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Who Is Bryce Perez? Things You Must Know About Pitbull Son


Bryce Perez, the son of Pitbull, is an American high school senior and football player. He’s also a brand ambassador and philanthropist in his own right. But beyond that, he has a unique story to tell.

From his parentage to his ambitions, here are some things you should know about Bryce Pérez before reading any further.

Is Pitbull withholding information about his other children and mistresses?

Rumors have been swirling that Pitbull may be withholding information about his other children, Bryce Perez being one of them. Bryce reportedly shares the same mother as Barbara Alba, with whom Pitbull was allegedly linked for many years.

Though this remains unconfirmed and unverified by official sources, Bryce has shown to have connections to both Pitbull’s music and concerts. In fact, Bryce appeared in the video of Pitbull’s hit single “Hey Ma”, adding fuel to the speculation that Bryce is indeed Pitbull’s child.

Bryce and Destiny were born to the couple in 2002 and 2004 respectively, however their time together as a family was short-lived as they divorced after a decade of marriage.

Bryce and Destiny have both been immortalized on their father’s arms and will remain there forever – a reminder of the strong bond between a father and his children that transcends even divorce.

Bryce Perez recently made headlines after it was revealed that he has six children with multiple mothers, although their identities remain undisclosed to protect the children’s privacy and safety. The artist is adamant about maintaining open relationships with the women and engaging in any act of romance without conferring any real commitment.

Bryce appears to embody a free-spirited and non-committal attitude when it comes to his relationships, so he can readily explore open romantic connections with whoever he chooses.

Lindsay Lohan brings Pitbull to COURT

Bryce Perez, or Pitbull as he’s more commonly known, is no stranger to courtrooms. After Lindsay Lohan took the rapper to court for a lyric in one of his songs which she found to be insulting to her, sparks flew between the two.

The lyrics referred to Lohan as if she were behind bars and this enraged her, causing her to take legal action. This incident left many fans wondering if Bryce Perez has a habit of taking things too far with his tracks and it appears that this time he may have paid the price for going against Lindsay Lohan in court.

Disowned by mother, strained connection with father, and foster parent

Bryce Perez was faced with a difficult situation when he became homeless as a teenager. After his mother disowned him due to his involvement in distributing drugs to students at his high school, Bryce’s relationship with his father was also strained due to his criminal activities.

Bryce found solace with his foster parents, however their identities remain unknown. Despite the tumultuous circumstances of Bryce’s teenage years, he has since achieved international fame as the award-winning rapper Pitbull. Through resilience and determination he overcame these obstacles and built a successful career.

Bryce Perez’s Net worth 2022

Bryce Perez, who is still in high school at present, has no net worth. His father, however, is said to be a billionaire and had an estimated net worth of $100 million as of November 2022. The money he has amassed so far can be attributed to his successful career in the stock market, investments in real estate and other businesses and the profits that those investments generated.

Furthermore, Bryce Perez’s father has generated an additional income through the rental of a 200-acre property which is leased out to local farmers for their produce. It certainly seems that Bryce Perez’s family is one of immense wealth.


Bryce Pérez is the son of renowned rapper, Pitbull. His relationship with his father was strained due to his criminal activities as a teenager and he found solace in foster parents whose identities remain undisclosed.

Despite this tumultuous past, Bryce has achieved international fame through hard work and determination. With an estimated net worth of $100 million for his father in 2022, it’s clear that Bryce comes from a wealthy family background.

While we may not know much about Destiny or Bryce’s upbringing yet, what we do know is that they have both been immortalized on their father’s arms – forever reminding us all of the strong bond between parent and child even when times get tough.

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