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Best John Grisham Books – Top Ranked Books by John


Best John Grisham Books! John Grisham is one of the best-selling authors in modern history. Since his debut novel, “A Time to Kill,” he has written dozens of courtroom thrillers that have earned him mainstream popularity and numerous bestsellers.

His second book, “The Firm,” spent 47 weeks on The New York Times best-seller list and for two decades he was the author of one of the 10 bestselling novels each year.

With such a prolific career, it can be difficult to determine which books are truly his best works. To help readers navigate through Grisham’s expansive catalogue, here is a list ranking some of John Grisham’s top books!

Best John Grisham Books Below

10. “The Reckoning”

John Grisham has been a titan in the world of legal fiction for more than 25 years. His iconic style of tautly written courtroom suspense tales has earned him rave reviews and an army of devoted fans worldwide.

Thanks to movies and television shows adapted from his books, millions have thrilled to his stories and read along as he follows the eternal battle between good and evil through complex characters brought to life with a unique combination of melodrama and wit.

From “The Rainmaker” to “The Street Lawyer,” there are very few legal thrillers on the market today that don’t owe at least a debt of gratitude — if not outright inspiration — to this master storyteller.

9. “A Painted House”

Until September 1952, Luke Chandler was ignorant to the many secrets and lies of his world. But then, a long summer came and two groups of migrant workers who brought with them not only their labor, but also dangerous men, entered the Arkansas Delta.

Within this continuous heat came rumors and gossip of a brutal murder that shattered the tranquility of the town. Passions were lit when a beautiful woman arrived on the scene.

A fatherless baby followed soon after, and for some unknown reason, someone had begun to paint the dilapidated Chandler farmhouse white.

In this time of mysery and confusion young Luke tries to decipher the secrets that have been put before him, ones that could potentially change his family and his entire town forever.

8. “The Brethren”

The unlikely trio of disgrace former judges, stuck in a Florida federal prison for their respective crimes, have come together and coined themselves the Brethren.

Together, they can hash out old court cases or dream up turns of fate which would never be expected from their incarcerated status. Even still, their wit and cunning is alive and well as the Brethren plan out a scheme to make quick money while beholden to the prison walls.

Nevertheless, chaos outside the walls persists – an tumultuous presidential election transpires while forces within the government scheme against each other – yet these wheels turn tirelessly no matter what is taking place behind bars.

With time in limited supply, it is unclear just how these three former judges will use their time to affect their fortunes – no matter what comes of it though, the Brethren have certainly created a spectacle with their residing situation and plans ahead.

7. “Rogue Lawyer”

Sebastian Rudd is anything but a typical lawyer. He drives around in a bulletproof van, complete with all the bells and whistles. His driver doubles as his bodyguard, law clerk, and confidant.

But what makes him extraordinary are his clients – drug-addled kids, crime lords on death row, homeowners who have shot at mistaken SWAT teams. He presents himself armed with a gun and a bottle of small-batch bourbon while believing that everyone has the right to their fair trial.

This tenacious attribute often makes him resort to bending the rules of the law; something that separates him from other attorneys.

6. “Camino Island”

With no other choice, Mercer Mann goes undercover for the mysterious company and quickly discovers a daring plan to rob a vault deep beneath Princeton University’s Firestone Library of its priceless artifacts.

The members of the ingenious gang of thieves are all connected through Bruce Cable’s network of rare book collectors, with the ringleader having his sights set on the ultimate rich reward.

As they devise an intricate plan to evade the tight security systems and penetrate the legendary vault, Mercer must rely on her wits and courage to get closer to uncovering Cable’s secrets—all while being pulled ever deeper into this dangerous adventure.

5. “The Chamber”

The hallways of Chicago’s renowned law firm may be a far cry from the hallowed halls and gas chambers of the Maximum Security Unit in Mississippi State Prison, yet within these starkly different worlds stand two men, separated by secrets and lies but brought together in an extraordinary quest to defy the odds.

That of 26-year-old Adam Hall, a brilliant young lawyer risking his entire career to save the life of Sam Cayhall, a death row inmate with a troubled past. Adam’s task is daunting, for time is quickly winding down and amid the protests, media buzz and stern executioners is one secret which could be both his savior and undoing. Yet beyond such sensational details lies a story of courage and legacy as an unlikely duo join forces against an unconquerable foe: death.

4. “The Racketeer”

Malcolm Bannister seemingly has the upper hand in this situation, as he knows the identity behind Judge Fawcett’s untimely demise, and the reason for it.

What makes this situation unique is the fact that the judge was one of only four active federal judges in United States history to have been murdered.

The FBI has now taken over the case, and have their hands full piecing together a highly-secure crime scene at Judge Fawcett’s remote lakeside cabin, where his body and his secretary’s were found with an empty safe large enough to contain several million dollars worth of assets.

All clues seem to point back to Malcolm Bannister and what exactly he knows about this mysterious case and is one of the best John Grisham books today.

3. “The Street Lawyer”

Michael Brock had made it to the top of the prestigious Drake & Sweeney, one step away from the much coveted position of partnership. But then in an instant his world and ambitions come crashing down.

When it is all over, Michael is faced with a secret he knows he should expose, yet cannot seem to make that break. Suddenly Michael is presented with a moral dilemma and decides to take an unexpected path – leaving high big money for the streets where society’s forgotten are crying out for justice.

He discovers a conscience he thought was long gone and makes up his mind to risk everything for what he believes is right. Will Michael triumph or will the secretive powers-that-be break him?

2. “The Confession”

Against all odds, an innocent man faces his last days with unflinching hope.

The only hope of rescuing him rests with the guilty man, who has put aside his sinister nature to try and do what’s right. But this guilty man is up against a powerful system that seems determined to carry out the execution of Donté Drumm.

Travis Boyette must now find a way to present his confession in such a way that it will trump the conviction and avert the tragedy. It won’t be easy, but if anyone can save Donté from execution, it’s Travis – for he is privy to a truth none can deny.

1. “The Testament”

Troy Phelan’s bombshell announcement sends shockwaves through the plush Virginia office he stood in his last few hours of life. With unforgiving fury, he declared that his 11-billion-dollar inheritance was to go to a mystery woman living deep in the jungles of Brazil, Rachel Lane.

Hordes of lawyers descend on the United States courtrooms to sift through the will and find its hidden meanings while an unlikely hero departs in search of Rachel: Nate O’Riley, a lawyer fresh out of rehab and determined to find her at any cost.

Despite his limited supplies, Nate embarks on an epic adventure into a mysterious world where money means nothing and death is just one misstep away.

As he races against time, private investigators search for Rachel too, hoping to add their own devious meanings to Troy Phelan’s dying wish and it is one of the best John Grisham books today.

Best John Grisham Books

John Grisham has been a best-selling author for decades, and it’s easy to see why. His books are full of high stakes legal thrillers that captivate readers from start to finish.

From “A Time To Kill” to “The Testament,” each book is unique in its own way and provides an exciting story full of suspense and intrigue.

Whether you’re looking for courtroom drama or mystery adventures, John Grisham has something that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So if you’re searching for a thrilling read this summer, pick up one of these best john grisham books today!

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