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Christi Pirro: Know All About Jeanine Pirro’s Daughter


Christi Pirro, known as the daughter of Jeanine Pirro, is an American bankruptcy attorney. Christi was born in the year 1985. She attended the University of Pennsylvania for her degrees. Just like her mother, she has a long list of achievements at such a young age.

Christi has been in the list of “40 Under 40” by Global Restructuring Review and American Bankruptcy Institute. Christi is an achiever and a potential winner. Women in Business Law declared her as the Insolvency and Restructuring Lawyer of the Year. She is following in her mother footsteps in sense of achieving and thriving through life. She does not have any appearances on social media platforms, but we know a lot about her achievements through the primary resources.   

Cristine joined Ropes & Gray’s restructuring practice to continue her representation of debtors, distressed borrowers, and investors, including private equity sponsors, in connection with out-of-court restructurings and chapter 11 cases.

Cristine’s experiences list is a never-ending one, including her contribution to Output Services Group, Genocea Biosciences, Invo Healthcare, PetroChoice, Altamount Capital Partners, 24 Hours Fitness Worldwide, and so on

Christi Pirro Wedding

Christi Pirro married a real estate businessman, Zak Schwarzman. He is originally from Greenwich, Connecticut. The adorable had their wedding ceremony on a private island in Portland Harbor, named House Island. The ceremony was held off the coast in the dreamiest way and the couple looked adorable. It was an intimidate event and the guests had only boats to travel on. 

Traditionally Christi added her husband’s name to her own after tying the knot.

Zak also has a high profile and top-notch living standard just like his wife and her family. Zak himself is very well-off. He is apparently a partner of MetaProp Company, New York City as his LinkedIn profile shows. He has huge interest in investing. He believes that the right time to do it is from as early as you can. 

Mother Jeanine Pirro

Having worked on television, directly or indirectly means a lot of people know about your existence and aware of your limited personal information as back then when televisions were watched primarily for entertainment purposes and for information and knowledge gathering purposes, the faces shown on the television have had special connection with the audience, based off limited options.

Jeanine Ferris Pirro worked on American television as a host of Fox News Channel’s Justice with Judge Jeanine. Subsequentially, she became a co-host of The Five. The all-rounder and empowered woman is also an author and a former New York State judge, prosecutor and politician. Her long list of achievements includes her being the first ever woman to be elected in Westchester Country, New York as district attorney.  As her professions suggest, she has been visible to different type of cases in each of her professions. The consequences resulted her in writing a book called Liars, Leakers and Liberals: The case against anti-Trump conspiracy. 

Jeanine also sought the Republican nomination for United States Senate to run against Hillary Clinton in the year 2006 but eventually lost the general elections. Her history with the court is not limited to her profession only but she has been named as a defendant in the year 2021 in a defamation lawsuit by Smartmatic, in relation to false claims of election fraud in the 2020 United States presidential election, though she has been declared innocent by a judge in March in the year 2022. 

Due to her prominence, her family also have some limelight on them. As a matter of fact, her daughter is a renowned personality in the media and her personal life affairs and professional life affairs are open for public to read. 

Father Albert Pirro

Father of Christi, Albert has a history in politics as he was once an associate of former President Trump, and he was very well respected as a real estate lawyer and lobbyist, until he wasn’t in the year 2000. His troubled past includes him being behind the bars for more than a year due to his tax evasion, 28 counts of filing a false tax return and one count of conspiracy. 

Christi dissolved parents met each other at Albany Law School and fell in love with each other. Albert and Jeanine then decided to have children of their own. The whole heartedly welcomed Christi and her brother Alexander.

The couple then went through some unfortunate events that led their separation in the year 2007 and eventually divorced in the year 2013. Apparently, the reason of their divorce is Albert having an extra marital affair. 

Brother Alexander Pirro

Christi and her younger brother are born and brought up in the United States and currently residing in New York City. The connection between the Pirro family and the law is sheer prewritten thing as the youngest member of the family, Alexander, has also attended law school. However, the story of Alexander and the law studies remained incomplete as he did not finish law school. In addition to his educational background, he then attended the New York University Stern School of Business. For that, as his LinkedIn profile says, he is Vice President of Macquarie Group, and he has been associated with the company since 2016.

Christi Pirro’s Net Worth

The whole family have been earning a handful of income from various streams and it would not be a surprise if their net worth estimation is as high as their achievements. According to the reports, the net worth of Christi Pirro is somewhere between $100,000 to $1 Million.

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