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Beth Shuey – Life Of Sean Payton’s Ex-Wife


Beth Shuey is the ex-wife of Sean Payton, a former football coach and one of the most successful NFL coaches in history. She has two teenage children with him and lives a life that many people can only dream about.

People are curious to know what it feels like being married to a famous NFL coach or doing any kind of job that requires full commitment – something Beth Suey knows all too well. In this article, we will explore her life as an ex-wife, mother, and businesswoman.

We’ll also look at her age and how she was able to cope with fame during her marriage to Sean Payton. So let’s dive into the fascinating world of Beth Shuey!

Introducing Beth Suey

Beth Shuey has had quite a colorful life. Currently 52 years old and divorced, Beth was born in 1968 in the USA, Indiana and is of Caucasian descent.

Her mother is Joyce Antcliff Shuey. Beth graduated with a degree in Marketing from Indiana State University, the same school her future husband, Sean Payton, attended. Beth and Sean had known each other from back then and it was love at first sight as they began dating soon after. The two have been inseparable ever since.

She was blessed to have a supportive mother named Joyce Antcliff Shuey that helped raise Beth with a good foundation. Beth has certainly been quite successful as an individual despite being currently divorced as she graduated university with a degree in marketing, and even gained some fame by becoming the wife of Sean Payton.

Beth and Sean met during college while they were both attending Indiana States University. It was love at first sight for Beth and Sean and their relationship blossomed from that day onwards; Beth was his high school sweetheart.

Who Is Sean Payton?

Sean Payton has had an incredible career. A former American football quarterback and coach, Sean Patrick Payton was born on December 29, 1963 in Naperville, Illinois.

After a successful stint playing for the Leicester Panthers in Britain, he returned to the United States where he held a number of assistant coaching positions. He was hired as head coach for the New Orleans Saints in 2006 and guided them to their first Super Bowl victory in 2009.

Throughout his long career as a player and a coach, Sean Payton has earned several accolades, cementing his name as one of the best coaches in NFL history.

What Happened To Sean Payton?

After starting his coaching career as an offensive assistant for San Diego State University, Sean Payton has made a name for himself on the national stage. He holds NFL records for more points (2,804) and yards gained (40,158) than any other club in a coach’s first 100 games in NFL history.

Coach Payton has been consistently working to improve offensive concepts since he took the reins of the New Orleans Saints in 2006. Those efforts have earned him the second longest tenure among active head coaches behind Bill Belichick who is at the helm of the New England Patriots. His offense-first attitude are highlighted by his motivational speeches and leadershop which have resulted in championships and multiple playoff wins.

All About ‘Home Team’

Home Team is a heartwarming and lighthearted sports comedy film available for streaming on Netflix. The movie follows the career of NFL coach Sean Payton, with notable moments from his life mentioned throughout. This includes his relationship with Beth Shuey, which though briefly mentioned in the film, was close to 20 years long.

She even joined the iconic New Orleans Saints alongside him for some time. Unfortunately, theirs is a story of love lost as they divorced in 2012. Nevertheless, Home Team serves as a memorable reminder of the joy and hard work that often come with passion for the game from the personal lives of two people so committed to their lifelong dreams.

Beth Shuey Personal Life

When Payton took the Saints’ head coaching position, Sean and Beth along with their children relocated to a house in Mandeville, Louisiana. Payton and his family were sure they had found the perfect home. Little did they know, however, that this house in Mandeville was constructed with subpar Chinese drywall after Hurricane Katrina.

Soon enough, Payton joined a class action lawsuit against Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co. Ltd. The fact that the Paytons could not stay in their home surely disappointed them, but luckily the family had a solution. After making the decision to move back to the Dallas area in 2011, they purchased a property in Westlake’s Vaquero Club — an exclusive community of celebrities and PGA Tour players alike.

Around Super Bowl 2011 weekend, rumors circulated that Payton would rejoin the Cowboys in an executive position; sadly these rumors turned out to be false. Despite hardships, Payton and his family persevered through it all and now enjoy their comfortable life on the Gulf Coast.

Beth Shuey And Sean Payton’s Divorce

The union of Beth Shuey and Sean Payton has come to an abrupt end as they have recently filed for a divorce after being married for 24 years. Initially, the lovebirds enjoyed a blissful journey together but something hit their relationship badly at some point and disrupted their emotional harmony.

As things between the couple failed to get back on track, eventually both parties opted for the separation. Fortunately, the split comes with two beautiful children named Meghan and Conner to whom Beth Shuey remains devoted and loves like no other. While her daughter is 23-year-old, her son is 20-year-old. Sadly, what was once meant to be doesn’t always turn out that way in life!

Beth Sheuy’s Children Meghan and Conner

Beth Shuey is a dedicated mother and this devotion shows in her two children, Meghan and Conner. The family resides in a large house in Texas, allowing the siblings lots of space to grow up comfortably.

Meghan has big dreams of having a career as a sports broadcaster and has worked hard towards that goal by studying sports extensively and even working for FOX 8news. Her cheerful attitude led her to be part of the school cheerleading team during her high school years.

She even has a boyfriend to share her life with. Conner on the other hand seems more focused on his own pursuits and hasn’t opened himself up to anyone yet.

Beth Shuey Net Worth

Thanks to her marriage to Sean Payton, Beth Shuey founded a new career. She was able to become financially independent and secure.

She played a major role in taking care of their kids and used the money from the divorce settlement (following her split from Payton) to support them. As of today, Betsy Shuey’s net worth stands at approximately six figures.

She has acquired some of the fortune possessed by her husband, who is estimated to have assets totaling around $22 million. Shuey resides in the house bought for her family by Payton, another example of how wealthy he towards his late wife.

Final thoughts on Beth Shuey

Beth Shuey’s story is one of resilience, dedication, and loyalty. Her journey with Sean Payton is one that many couples can relate to in terms of the highs and lows they experienced in their relationship.

Despite its end, Beth was able to remain financially secure and continue to take care of her two children Meghan and Conner. Meghan has been determined to achieve her dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster while Conner is still discovering himself.

Beth Shuey’s financial success after her split from Payton is admirable as she was able to use the money from the divorce settlement to provide for herself and her family.

This shows just how much he valued his wife even after their split, as he provided her with enough resources for her future endeavors. Shuey also resides in the house bought for them by Payton prior to their divorce, which speaks volumes about the level of respect shown towards each other despite their differences.

Furthermore, Beth has proven to be an incredibly devoted mother who has managed to raise two amazing children despite the obstacles posed by a divorce. She encouraged them both to pursue their passions – Meghan with broadcasting and Conner being still in search for his own niche – while taking care of them at home single-handedly.

Overall, Beth Shuey’s story is inspiring not just because of what she had achieved as a mother but also how she persevered through hardships no matter how difficult they were. She showed that although marriages sometimes don’t turn out as expected, it does not mean that our lives have ended; instead it can be used as an opportunity for personal growth and new beginnings!

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