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Brian Musso Net Worth


Brian Musso is a celebrity husband, investment advisor and former football player who has led an envious life. He is married to the talented singer-songwriter Heather Headley, making him one of the most talked about people in the entertainment industry today.

With all his popularity comes a great deal of curiosity about Brian’s net worth. Here we will explore how much money this high profile couple have made over their years together and what they are currently worth.

Who is Brian Musso?

Brian is an investment advisor and former American football player, now known for his marriage to Heather Headley. With a singer-songwriter and actress as a wife, Brian has become popular in the public eye.

Whenever they make a public appearance together, Brian is surrounded by curious eyes looking his way. Despite his newfound fame, it seems he’s not one for the limelight as he continues to keep a low profile, appearing rarely on social media or at events.

Because of his celebrity wife, Brian has definitely gained more attention than would have otherwise been the case.

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Early life of Brian Musso

Brian Musso, born on 11 September 1975 has had an interesting life since the beginning. Growing up in Hinsdale, Illinois, he attended Hinsdale Central High School and furthered his education at Northwestern University. It was in Northwestern where he found his better half, future wife Heather Headley.

As the son of renowned football player Johnny Musso, who played for BC Lions for three consecutive seasons as a Running Back, Brian has earned himself a place amongst popular figures.

He also has four siblings; Scott, Brad, Zach and sister Tyler Musso Crawford – making them quite the large family. Even though based miles apart now, they’re still tightly bonded with each other which is lovely to see.

Brian Musso Personal Life

Brian Musso and Heather Headley have been married for over seventeen years and have three children who they share their beautiful suburban home in Chicago.

They had both been students at Northwestern University when they began dating after Musso played for the New York Jets, with Heather starting ‘Aida’ around the same time.

At the Rose Bowl, where Heather should have seen Brian play, she was instead singing yet remarked about watching him play later “I saw him play once because we weren’t dating yet”. After much love and admiration, these two are still very happily married all these years on.

Brian Musso Career

Brian Musso, husband of popular actress Heather Headley, was once a renowned American Football player, playing as a receiver during his time at Hinsdale Central high school and at Northwestern University.

Despite his wife’s greater fame, he has been successful in his own right as an investment advisor for Promus Capital LLC with his brother Zach Musso.

Since January 2007, the two brothers have focused their knowledge on preserving and growing their clients’ wealth through calculated investing techniques.

Although nothing is publicly known about Brian’s income from this job due to his preference for privacy, it can be assumed that he earns reasonably well from the venture.

Who is Heather Headley?

Heather Headley is an American singer-songwriter, record producer and actress who hails from Trinidad.

This multi-talented artist has scooped up many awards for her music, including a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for ‘Aida’, as well as a Grammy award for best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album for ‘Audience of One’ in 2010.

When only fifteen, Heather moved to the United States with her mom and brother when her dad was offered a pastor’s job in Indiana.

Here she had the opportunity to pursue an education at Northwestern University, where she studied communications as well as musical theater.

In 2003, Heather married Brian Musso who was then playing football for the New York Jets and working as an investment advisor; they are still married today. Heather Headley is no doubt worth eluding, both onscreen and off!

Brian Musso Net Worth

Through his career as a professional football player, investment advisor and through his marriage to the talented singer-songwriter Heather Headley, Brian Musso has created a solid financial foundation for himself.

Though he may not reach the same heights of wealth as his wife, his net worth is estimated at 1 million dollars; an impressive sum in its own right.

With Heather Headley’s contribution to their total net worth estimated at 1.5 million dollars, it’s easy to conclude that the pair have done quite well for themselves. With Brian’s savvy investments, they will no doubt continue to build on their wealth in the future.

Physical Measurements & Appearance

Dressed in his favorite uniform of jeans and t-shirt, he looks like a million bucks. His black hair frames his grey white eyes which can be both intense or warm depending on his mood. Being of average height, with his petite yet sturdy build, the young man absolutely exudes strength and poise.

American by birth, he is known to have the kind of attractively reliable traits associated with those born under the Virgo constellation. His overall physical appearance paints him as someone who is trustworthy and dependable – something that people discover about him the more they get to know him.

Final thoughts on Brian Musso

Brian Musso is an impressive figure in the entertainment industry. His success both on and off the field is something to be admired and respected. His career as an investment advisor with his brother has been fruitful, providing him with a solid financial foundation.

With his wife Heather Headley’s contribution to their total net worth, as well as Brian’s savvy investments, the couple has certainly done well for themselves.

Although his net worth is lower than that of his wife, it still stands at an impressive 1 million dollars. Brian Musso’s physical appearance and personality traits make him a trustworthy and dependable character which draws people to him quickly. All in all, it would be safe to say that Brian Musso is an admirable figure who has led an enviable life.

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