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Big Freedia net worth- Income, wealth, assets & much more


Big Freedia took a giant leap from having stage fright to featuring in a Beyonce song. Read about Big Freedia net worth and how he made headlines in mainstream rap.

His professional career took off in 1999, and he began incorporating different styles of music, such as EDM, Electro, Dance, and Bounce. Find out what Big Freedia height is. 

Who is Big Freedia?

Freddie Ross, more commonly known as Big Freedia, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 28, 1987. He popularized the Underground music genre, which emerged in the 1990s. Big Freedia height is 6 feet.

Freddie always resonated with music. He knows it was a big part of his life as he always felt connected to it. He took piano lessons and sang in the school choir at Walter L. Cohen Highschool. He rose to the rank of choir director, and that’s when he realized he could write and produce music too. Initially, stage fright got the best of Freedia, but that did not stop him. 

The story behind the name

Who came up with the name Big Freedia? It is none other than Ross himself. A friend called him Freedia, which sounded cool and catchy. His mother had a club called Diva that Ross worked for. He put two and two together and came up with “Big Freedia Queen Diva”

Music career over the years

-Freedia’s debut single, “An Ha, Oh Yeah,” was released in 1999, and he soon started performing at local clubs in New Orleans. 

-Queen Diva, the debut album was released in 2002.

-In January 2011, “Best of the Beat Awards,” Freedia was named Best Emerging Artist and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist.

-Beyonce, the lead singer for Destiny’s Child, released Formation, which sampled Big Freedia’s voice. Undoubtedly, that was one of the best moments of her career. Big Freedia net worth started to increase. Beyoncé invited Freedia on stage for the Mercedes-Benz Superdome performance in his hometown of New Orleans to sing songs with her. Freedia is living the dream!

-Freedia’s absence from Beyonce’s formation music video slightly angered people. However,  he clarified in a Wendy Williams interview and stated that he was at a drag show and could not be part of the music video.

-Freedia released the first single album, Third Ward Bounce, following the signing of his first significant record deal with Asylum Records. The track is called “Rent.”

– Kesha’s “Raising Hell,” the lead single from her fourth studio album High Road, featured Freedia. Together, they promoted the song at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the 2019 AMAs.

-Another Beyonce collaboration! In June of 2022, he featured on Beyonce’s single, Break My soul. 

Freedia’s name on a wine bottle

Freedia loves to party and consume alcohol yet, has a refined taste. While vacationing in Italy, he tried a brand of Rosé and fell head over heels for it. The wine was released in 2017. Now you can celebrate with booze that has Freedia’s name on it!

Family & Personal life

There is not a lot of information regarding his family. But here is what we found. His father, Freddie Ross Sr. was a truck driver, and his mother, Vera Ross, was a hairdresser. Cancer took Vera’s life in 2014. Her siblings are Adam and Crystal Ross. 

What does Freedia identify as?

Freedia is a gay man who often dresses up femininely. Consequently, there were a lot of speculations regarding his identity and gender.

Freedia believes gender is a spectrum, and his fans can call by whatever pronouns they want to. While embracing his feminine side, Freedia doe not want any labels attached. 

Big Freedia’s net worth

Big Freedia’s Net WorthYear
$3.4 million2018
$3.5 million2019
$3.7 million2020
$3.8 million2021
$4 million2022

What is Big freedia height?

People are curious to know what Big freedia height is. He is very tall, so Big Freedia height is 6 feet. 

The inspiration behind her music

The Bounce Queen’s mother introduced her to artists such as Atta La Salle and was also greatly inspired by disco singer naming. Chael Ackon, Ylverter, and Alt-n-Repa.

Was Big Freedia a drag queen?

Freddie lived near Katey read, a bounce music performer and a drag queen. Big Freedia accompanied her as a backup dancer for shows at a club near the Melpomene projects. 

Death of Big Freedia’s brother

Adam Ross, the brother of Big Freedia, was killed along Magnolia Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The cause of death was a fatal gunshot wound, according to the NOPD report. Big freedia was devastated at the tragic demise of her brother. She called it an act of violence and canceled a few of her shows. 

In 2020, Freedia published a documentary about his youth in New Orleans and the problems with gun violence. In response to the murder of his brother in 2018, the documentary Freedia Got a Gun dives deep into  Freedia’s experience with gun violence in the neighborhood and seeks to identify its underlying roots. 

Her awards & accolades

-In January 2011, Best of the Beat Awards awarded Freedia the titles of Best Emerging Artist and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist.

-The 22nd GLAAD Media Awards nominated Big Freedia Hitz Vol. 1 in 2011.
-In 2012, he was also awarded an MTV 0 Award for “Too Much Ass for TV.”

The trouble with the law

Freedia got charged with theft of public funds as he did not disclose his income between 2010- 2014 while still enjoying housing benefits. 

He pleads guilty to all charges. In place of a jail term, he was given a three-year probationary period, ordered to pay $35,000 in reparations, and had to do 100 hours of community service.

The judge in the case granted Big Freedia’s plea to finish his probation one year early for good behavior, he stated in an Instagram video. 

A cooking show

Big Freedia loves to cook. She has her cooking show. She started doing Facebook cooking videos to showcase her inner chef. That turned out to be a huge success and transformed into Big Freedia’s Garden Cookout, where she cooked for a masked audience.

As if that weren’t enough, Big Freedia also has her cookbook. 

What is her monthly income?

The queen of bounce primarily earns through concerts, albums, and tours. Her annual income is estimated to be $20,000k.

She also owns an interior design business. 

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