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Billy Mckeague – Victoria Azarenka Ex-‘s Biography 


Billy Mckeague belong to that category of people who the world didn’t knew about but eventually did, when they were associated with famous people by entering in a relationship with them.
Billy dated a Belarusian tennis player who is none other than Victoria Azarenka, a champion of Grand Slam singles (2012) and a winner of two Australian Open singles titles (2012 and 2013).
Being the first from her country to bag the title of grand slam singles, naturally people were curious to know more about Victoria’s personal life and the details, including her former boyfriend. Who is Billy Mckeague that managed to catch the eye of a famous tennis star player.

The following article aims to cover all about him.

Background of Billy Mckeague

Billy Mckeague was born in 1989 to Chase and Lynn Mckeague. The exact birthdate isn’t disclosed, but we know of this much that he is a Missouri native from St. Louis.

Billy’s father, Chase worked as an executive at NSI marketing services which was located in Ansira before finally opening a family business with his wife, naming it ‘Chase and the company’. The business operates in the investment sector, where dealings in various fields such as real estate are conducted. Chase heads the company as an operations manager while his wife Lynn is the marketing director.

Billy has two siblings; one sister called Lisa and one brother called Charlie. Lisa did her majors in humanities, Journalism and Science from Southern Methodist University.

Most of Billy schooling from done from St Louis local institutions. He did his high schooling from Chaminade College preparatory school. There he signed up in Red Devils, playing ice hockey for the team. And from time to time, practiced golf as well.
Billy didn’t give up on either sports even after getting an admission in University of Missouri. In fact, he started playing ice hockey for the university official team. He served them for three whole seasons (2008 till 2012) while completing his degree in Speech and dramatic art at the same time.

Despite playing exceptionally well in ice hockey, Billy didn’t pursue for it. He instead went for golf. After practicing the said sport for months, Billy received a job offer; all the way from Kauai to become an instructor, also known as ‘golf pro’ at their north shores resort. Billy took the offer and hence was relocated from St Louis to Hawaii.

Relationship with Victoria Azarenka

Billy first came across Victoria Azarenka at his job place. Victoria at that time was visiting her friend Gabrielle Reece and Reece’s husband Laird Hamilton. Billy and Victoria instantly clicked during their first interaction. But Victoria at that moment was already seeing someone else. Not deterred by this, Billy settled for friendship with her. The duo promised to stay in contact with each other.

Sooner than expected, Victoria previous relationship got over. Turns out, she couldn’t stop thinking about Billy and in the midst of constant messaging and daily conversations, she fell for him. Victoria then ended her current affair and in a few days’ time, started going out with Billy Mckeague.

Billy and Victoria love story started resembling that of a fairytale. Both were quite PDA (public display of affection) in their relationship. For every now and then, they would post photos of their affair in their own respective social media accounts.

Then on 15th July 2016, Billy announced that Victoria was pregnant with their child. He was barely able to contain his excitement when he revealed the big news.
Billy and Victoria welcomed their first child on 19th December 2016. A baby boy who was named ‘Leo’. According to rumors, Billy became totally obsessed with Leo, directing all of his attention and time to his son.

Entering Fatherhood

With the birth of Leo, came the next big dilemma; what’s going to happen now? For both Billy and Victoria were in the peak of their careers. Much to surprise of people, it was Billy Mckeague who put a pause to his career. And he did this gladly.

As aforementioned earlier, Billy loved being a father. Looking after Leo became his top priority. Because of this, Victoria became at ease for two reasons. One; she wouldn’t have to take a break from her career after all. And two; besides nanny, there was someone genuine to look after Leo.

The tiny family was living at Manhattan Beach home in California, happily.

Parting ways

Now that the couple had a child together, people were under this presumption that Billy and Victoria will soon marry each other.

So such thing happened. On the contrary, the couple parted ways, somewhere in the middle of year 2017. Billy didn’t mention his reasons regarding the split. Victoria however revealed that Billy wasn’t raised right and that he didn’t respected the women. Plus, there were some irreconcilable differences as well.

Now the fight to win the custody of Leo begin. It was a long one, filled with tedious court meetings because Billy and Victoria weren’t on the same page when it came to agreeing to custody terms. It got so bad to the point that Victoria was unable to participate in US open championships because she was struck in court proceedings.

In the end, Victoria won the custody battle.

Facts about Billy Mckeague

1) It has been estimated that Billy Mckeague’s net worth is above $400,000, all due to playing ice hockey for the league and later on, being a Golf pro for top resorts.

2) Billy Mckeague has a height of 6 feet 1 inch and overall has an athletic physique.

3) Billy Mckeague doesn’t have accounts on any of the social media platforms. He used to have one in Instagram, but he deleted it. The reasons are unknown.

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