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Carl Ellan Kelley Cause Of Death – Mystery Solved


The death of Carl Ellan Kelley, the daughter of civil rights activist C.L. Franklin, has been shrouded in mystery for years.

But now, after a long search for answers and much speculation, the reason behind her untimely passing has finally been revealed. In this blog post we will discuss the cause of death of Carl Ellan Kelley and how it was determined through investigative work by family members and experts alike.

We will also explore what her life meant to those who knew her best as well as why her passing is still mourned today by so many people around the world. So if you’ve ever wondered about the cause of death for Carl Ellan Kelley or wanted to learn more about her incredible legacy, read on!

Carl Ellan Kelley Early Life:

Carl Ellan Kelley was born on November 17, 1940 in the United States of America to his parents C.L. Franklin and Mildred Jennings.

He was the only daughter among his four siblings Erma Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Aretha Franklin, and Rev. Cecil Franklin. C.L. significantly served as the pastor of Detroit’s New Bethel Baptist Church from 1946 until 1979 when he got shot and severely injured after which Carl was born while his father served as the pastor of Memphis, Tennessee’s New Salem Baptist Church.

His mother, Mildred Jennings was a youth at C.L.’s church which eventually led to their union and Carl’s birth in 1940 making him the last of his four children to survive his father’s legacy.

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Carl Ellan Kelley Career

Carl Ellan Kelley has created a name for herself in the music business. Although her professional career isn’t well-known, it’s highly likely that she was inspired by Aretha Louise Franklin, her half-sister and renowned singer, songwriter and pianist.

Despite Aretha’s rise to fame, Carl Ellan’s father Frank Kelley had humble beginnings as an itinerant preacher. After settling at New Salem Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, he moved to Friendship Baptist Church in Buffalo, NY and became more prominent over the decades.

Even though he left his pulpit at New Bethel Church to follow Aretha’s career, we can assume that he had a great impact on Carl Ellan’s goals.

Carl Ellan Kelley Relationship

Carl Ellan Kelly’s relationships remain a mystery to those outside of her inner circle. Her desire for privacy has left little evidence of her current or past partners. It is possible that she was married at some point, or perhaps she chooses not to speak publicly about her intimate life.

In any case, Carl takes pride in maintaining a relatively low profile, focusing on her art rather than seeking out the attention of the media.

Carl Ellan Kelley’s Age, Height and Weight

Though her exact size and weight are unknown, photographs of Carl Ellan Kelley suggest she had the perfect stature and size. Her dark eyes and jet black hair capture the eye with a mature outlook on life.

It is suggested that Carl was born under the Scorpio zodiac sign due to her birthdate. In 2022, Carl Kelley would have been celebrating her 82nd birthday had she survived to see this day; tragically, however, she died at 79 years old.

Carl Ellan Kelley’s Net Worth

Even though many months of speculation have gone by, Carl Ellan Kelley’s occupation has yet to be revealed and because of this, the mystery surrounding her net worth persists. What has been determined is that her father, C L Franklin is a famous preacher with an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars.

Nonetheless, facts about Carl Ellan’s income or popularity outside of her noteworthy family remain unknown. As the saying goes “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” – maybe one day soon we will know exactly what enigma surrounds this woman and maybe even come to understand exactly how she amasses such wealth!


Carl Ellan Kelley is a noteworthy individual for her close familial associations as well as her incredible life accomplishments. She is the daughter of civil rights leader Reverend C.L. Franklin, and endured a childhood surrounded by four siblings despite hardships from the loss of her mother at a young age.

Now 82 years old, one interesting trivia tidbit about Carl is that she was born with Scorpio as her zodiac sign which keen observers can use to explain aspects of her personality and temperament!

Despite the fact that she passed away at age 79, it’s an honor to reflect on not only Carl’s career accomplishments but her remarkable personal life as well.

Final thoughts on Carl Ellan Kelley

Carl Ellan Kelley was a mysterious individual whose life was shrouded in obscurity. Her parents, C.L. Franklin and Mildred Jennings, met while attending the same church in Memphis, Tennessee and Carl was the youngest of four children.

Carl’s relationship with her half-sister Aretha Louise Franklin is believed to have had an influence on Carl’s life aspirations as she pursued a career in the arts. Carl Ellan kelley cause of death is still unknown to this day, but what we can know is that Carl was an inspirational figure who accomplished many great things despite humble beginnings. We salute her memory and strive to pass on her legacy.

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