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Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos


The Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos comprise of a set of nine images, captured by Detective Juan Rivera of the Miami-Dade Police Department, from the spot where Betty Gore was tragically murdered. Interestingly, these photos only feature the image of Betty Gores found at the scene, with no other evidence or items included.

There has been considerable confusion regarding why additional crime scene photos were not taken, and why only this specific picture was shared. Several theories have been suggested; perhaps the investigator didn’t have access to photo copies or feared that more photographs could somehow tamper with the evidence.

Despite the mystery surrounding these images, they offer a unique glimpse into the investigation of one of Florida’s most notorious murders and life of Alisa Gore and Bethany Gore are just miserable.

The Peculiar Use of a Mother’s Photo in Betty Gore Crime Scene Images

Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos, interestingly, are represented by the image of a mother who passed away after a fall from her apartment building, primarily because it’s the only photo that has been publicly released. Although other pictures of Betty Gores’ body were taken, the one featuring her daughter is the only one made public.

What Do These Photos Reveal About the Crime and its Investigation?

The images seem to be taken at the site where Betty Gores was murdered. However, the alignment seems strange considering the shared photograph online is from the location where Lisa Irwin was found dead. It would be more logical if the photographs had been taken at the Betty Gores crime scene, as this is where Lisa Irwin was birthed and held captive.

There is a possibility that the images were taken elsewhere and then linked to this case, creating an illusion that they were captured at the actual crime scene.

The Unsettling Murder of Betty Gore on a Friday the 13

The ominous day of June 13, 1980, which coincidentally was a Friday, marked the brutal murder of Betty Gore by Candy Montgomery. Though the date of the crime aligns with the infamously unlucky day, it appears to be purely incidental. Interestingly, a newspaper found in Betty Gore’s residence displayed a poster of The Shining, the horror movie known for a scene of axe-bearing pursuit, a chilling coincidence given the nature of Betty’s demise.

The Hulu series, Candy, draws attention to these eerie details, particularly emphasizing the Friday the 13th timeline and The Shining’s newspaper advertisement discovered at Betty’s house. In contrast, HBO’s Love & Death glosses over these aspects, opting for a straightforward narrative that prioritizes the motive behind the crime rather than focusing on the gruesome details of the act itself.

The Brutal Axe Attack that Ended Betty’s Life

The shocking reports reveal that Candy hit Betty 41 times with an axe, with 28 of those hits landing on her head. The severity of her head injuries initially led authorities to suspect a gunshot wound. Subsequent examination of injuries on multiple areas of her body, however, confirmed the use of an axe. Betty’s lifeless body was first found in the utility room of her house by neighbors, who then notified her husband, Allan Gore, and the police.

The actual murder scene is presented in HBO’s Love & Death through a series of flashbacks, sidestepping details like the number of axe strikes. Through clever use of retrospective and prospective scenes, the series illustrates Candy’s frenzied and uncontrollable rage, hinting that the murder was more heated than she initially realized. Viewers are offered glimpses into the crime scene and Betty’s injuries, underscoring the horrific and grave nature of the crime.

Betty’s Infant Daughter Slept Through the Murder

In agreement with the events highlighted in Love & Death, Betty’s baby girl, Bethany, was home and asleep during the murder. The same neighbors who discovered Betty’s body also found Bethany, unharmed but neglected for most of the day, in her crib. As one of the neighbors recalled to The Dallas Morning News, before discovering the horrifying scene in the utility room, they found the baby crying in her crib – she had been left “unfed or nothing” all day.

The Incident That Resulted in Injuries for Candy

Candy Montgomery shares her account of the fatal incident in which she visited Betty’s residence to retrieve a swimsuit for Betty’s elder daughter, who was due for a sleepover at Candy’s home. Upon Candy’s arrival, Betty confronted her about an alleged affair with Allan. Instead of denying the accusations, Candy confessed to the relationship but reassured Betty that it was a thing of the past. This confession didn’t sit well with Betty, who, in her apparent rage, attacked Candy with an axe from her garage.

The ensuing struggle was intense, seeing the axe strike Candy’s head and the middle toe of her left foot. Candy claimed she managed to wrestle the axe away from Betty and, in self-defense, fought back, which is in line with the sequence of events depicted in Love & Death. The series presents the confrontation and Candy’s injury in detail, however, it only subtly suggests how Candy’s emotional state might have led her to strike Betty 41 times with the axe.

Final Comments

Betty Gore crime scene photos are just awful. It’s strange to see the image of Betty Gores, whose body was recently found in a ditch near Detroit, on The Detroit News Crime Scene page. The only image on this page is an undated mugshot of her husband. The lack of more information about Betty, who is presumably the victim here, is confusing and raises further questions.

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