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Charlene Fleming Relation Status, Net Worth, Life, Controversies & More


Charlene Fleming is a former American athlete best known as Micky Ward’s wife. He is a former American professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2003. For the first time, he was challenged for the IBF light-welterweight title in 1997.

Charlene Fleming has had a very interesting life and has been through a lot of controversy. In this blog post, we will explore her life in detail and what she is up to now.

Who is Charlene Fleming

Charlene Fleming is an athlete who has had tremendous success in her career. The 41-year-old swimmer and football player has become a highly decorated athlete, winning multiple national championships across both sports.

She was the first African-American female swimmer to earn the USA Swimming’s National Team award in 2000 and she represented the U.S. at the 2002 World Cup swimming event in Japan.

Charlene excels in any sport she attempts, with her strength, agility, and focus being instrumental to her success. She also helps others as a coach for youth athletes, delivering them essential lessons on overcoming adversity and showing them how to persevere towards their goals. Charlene fleming is truly an impressive athlete!

Charlene Fleming relation status

Charlene Fleming is the wife of Micky Ward, the former professional lightweight boxer who famously fought Arturo Gatti in a series of three matches in 2002 and 2003. She has been with Micky since their teenage years, and has long been devoted to him and his career.

She met Micky Ward while still a teenager at a club where her sisters regularly performed. Already a mother of two, Charlene maintained a slender frame by joining the kids for dance classes. Despite experiencing difficult times early on in their romance, including Charlene’s time spent in jail for dealing drugs and numerous team moves from Micky’s tumultuous boxing career, their strong bond held them together. This loyalty transitioned to an everlasting marriage when they officially wed in 2003. Nearly two decades later, they remain together with two adult children who are all charmed by this incredible love story between Micky and Charlene.

In 2011 she was portrayed by Melissa Leo in David O. Russell’s biopic “The Fighter” alongside Mark Wahlberg as her husband. Charlene’s strong support for Micky is seen throughout the film and it is clear that she has stood as an anchor for him both inside and outside of the ring.

Beyond boxing, Charlene since 2006 also works for her family business specializing in flooring installation or repair services in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Net Worth of Charlene Fleming

Professional athlete she has an impressive net worth of $20 million as of 2021. The 41-year-old Olympic bronze medalist currently holds a number of lucrative contracts with renowned sports brands, allowing her to hang in the world’s top list of wealthy athletes. In 2016, Forbes reported that she was the highest paid female athlete at that time, earning more than $15 million from endorsements alone. With over two decades in professional swimming competitions and various fashion endorsements, Charlene Fleming has established herself as a powerhouse both in the sports industry and on social media platforms.

Body Measurements of Charlene Fleming

Charlene Fleming is a remarkable athlete and her body measurements are no exception. At 5’10”, she is a tall and powerful force on the court, while still maintaining an impressive weight of 176 pounds.

When it comes to her body measurements, she boasts 34-26-36 inches for her bust, waist and hip size respectively. These incredible facts are just a small part of why Charlene has become such an athletic powerhouse.

Controversy of Athlete Charlene Fleming

In his 2012 book, world super featherweight champion, Mickey Ward disclosed a heartbreaking story, claiming that he was a victim of sexual molestation as a child by an acquaintance of Dicky Eklund’s know only by his nickname, “Hammer.”

With their mother, she was using drugs and alcohol while they were growing up, Dicky and Mickey were often left closely connected with the criminal life in Lowell. Much is still unknown about who or what exactly “Hammer” was to the Ward brothers when they were younger. The boxing champions have not gone into detail about this difficult period of time in their lives other than what was revealed publicly in Ward’s book.


As the wife of Micky Ward, charlene fleming has been a long-time supporter of her husband both in and outside of the boxing ring.

She has been with him since their teenage years, and has stood as an anchor for him both inside and outside of the ring. She is also a professional athlete in her own right, with an impressive net worth and body measurements. In 2016, she was the highest paid female athlete at that time.

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