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Breanne Hill – Height, Boyfriend & Net Worth


Breanne Hill is an American actress from New Hampshire best known for her role as Mary in Frontier, a Discovery Channel and Netflix original production. She has also appeared in the films Incarnate, San Andreas, and Rampage which were all directed by Peyton and starred Dwayne Johnson. Her net worth is estimated to be more than $600,000 (USD). Breanne Hill’s age is unknown but she has gained immense popularity due to her acting skills.

Breanne Hill Early Life

Breanne Hill’s early life was full of accomplishments and potential. Born into a family of healthcare professionals on March 10, 1990, in New Hampshire, she excelled academically throughout her schooling. Attending North Salem Elementary School and graduating from Salem High School in 2008, she was not only a high honors student but also held the position of Vice President. Her athleticism shone through being Captain of her track team and participating in numerous indoor and outdoor activities. Breanne initially enrolled in a psychology course at Boston University but dropped out to pursue her dreams. From academia to athletics, her early endeavors set the foundation for her success in life.

Breanne Hill Career

Breanne Hill may have started her career in community theater plays, but she’s come a long way since then. Making a name for herself in showbiz after being cast in the hit drama series ‘Frontier’ back in 2016, she’s since starred in a range of movies, from supernatural horror to disaster flicks. You may have noticed her in the epic disaster movie ‘San Andreas’, or perhaps you were impressed by her acting skills in the sci-fi monster film ‘Rampage’ directed by Brad Peyton. With each new project, Hill continues to grow as an actress and cement her place in the industry.

Personal Life

I’m sure we’ve all been curious at some point about the personal life of our favorite celebrities. While we may never know the full scoop, there are always little clues here and there. As for this particular celebrity, she’s managed to keep a tight lid on her dating life. However, eagle-eyed fans may have noticed her posting a few snaps with Canadian film director Brad Peyton. Hmm, interesting… But hey, maybe she’s just really good friends with him. Either way, it’s always intriguing to peek behind the curtain of a celebrity’s personal life.

Breanne Hill- Physique

Breanne Hill’s physique is nothing short of impressive. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches, towering over some other models in the industry. But it’s not just her height that catches attention; her weight at 55 Kgs is definitely an enviable feat. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to maintain such a fit figure? And have we talked about her eyes? They’re a beautiful light green that could mesmerize anyone. Paired with her blonde hair, she’s a beauty to behold. If you’re wondering about her measurements, they’re a perfect 32-24-35. It’s safe to say that Breanne is one stunning model with a killer body. Jealous much? Well, maybe just a little bit.

Breanne Hill- Net Worth & Social Media Profiles

Breanne Hill is quickly rising in the entertainment industry, and her estimated net worth of $800 thousand is certainly an impressive start. With so much potential ahead of her, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her net worth grow even more in the coming years. When it comes to her presence on social media, Breanne seems to be most active on Instagram with her unofficial account @breandyou boasting 18.7K followers. As for Twitter and Facebook, Breanne has yet to make her mark. Regardless, it’s clear that this young actress is one to watch, both on and off the screen.

What awards has Breanne Hill won?

Breanne Hill is a true award-winning actress! I mean, the girl is loaded with trophies and accolades for her incredible acting skills. You might remember her as Emma in ‘San Andreas’, which was a major hit in 2015. The movie won a ton of awards that year, from the prestigious Golden Schmoes Awards to the MTV Movie + TV Awards. It’s pretty clear that Breanne’s performance was a key factor in the success of the movie. And it doesn’t stop there – just last year, in 2019, she took home the Filmmaker Award in Film Invasion L.A. for her outstanding acting and cast in the psychological thriller ‘Lemon’. Is there anything she can’t do? Bravo, Breanne!

Breanne Hill’s Hobbies And Interests

Breanne Hill may be best known for her talents within the filming and acting industry, but did you know that she also has a pretty impressive hobby? In her free time, this actress loves nothing more than picking up a bow and arrow and trying her hand at archery. It’s a unique interest that truly shows off Breanne’s adventurous streak and willingness to try new things. Of course, when she’s not out shooting targets, she’s indulging in some of her favorite coffee beverages. Breanne is always eager to try new blends and flavors, and her love for this beverage has turned into a bit of a passion project for her. It’s clear that whether she’s on set or pursuing her personal interests, Breanne Hill is always ready to take on new and exciting challenges.

Breanne Hill’s net worth

Informative – Breanne Hill, the multi-talented actress who has starred in popular movies like San Andreas and Incarnate, has a net worth of around $600,000. Her impressive acting skills have landed her roles in big-budget productions, which led to a steady rise in her net worth. Apart from acting, she has also dabbled in producing and writing, contributing further to her net worth. As her popularity continues to grow, it will be exciting to see how her net worth evolves.


Breanne Hill is certainly an inspiration for young people. From her early life of excelling academically and athletically to rising in the entertainment industry, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. With her impressive net worth, stunning physique and beautiful eyes, it’s no wonder why so many fans follow her on Instagram! As we eagerly await more news about this talented actress, one thing remains sure: Breanne Hill will continue to make waves as she continues along her journey in showbiz.

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