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Bryan Jackson missing Lake Michigan: After Lake Michigan Swim, Family Demands Transparency


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: In worrying news, Bryan Jackson, a 38-year-old high-profile trainer for brands like Nike and Jordan, has mysteriously disappeared after a swim in Lake Michigan. The local authorities were notified around 9 am on Tuesday, September 7, concerning a man missing from a 27-foot boat about a mile off the coast.

According to Jackson’s companions on the boat, he chose to swim north of 31st Street Beach but never returned. Jackson, who has trained numerous athletes including relative and international professional basketball player Steve Taylor Jr., is sorely missed.

The Search for Bryan Jackson Shifts from Rescue to Recovery

Despite rigorous search operations that ran until 8.30 pm, the mission moved from rescue to recovery, managed by the Coast Guard and local police. Jackson’s girlfriend, Sarah Virani, said, “We were informed by the detective and another friend on the boat with Bryan that he jumped off to swim.”

She further said, ” Even in 105-degree weather, he would refuse to enter the water even for a jet ski ride.”

Tanya Lozano-Washington, Jackson’s children’s mother, expressed her dissatisfaction with the search being classified as a recovery mission less than 48 hours after his disappearance. “Being an athlete, he could have survived. He might be somewhere, potentially unconscious,” she said.

Lozano-Washington voiced her disappointment with the search efforts and demanded a comprehensive investigation. “If this were a young white girl, the search would have been more extensive,” she claimed. “We demand a thorough examination into the incident, not a mere assumption of drowning.”

The Aftermath of Labor Day Weekend Tragedies and the Urgency for Better Safety Alerts

This unfortunate incident occurred after a bustling Labor Day weekend on Lake Michigan. With no lifeguards on duty post-season, the general expectation is for people not to swim. Dave Benjamin, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, suggests a more explicit warning: “Entering the water may cause serious injury or death.” This, he believes, would be a more effective deterrent than the current “swim at your own risk” caution.

Family Struggles with Uncertainty over Missing Sailor: Bryan Jackson missing Lake Michigan

CHICAGO (Local News) – The family and friends of a man who vanished while boating on Lake Michigan on Tuesday are desperate for answers, pleading for more effort from the authorities in the search. The retrieval operation will recommence on Thursday.

Bryan Jackson has been missing since he took a swim near McCormick Place, close to 31st Street Harbor. The testimonies from the companions who accompanied him on the boat are conflicting. A video clip from a mobile phone submitted to CBS 2 reveals Jackson enjoying his time on the boat with his family and friends.

“We are all united in our purpose to find Bryan safe,” expressed Jackson’s girlfriend, Sarah Virani. Jackson is a father of two and a leading trainer with Nike and Jordan brand.

Jackson was reported to have dived into the water from a 27-foot boat about a mile away from McCormick Place with a female companion. While the woman managed to return, Jackson did not. Despite the relentless efforts of Chicago Police boats, Chicago Fire Department divers, and the U.S. Coast Guard, Jackson remains missing.

The nature of the operation for Jackson has been changed to a recovery mission with CPD at the helm.

Rev. Tanya Lozano Washington, Jackson’s co-parent, is having difficulty comprehending the situation. “They plunged into the water together, were carried away by the current, and she claimed he became frightened. I can’t make sense of this,” she expressed.

Washington and other loved ones are demanding a comprehensive examination. “Not just an statement of drowning – I want thorough investigations,” she declared. She also called for an inspection of the boat for potential clues.

Family and friends will gather at 31st Street Beach on Thursday for a shore-based search.

“Bryan is resilient. He is the most mentally and physically stalwart individual I know, and I am certain he awaits our rescue,” stated Virani. Meanwhile, the CPD Marine Unit was sighted just off the coast on Wednesday night.

Despite an evident quest in the air and water after the incident, Washington insists that more needs to be done. She criticized the lack of urgency and communication around the missing person who is a father of two.

There are also doubts about Jackson’s supposed willingness to swim, something he never did before. “Bryan doesn’t swim,” stated Jackson’s cousin, Steve Taylor Jr. Washington echoed the same sentiment, expressing disbelief that Jackson would have jumped from the boat.

As Jackson’s loved ones endure the agonizing wait at 31st Street Beach, the CPD Marine Unit is persisting with their mission. The search is set to restart on Thursday.

Mysterious Disappearance of Renowned Chicago Trainer Raises Questions

CHICAGO – Tragedy struck when Bryan Jackson, a well-respected Chicago fitness professional, was found dead on the shores of Lake Michigan, following his mysterious disappearance on Labor Day.

Known as “B-Jack” to those close to him, the 38-year-old trained numerous athletes, including his cousin, internationally known basketball player Steve Taylor Jr., during his successful career as a Master Trainer for Jordan and Nike. “He impacted many lives, I can’t get my head around it, I haven’t slept,” shared Taylor.

The fateful day saw Jackson venture a mile off 31st Avenue Beach by boat with a woman. While the woman made it back to shore, Jackson mysteriously didn’t.

His girlfriend, Sarah Virani, expressed confusion regarding the accounts of the incident. “We were informed by the detective and someone else who accompanied Bryan that he went for a swim. But it’s well-known that Bryan never goes in the water. Even in scorching heat, he’d refuse to go on a jet ski, let alone swim,” said Virani.

Jackson’s lifeless body was discovered near Promontory Point’s rocks on Saturday. The Cook County Medical Examiner formally identified him on Monday.

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