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Brock Lesnar Daughter – Who is Mya Lynn Lesnar?


Mya Lynn Lesnar is the daughter of WWE superstar Brock Lesnar, and she’s following in her father’s footsteps by developing a career as an athlete.

While Mya has inherited her dad’s solid build and monstrous strength, it is her talent in volleyball and track & field that has made her stand out from the rest.

With years of experience under her belt, Mya now looks to make a name for herself as a shot-putter. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Mya such an incredible athlete and find out what drives this remarkable young woman to keep pushing forward with such determination.

Introducing Brock Lesnar Daughter – Mya Lynn

Mya Lynn Lesnar has certainly inherited her father’s knack for making a legacy, as the daughter of professional WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar, she already has a great head start in making her own.

Mya is an incredibly talented young athlete, having gotten the opportunity to represent the Arizona State Sun Devils on their track & field and cross country teams.

Not stopping there, Mya has even bigger dreams of being a professional athlete – currently focusing on shot-putting, but also exploring being a volleyball player. With early promise from her school athletics and with such a wealth of determination no doubt behind her, there’s no telling what Mya Lynn Lesnar will achieve next!

Star Athlete in the Making


Mya Lesnar, daughter of the renowned WWE superstar Brock Lesnar and sister of a renowned hunter that also followed in their father’s footsteps, has instead chosen to pave her own path. Taking her athleticism to the next level, Mya has been signed into Arizona State University to join their track and field team; a move celebrated as the 19-year-old was ranked 6th as a shot-putter across the country.

The Sun Devils TXFC officially announced Mya’s addition to the family via Twitter, where they are confident she will make a name for herself.

As an already Minnesota State Champion, it is assumed she will receive an $21,000 scholarship from ASU – no official news has been received yet.

Mya’s talent and hard work has shown strong potential for becoming a professional athlete in the future.

Who Is Mya Lynn Lesnar’s Mother?


Mya Lynn Lesnar is the daughter of famous father, Brock Lesnar, and mother Nicole McClain Lesnar.

Born somewhere in the United States, Mya is an already star athlete in the making and prodigy in the making. Brock Lesnar is a retired mixed martial artist, former professional wrestler and professional football player best known for his time in WWE and UFC.

Meanwhile, her mother Nicole McClain Lesnar is a fitness model and a writer by profession. These two amazing parents have raised a daughter with infinite potential.

Mya Lynn Lesnar is a twin

Mya Lynn Lesnar, the college-bound athlete, has a special bond with her family as she was raised alongside her twin brother, Luke. The two were also close to their half-siblings from their father’s previous relationship, Duke and Turk Lesnar.

Despite any potential rifts that may come about due to having multiple families, Mya Lynn remains close and on great terms with both of her siblings. It is clear that family means the world to Mya Lynn and she is grateful for the supportive presence of all of those who love her and have been by her side throughout this journey.

About her Body

Despite being five feet three inches in height, Mya Lynn Lesnar has managed to make up for her lack of height with her powerful and muscular build due to her early training as a volleyball player for the Arizona State University.

Blessed with blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes, the athletically gifted individual certainly stands out. As a professional Volleyball player and an athletic team athlete, 62kgs have never hindered her from playing her best game! It goes without saying that she comes from a family of extremely gifted athletes.

Mya Lynn Lesnar Net Worth

Mya Lynn Lesnar will likely prove her worth as a player, despite not being aware of her net worth or salary. Her father Brock Lesnar, who is a professional WWE star, has accumulated a massive fortune of $28 million and any wealth he has earned is bound to be passed down to Mya Lynn.

Though we don’t know what her specific salary or net worth might be, it is safe to assume that she will lead a comfortable life due to the generous inheritance she has received.

Which college did Mya Lynn Lesnar go to?

Mya Lynn Lesnar’s passion for sports and her diligent work ethic paid off when she was accepted into the prestigious Arizona State University Sports Program.

The program allowed Mya to pursue her dreams of being part of a professional sports team, something that many young athletes only dream of. From the beginning, Mya worked hard to balance achieving academic excellence as well as graduating with honors while also showcasing her athletic talents.

Her hard work was respected and rewarded when she was offered a graduation from Alexandria High School in order to focus fully on her sport aspirations.

Without a doubt, going to Arizona State University proved beneficial for Mya and thanks to their help and guidance she is now an elite athlete succeeding in the biggest stage in the world.

Who Is She Dating?


Mya Lynn Lesnar, daughter of world famous wrestler Brock Lesnar, is quite a mystery when it comes to her romantic life. At 19-years-old she is more focused on sports and education than exposing intimate details about any potential partners she may have.

Mya and brother Turk are both known to keep their personal lives out of the public eye – mirroring the privacy of many celebrity children in today’s world. Although it is unclear who she relates romantically to at this stage in her life, one thing is certain: Mya isn’t as open with her private life as her father has proven to be over the years.

Facts on Mya Lynn

– Mya Lynn Lesnar is a gifted volleyball player, as well as an emerging track & field athlete. Her current focus is on shot-putting, in which she has already achieved professional level success.

– At 19 years old, Mya Lynn has already achieved great academic excellence and graduated with honors from Alexandria High School.

– Despite standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall, Mya Lynn has managed to become a professional athlete due to her powerful and muscular build.

– Her father Brock Lesnar is a former WWE wrestler with a net worth of $28 million. Therefore, Mya Lynn stands to inherit an impressive fortune from him.

– Although she is a celebrity’s daughter, Mya Lynn chooses to keep her private life out of the spotlight. She is known for keeping her romantic relationships away from the public eye.

– Mya is also an advocate for physical fitness and healthy eating habits – something she has learned from her father’s dedication to staying fit over the years.

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