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Brahman Galanti – Lyssa Chapman Ex-Husband


Businesswoman Lyssa Chapman’s ex-husband is Brahman Galanti, also known as Brahman “Bo” Galanti. Her father, American television star Duane Chapman, is her father. She is also well known for her part in the American reality television program Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Lyssa and Galanti were married for more than two years. They also had two children together during their marriage. Sadly, the couple was unable to maintain their union for very long. What then is Brahman Galanti doing right now?

Brahman Galanti Bio

On July 24, 1973, Baby Lyssa’s ex-husband Brahman Galanti was born in Oahu, Hawaii. He is already 47 years old as of 2020, and will turn 48 in July 2021. Despite being of American descent, he has a mixed racial origin.

Galanti appears to be rather close to his parents, despite the unfortunate fact that he has provided very little information on either of them. Although his academic history is unknown, he is undoubtedly well-educated.

Ex-Husband of Lyssa Chapman

In case you weren’t aware, Galanti was married to his ex-wife Lyssa Chapman. On February 20, 2009, they were joint in marriage, and the occasion was Oahu, Hawaii.

So how did Bo and Lyssa meet in the first place? According to the Sun, the couple had been dating for four to five years before getting married. They first met when Brahman was staying with her parents and trying to kick his heroin habit. At the time, Lyssa’s father Duan helped addicts get sober.

While they were dating and finally got married, their relationship soured about two years into their union.

Galanti Was A Drug Addict and Abusive

Bo, who had battled addiction for the preceding 14 years, relapsed shortly after getting married. He began doing drugs and was abusive to his ex-wife Baby Lyssa.

He is accused of abusing Chapman on several occasions, notably on the eve of the New Year in 2010. Soon after, he began beating his wife more frequently and began using narcotics on a regular basis.

Even after Lyssa ejected him from the house, he returned and continued his actions. She ejected him from the home in October, according to Chapman, but he later returned. He’s been ejected by her several times. Her back was harmed by him. Gave her black eye, bruises, and contusions.

Despite her best efforts, Lyssa sought counselling where she was advised to dissolve her marriage because she did not want to involve the authorities in the situation. She was perplexed, according to a source close to the relationship. “But after that, they frequented counselling. Even the therapist advised her to end the marriage.

As a result, in February 2011, Brahman Galanti’s then-wife sought a divorce from him. Later that year, it was put into effect.

Served In Prison for 4 Years

Bo also gave birth to a daughter through her marriage in 2009, and her name is Madalynn Grace Galanti. However, due to his 4-year sentence, he has sadly not been able to spend much time with her kid.

According to the sources, Bo was detained in February 2016 after hitting a police van with a stolen vehicle. Lyssa, who has already ended their relationship, revealed that he was also charged with issues relating to drug addiction after his release in 2020.

Brahman seized the opportunity to meet his daughter Madalynn soon after his release. The ex-couple, however, kept the get-together a secret, with Lyssa picking up Bo at the airport and having Mady assist her in going inside where she saw her father. She couldn’t say anything as tears streamed down her face. Speaking of the same, Lyssa remarked, “I’ve never seen Mady cry as hard as she did when she saw her dad in her entire life.”

Bo Has Three Kids

Serena Galanti and Abbie Mae Chapman are two of Brahman’s other children in addition to Mady. Serena was conceived in 2005 as a result of his prior relationship, which he has not yet disclosed. However, Lyssa’s former lover, Bo, adopted Abbie as his own daughter after the couple were married. He and she have a wonderful connection, and even after their divorce, they co-parented.

What Is Brahman “Bo” Galanti Doing Now?

Brahman has been leading a respectable life since being released in 2020 after spending four years in jail on a charge. He has regained sobriety and is living a successful life. On rare occasions, he spends time with her and his girls. He has avoided the media and the spotlight, though.

In addition, he currently has his Instagram set to private. He has 76 followers on Twitter, where he is also active.

Net worth of Brahman Galanti

Estimating Brahman Galanti’s net worth is challenging. His ex-wife Lyssa Chapman, on the other hand, has amassed a net worth of about $500k from her employment.

She is well recognized for her part in Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E TV, for which she undoubtedly paid a substantial salary.

Additionally, once she released Walking on Eggshells: Finding Strength and Courage in the Face of Chaos, her net worth increased. Hardcover copies of her book cost $23.25; Kindle versions are $11.99 each.

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