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Brad Joseph Hennig Life story


Brad Joseph Hennig was born on January 19, 1991, in Metairie, Louisiana. His parents are Steve and Shelly Hennig, and he has two siblings, Shelley and Steve Jr. Brad went to Brother Martin High School in New Orleans and graduated in 2009.


Brad Joseph Hennig is not just an actor but also a producer and writer. You might recognize him from films and TV shows like “The Vampire Diaries,” “CSI: Miami,” and “The Originals.” Apart from his acting roles, he’s also behind the feature film “The Perfectionist” and has written multiple short films.

Personal Life

Brad Joseph Hennig loves to travel and explore new places. He’s also into strumming the guitar and hanging out with his family.

Notable Achievements

Brad Joseph Hennig snagged the award for excellence in acting at the Los Angeles Movie Awards in 2017 for his role in “The Perfectionist.”

Interesting Facts

Brad Hennig runs a YouTube channel where he shares music covers and original songs.

Family Relationships

Brad is actually Shelley Hennig‘s older brother. They’re super tight and love teaming up on projects together.


Brad Joseph Hennig supports animal welfare and has collaborated with groups like the humane society and the aspac.

Social Media Presence

Brad is all over social media with accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Recent Projects

Brad recently starred in the feature film “The Perfectionist,” which he also produced. Right now, he’s working on post-production for his short film, “The Locket.”


In 2017, Brad snagged the award for excellence in acting at the Los Angeles Movie Awards. He also nailed the Best Short Film award at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival for his awesome short film “The Locket.”

Important Event

In 2020, Brad Hennig landed a role in the new TV series “The Lost Boys,” scheduled to debut in 2021.

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