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Christina Yamamoto – Jhené Aiko’s Mother


write blog post introduction on the given keywordsMeet Christina Yamamoto, the mother of popular R&B singers Jhené Aiko and Mila J. She is a Japanese-American woman who has been through a lot in her life, from marriage to divorce, but always manages to stay strong.

Her claim to fame is being the mother of two successful music artists, yet she also stands out for her own identity as an independent woman. Read on to learn more about this inspiring lady!

Who is Christina Yamamoto

Christina Yamamoto, who is of Japanese-American descent with an unspecified identity, is most widely known as the mother of Mila J and Jhene Aiko. But she has had her own journey.

Christina was married to American medical doctor and singer Dr. Karamo Chilombo for over two decades before eventually divorcing him. Even though she is not highly popular herself, the impact Christina has had on her daughters’ lives can be heard in their music.

Christina Yamamoto Early Life

Christina Yamamoto was born on 18 February 1958 in Inglewood, California and raised with an interesting mix of cultural influences. Her father, Tadashi “Teddy” Yamamoto had been born in Hawaii and his family moved to Southern California when he was just three years old.

Teddy went on to marry Essie Pecot who is African American, creating a blended family full of both Japanese culture and African American heritage that helped shape Christina’s identity. Today, she is happy to recognize the positive aspects of both cultures that were instilled in her throughout her early life.

Christina Yamamoto Career

Christina Yamamoto’s career isn’t very well-documented, but her daughters have made her famous. Although it is unclear if she is looking to make more money, Mila J, one of Christina’s daughters, has had a successful career as an R&B singer and model.

As a result of her talent and hard work, Mila J has appeared in music videos alongside legendary musicians like Prince as well as on the records of other acclaimed artists such as RaRa, IMx, Trey Songz and Omarion.

Wedded to the famous Dr. Karamo Chilombo

Christina Yamamoto’s father moved to the United States during World War II, where he later married and had children including Christina. Despite living in the US for most of his life, he never had the chance to visit Japan.

Christina married Dr. Karamo Chilombo (born Gregory Wycliff Barnes) in 1980, and they stayed together until a divorce in 2000. Karamo changed his name while pursuing his musical career – “Chilombo” is an African term meaning ‘free spirit’, something that resonated with him. The marriage was long-lasting and successful, and the couple remain good friends even after their split.

Personal Life

Christina Yamamoto, also known as Mommy Tina on social media, has been married to Dr. Chill for nearly 40 years now. In that time, the couple has reared five prosperous children: Mila J (the second child of the family), a singer, rapper, and dancer born in 1982; Jahi Chilombo (the first son of the family), born in 1984; Miyaji (second son of the family) born in 1986; and their youngest daughter Jhene Aiko, born in 1988.

Each one enjoys press coverage to varying degrees due to shared artwork or accomplishments. With each offspring heralding success under her roof, it’s no surprise Christina is proud of her lasting partnership created with Dr. Chill and Mammy Tina is proud of her loving family taking strides across several sectors.

She officially became a grandmother in 2008

Christina became a happy grandmother in 2008 when her daughter Jhene Aiko gave birth to her first grandchild, Namiko Love Browner.

The birth of the precious little girl was especially meaningful for Christina as her daughter had formed a relationship with O’Ryan, better known as the younger brother of Omarion, which led to the conception of Namiko.

However, Christine’s happiness would be sorrowfully overshadowed 4 years later when she and her family endured the pain and heartache of losing her eldest son Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo after two years spent bravely but unsuccessfully fighting an inoperable tumor.

Jhene opened up about how much the tragedy affected them all, admitting to battling depression afterwards. It is an unbearable loss that Christina will start with forever- Miyagi was only 26 when he passed away on July 19, 2012.

Christina Yamamoto Net Worth

Christina Yamamoto is a celebrity mom for superstar daughter Jhene Aiko, who has an impressive net worth estimated to be over half a million dollars. Although her mother’s financial situation is unknown, she did raise a talented vocalist who continues to make waves in the music industry.

It’s unclear what type of career Christina had prior to motherhood but she definitely deserves credit and recognition for raising a young woman that achieved such success at such a young age.

Christina Yamamoto Height and Weight

Despite being a public figure, Christina Yamamoto kept her physical appearance almost a secret. Reports state that the highly talented 63-year-old stands at around 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 60 kgs – quite an impressive physique for someone born in 2022.

Despite the secrecy, many of Christina Yamamoto’s fans have speculated her body measurements based on various facts and images. She is probably wearing a size 6-8 US dress size along with a medium shoe size.

Her vital statistics could also be 28 inches for her chest length, 32 inches for her waist circumference, and 36 for her hips. Apart from this, there is not much information known about Christina Yamamoto’s height and weight. In short, she is a stylishly slim lady of 63 with no lack in beauty.

She has two lovely daughters, both of whom have gone on to become successful vocalists. Although Christina may not disclose her body measurements, her taste and charisma are adored by many and she holds clout over the industry even today.

Final thoughts

Christina Yamamoto is a celebrity mom for superstar daughter Jhene Aiko, who has an impressive net worth estimated to be over half a million dollars. Although her mother’s financial situation is unknown, she did raise a talented vocalist who continues to make waves in the music industry.

Christina is also the proud mother of Mila J, born in 1986, and Jhene Aiko, born in 1988. Despite her relatively low profile, Christina is an impressive woman with a taste for style and charisma that continues to influence the industry today. Her physical features remain mostly unknown but reports suggest she stands at around 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 60 kgs – quite an impressive physique for someone of her age.

Christina Yamamoto is a true inspiration for mothers of all ages, having raised two successful daughters despite a divorce and the heartbreaking loss of her son Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo at the age of just 26.

It’s clear that Christina Yamamoto is an incredible woman who has made her mark in the music industry. She deserves recognition for her role as a parent, mentor and talented individual. We are in awe of her strength and courage.

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