitched me up and I showed in the movie with just a new cut, which nobody could even tell”

Bruce Campbell also worked in Marvel comics. He starred in Marvel zombie comics, Ash williams. Later he continued to work in all marvel comics related to Marvel Zombies Vs army of darkness. His character fought alongside marvel heroes against the people as well as some heroes who have turned in to zombies during their search for necronomian which is apparently a book with a long list of of dead people. (You can already guess That I’m not someone who is into zombie comics right?, I bet you can).

Outside of movies, Bruce Campbell has also worked in many Television series. He starred as a lead role in “the Adventures of Brisco County Jr”

Unsurprisingly the character brisco was the closest to his real personality out of all the characters he has played through out his career. The adventures of briso county jr is a science fiction comedy, so if you are interested to know about Bruce campbell more I guess you can watch this show.

He also starred in Jack of all trades, he also co produced this show with his friend sam raimi and some others. His role was based on superman comics character called Morgan edge.

Not only this, Bruce Campbell has also appeared repeatedly and frequently on the ellen show for several seasons where he played a fun role as Ellen’s boss.

One of his most accredited works were as a supporting guest role in a fourth season of homicide: life on street. He played a depressed yet revengeful detective seeking revenge of his father’s murder. He has done a lot of supporting roles and guest rolls in uncountable television series as well as movies. He appeared in Raimi’s Marvel universe movie doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. Which is a movie you should definitely watch and I don’t even have to say it if you are a marvel fan. Because any marvel fan would have already watched it.

Bruce campbell has also played a voice role in the amazing, blockbuster hit movie cloudy and the chance of meatballs. As well as pixar’s Cars two.

Bruce Campbell as a writer

Apart from being a wonderful actor and great director Bruce Campbell is also  a writer. Yes folks, he really just might be jack of all trades? Who knows.

He started writing back in early 2000s or atleast that’s when his first autobiography book “If chins could kill, Confessions of B movie actor” was published. The book explained his career story, his experiences working in low budget films to his perspectives on “blue collar hollywood”. The autobiography became the New York times best seller.

He wrote another book called “Make love! The Bruce Campbell way” which was published in 2005. The book is about bruce the main character but in a comical way wiggling around his way in the world of A list movies.

He hasn’t written much, but he did write magazine columns and blogs as well on his blog website which later discontinued.

Christine Deveau & Bruce Campbell and his second marriage

Bruce Campbell married Christine Deveau in 1983. He had two kids with Christine which are his only children till today. The couple got  divorced in 1989. Reasons for which are unknown Bruce Campbell then married Ida Gaeron in 1991 and its been 30 years to their marriage and they are still counting. Bruce posted a picture with Ida on his social media account on his 30th wedding anniversary complimenting his wife and expressing his love for Ida Gaeron.

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