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Bodybuilder Calum Von Moger Injury – Fans Rally as Famed Bodybuilder Faces ICU Stay


Australian bodybuilding star Calum Von Moger was rushed into intensive care after a shocking incident on May 6. Nick Trigilli of the Bodybuilding & BS YouTube channel, revealing that Von Moger had apparently leapt through a second-floor window, causing harm to his back, announced the news. Trigilli stated in his video that the incident transpired when Von Moger was allegedly under the influence of meth.

Calum Von Moger Suffers Spinal Injury in Distressing Window Incident

Nick Trigilli, who was the first to share this alarming news, stated in his YouTube video description:

“I was called up this morning with news that Calum Von Moger, allegedly in an intoxicated state, jumped out of a window on the second floor…”

Generation Iron reports suggest that Von Moger was recently evicted from his family home in Australia. It has speculated that the incident occurred at his new residence.

Social Media Flooded with Prayers for Injured Bodybuilder Calum Von Moger

The 31-year-old bodybuilder from Australia drew worldwide attention when he won the “Mr. Universe” name in the Ecosphere Fitness Federation Professional competition. His fame skyrocketed further when he portrayed a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 biopic, Bigger. His resemblance to the iconic bodybuilder even earned him the nickname “Arnold 2.0” in bodybuilding circles.

News of his injury sparked a wave of concern and prayers from his dedicated fanbase across social media platforms. Some followers, however, were taken aback by the details of the incident, specifically the claim that Von Moger was under the influence of meth.

On January 31, Von Moger faced charges related to a dispute and possession of drugs, including marijuana and testosterone. The report led to widespread conjecture about his possible steroid use. After being released on bail, his case was scheduled for May 26, 2022, but it remains to be seen if it will proceed given his recent mishap.

In an earlier instance, Von Moger was embroiled in a legal issue for allegedly brandishing a weapon during a fit of road rage. With his current condition, it’s uncertain whether he will be able to attend to these pending legal matters.

Former Mr. Universe with Geelong Roots Faces Legal Trouble Over Drug and Affray Charges

Geelong’s own Calum Von Moger, a bodybuilder who portrayed a youthful Arnold Schwarzenegger in a biographical movie, has found himself in legal hot water. He’s facing charges over affray, criminal injury, and drug possession, including cannabis, methamphetamine, and testosterone, according to statements made in court.

Von Moger, 31, made his first court appearance virtually at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday but was not required to enter a plea. He’s accused of possessing testosterone, a drug popular amongst bodybuilders for boosting strength, alongside methamphetamine and cannabis, reported to have been found on him on January 31.

Also, he faces charges over possessing the drugs Proviplex and Viaplex, known to enhance testosterone and treat erectile dysfunction respectively. An additional charge relates to him driving a car in Melbourne’s CBD without number plates.

Bernard Campigli, Von Moger’s defense lawyer, informed the court that his client is facing separate charges of affray and criminal injury stemming from another incident in January. This court appearance follows von Moger’s release from remand on bail. The case has been postponed until May 26, with Campigli successfully requesting a change in bail conditions so that Von Moger can live with one of his brothers.

Boasting a height of 188 centimeters and a weight of 112 kilograms at his prime, Von Moger, often referred to as Schwarzenegger 2.0 in bodybuilding circles, enjoys a following of 3.2 million on Instagram. Raised on a hobby farm in central Victoria by his Dutch-Austrian parents, he is one of six siblings who moved to Geelong when he was eight.

Originally, he hit the gym to keep up with his older brother. This led him to shift into professional bodybuilding after dabbling in the army, captaining yachts, animal husbandry, landscaping, lifesaving, and adventure tour guiding. He’s a three-time World Fitness Federation Mr. Universe titleholder and moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to advance his career after receiving sponsorships and endorsements and launching his own clothing line.

In a 2015 interview, Von Moger said he aspired to create his own legacy and motivate younger generations with his unique approach to bodybuilding and fitness. He featured in the 2017 bodybuilding documentary Generation Iron 2 and played a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2018’s Bigger. In 2019, he was the focus of his own Netflix documentary, Unbroken, which followed his recovery from a bicep tear injury. He returned to Australia a few months ago amidst the pandemic.

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