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Cassie Holland – Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career & More


Cassie Holland is an American TikToker and Instagram star, best known for her amazing broadcast content about her life.

Her self-titled social account has accumulated a huge fan base, with followers enjoying her lifestyle content, vlogs and travel videos. Cass’s concept has been well-received by fans and many of her posts have received millions of likes.

With such success under her belt already, it’s no surprise that Cass is looking to continue growing in the world of social media entertainment. Here is a look at Cassie Holland’s age, net worth, career and more!


Cass Holland Bio

Cass Holland is an up-and-coming TikToker who took birth on 17 June 1995 in Las Vegas, United States.

She currently stands at 27 years of age and flaunts a zodiac sign of Gemini. Having grown up in a well-to-do family in her hometown, she achieved recognition and appreciation early when she created content for her online accounts that resonated with the audiences.


It has been her commitment to creating entertaining videos that have helped her establish a generous fan base on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Her channel boasts of more than 174K followers and 4 million likes on the app alone.

Cass Holland Age

Cass Holland is quickly making a name for herself as one of the stars emerging from the famed city of Las Vegas.

Born on 17 June 1995, Cass is currently 27 years old – and totally taking charge of her life! She proudly celebrates her birthday each year with family, friends, and anyone else lucky enough to snag an invite.

As a Gemini born in mid-June, it’s no surprise that she can turn so many heads. What will Cass accomplish next? The world eagerly awaits her next move!


Cass Holland Height, Weight, and Physical appearance 

Cass Holland is a beauty to behold! With her long, brown hair and mesmerizing brown eyes, she radiates warmth and charm.

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall with a body weight of about 56 kgs, she has an athletic yet petite frame.

Her petite stature paired with her impeccable sense of style ensures that she always looks simple yet elegant wherever she goes.


Cassie Holland Education and Degree 

Cass Holland is well-known for her educational achievements. She focused from when she was very young, as she was enrolled in a private school before she began her university education.

Cass graduated with a bachelor’s degree from an American university, finishing among the top percentile of all students at the University.

She has demonstrated determination and ambition throughout her academic life, setting herself apart from the competition.

After graduation, Cass Holland put her degree to good use and established her own business which she continues to run today.


Cass Holland Modeling 

Nowadays, you cannot find a single person who has not heard the name of Cass Holland.

She is one of the most successful models in the industry today and her journey to success began right from her childhood when she found interest in modeling.

At first, this interest was fueled further by making videos with her friends and posting them on social media sites; but soon enough, Cass decided to take it to the next level and enrolled herself for professional modeling classes as well.

Her determination has helped her reach where she is now and there’s no doubt that with inspired mentors like Cass, aspiring models will be able to achieve great heights too.

Cassie Holland Instagram 

Cass Holland is well-known for her professional career, but she also a famous social influencer.

On many platforms including Instagram and TikTok, she has a large fan base who enjoy watching her content on the daily.

These posts and videos not only bring her pleasure but provide her with a lucrative income through sponsored posts. Brands often team up with Cass to promote their products, which leads to additional publicity for both parties.

Moreover, her Instagram profile has been verified as an indicator of her being an Instagram celebrity, bolstering her presence further.

In addition to this, on YouTube and other accounts registered under her name Cass shares more of her life story – vlogs, lifestyle tips and information about her travels – with great reception by the fans who will give a million likes or more at certain posts.

This popular response provides the encouragement that drives Cass to create more compelling video content over time!

Cassie Holland Family / Siblings / Parents 

Cass Holland was born on June 17th 1995 in a loving family in Las Vegas, the United States.

She has a very close relationship with her parents, and there is speculation that her father is a businessman and her mother looks after the household. Unfortunately, their names remain unknown.

Cass may be an only child since there are no records of siblings. During holidays, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and goes on vacation whenever possible. Our investigation continues to learn more about Cass’s upbringing and family background – so stay tuned!


Cassie Holland Boyfriend

Despite her increasing fame, Cass Holland has kept her personal life largely out of the limelight.

It is unclear, however, if the actress has ever been in a serious relationship or if she does currently have a boyfriend. While we likely won’t know for sure anytime soon, Holland seems to be focusing on her career and achieving further success rather than settling down at this point in her life.

Even with such an accomplished resume already, it looks like there is still a lot more in store for this incredible star!

Cassie Holland Net Worth

Cass Holland’s net worth remains largely a mystery. Despite her fame as a model, Instagram star, TikToker, and other social influencer, she has not spoken publicly about her financial success.

Nonetheless, sources have estimated that she currently holds an impressive $1.25 million USD in assets. This sum is expected to grow with her career remaining active and on the rise.

Cassie Holland TikTok 

Cass Holland has quickly become a TikTok star with her creative videos. Her primary focus is short-form content that engages her followers and makes them laugh.

She creatively mixes traditional make-up tutorials with comedy sketches and artful beauty tips to stand out from the rest, establishing herself as an influencer in the makeup industry all while making people smile.

Whether she’s lip syncing or creating original content, her ability to draw people into her fan base quickly continues to amaze us all.


Cass Holland has been able to make a name for herself as an Instagram and TikTok star, model, and social influencer. Her creative content on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have drawn in millions of fans who love her lifestyle tips and vlogs.

She is also well-known for her makeup tutorials that mix comedy sketches with artful beauty tips.

With an estimated net worth of $1.25 million USD at the age of 25 years old, Cass Holland continues to inspire aspiring models around the world with her success story!

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