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8 Proven Ways To Be The Best At Everything You Do


Life is all about learning, that’s what we called “Growth”. If we stop growing mentally, spiritually and technically, we are as good as dead. 

Learn to grow and be the best version of yourself.

It’s High Time to be A Better Version of Yourself

The essential thing to keep in our mind to change ourselves is that we must be steadily stepping forward towards a predetermined goal.

As we all be aware of the fact that “consistency is the key to success“, that’s why one should remain consistent in achieving their dreams and remove negative patterns out of their life. 

Those Who Cannot Change Their Minds Cannot Change Anything 

Being master at what you want to become or what you want to do is the most important key in life. Your acknowledgment and your plan will not be worth it if your approach is not good.

If you are not proficient at what you want to achieve, your master plan won’t take you too far.

Once, your vision is clear about what you do and you’re confident about where are you moving forward, the better and right plan will make itself known and you will feel I am best at everything.

For this purpose your “Why” must be strong because when you make your “Why” stronger, then you will focus on your “How”, which comes from the “Why” and not from any other source.

If your focus is on how to be successful in no time, you are catching the wrong path. You’re doing it for no reason or most probably for the wrong reason.

And in the end, you’ll be frustrated and left searching for the next slot or grab some other plans.

Instead of roaming over here and there to find gold, you should remain consistent and stay in love with your struggle and with the process of achieving your desired goal.

How To Become The Best At What You Do

No one could be perfect at everything, but you can make paths to do your best at everything you do.

If you are confident about what you want and why you are doing it, then you should not be worried about the outcomes.

Because the things which make you uncomfortable are the biggest opportunity for growth. Staying consistent in your struggle is the main key to becoming a better version of yourself.

You should take participation in various activities and make continuous efforts to enhance their talents and skills in which they are interested.

You might not be able to perform your best in various tasks, but keep on practicing and trying your best will surely help you appear a better person. 

There's a saying: “Investing in your growth and self-development isn't selfish it's self-care".

So never worry about the rewards, instead of this see yourself how far you can go without stopping, without giving up just to make the impossible possible. 

Find Right Directions to Become the Better Person at What You Do

Here we’ve listed down 8 essential points to help you become best at everything and it’ll also help you in your personal development. 

Invest On Yourself, Not On Your Job

Make your life worthy by becoming an independent individual. Keep one thing in mind that you are not born to impress others or to develop society alone, but for the development of yourself. 

One should not waste his life to earn a little penny for survival. Instead of this, invest in yourself; work hard on developing yourself to make a better fortune.

The thing which matters the most is where you are standing right now; that’s you. Do not be afraid of the outcomes.

If you think that your struggle will not be worth it and you are not getting the results you’re willing for, stop looking for better opportunities.

Instead, see yourself and observe it, either you are the same person you used to be before. Your work is your reflection. Your outer personality is the reflection of your inner reality. 

Now you become the person whom someone wants to invest in you. And it all happens by investing in your-self rather than wasting your time and energy on the job. 

If you want to see something different in yourself, then improve yourself. Keep investing in yourself and focus on self-development. Your investment will surely be worth it. 

Make a ratio of 30/70. In which 30% of your energy should be devoted to your work. And rest 70% should be devoted to self-improvement and rest.

Without resting, your body and mind won’t help you in achieving your goals. 

Acknowledge Your-Self Widely

The main role played in your self-development is your knowledge. You must be aware of the things happening in the world.

Keep yourself in touch with social media. See what is trending or you can even go on online news sites every day. 

Read widely, to get yourself acknowledged about the current issues or events. Also, read the newspaper or even contemporary literature. 

Lastly, do read blogs as well on various categories, just to stay tuned on those themes too.

 By going through all of this, you get a vast knowledge about the various things and you will be able to share your thoughts on current issues or events.

The more knowledge you gather, the more you will achieve. 

Challenge Yourself with Difficult Situations Others can Only Dream of

Rose Russell once said, “Difficult situations don’t make you, they reveal who you really are”. 

Do not rely on your talent only. Your rewards aren’t a reflection of your talent. A lot of people have talent and skill. But very few people get a chance to shine to a difficult challenge.  

Not all people have the guts to put themselves in difficult situations. Few people risk to pressurize themselves, to create a new version of their selves. 

Never think about giving up. Before quitting your efforts, just think that why you started. That’s the only thing that helps you to remain consistent in your struggle. 

Do not haunt from the situations that scare you. Putting yourself in a difficult situation to create yourself will surely change you.

 You need to challenge yourself and worked harder on yourself most probably on your weaknesses. So you will rise and shine up, and become a far better person than you currently are. 

Now there's a question raised; how do you put yourself in such situations? 

In your initial stage, you don’t need to wait for the opportunities to come to you. Do not wait for the better or next opportunity.

Instead, you need to focus on your development and improve your recent situation. Work harder for your job by providing actual worth.

Bring up with some new ideas. Focus on your dream, work for it. You try and you fail. But in this process, you definitely learn much more.

Bring some leadership qualities to your personality. Do not think that either you are doing it right or wrong. Focus on your strategies and assume a leadership role.

Constantly pitch yourself and your thoughts, think whatever you are doing is right now. Then you will create better opportunities. Then you maximize those strategies or opportunities and more will come and knock at your doorstep.  

Erase Perfectionism

In every start-up, you need to be patient with your struggle. If you continuously get haunt about achieving perfection in your work, you will not able to be good at activities.

Instead of this, you will end up being frustrated, stressed, worried and agitated. That impacts your mental and physical health. 

You need to learn that you will not always create the best but you still can do better. Learn to value your efforts and control perfectionism and accept the way you are. Consider that whatever you are working for will be worth it one day. 

Enhance Your Memory

Your memory must be sharp. You must be observant about your surroundings and what is happening around you.

Male your listening power up as well. Listen to others talk with full concentration. 

By recalling your moments, stories, events, and facts, you will realize that your remembering power is well.

A good memory will help you to keep a wealth of knowledge and by having a better recalling power you will be able to help others as well.

Always Passionate about What You are Doing and Why You are Starting This

So many times it happens that you initiate to pursue your passion too fast. Try to not lose your grip on the dreams you are willing for. Keep fighting for your dreams or your plans to keep them alive. 

It hit me harder when I see how often people throw their worth system out of the window in achieving quick success.

When I meet people with these thoughts, I have an idea that these people will not be able to succeed in the long term. 

Because these people are only running to get success in no time so their vision is not clear yet and they don’t have a “why” factor in their development. 

These individuals clearly don’t know where they are standing. It’s basically a temporary path in which they’re headed.

When you start realizing your actual worth, you will start compromising and no one will stop you from achieving your dreams.

You need to observe what interests you more. If you want to see yourself best at everything, you have to be best at something you enjoy! 

The first thing which helps you in your self-development is to explore your passions and choose some activities either based on academic subjects or based on physical activities.

You can also go for the things which help you to maintain your peace. For instance, you will pick art subjects or you can go for painting, sketching to enjoy your leisure time. And this ultimately helps you in your meditation and self-bringing. 

Ability Of Time Management

You must learn to manage your time. You can’t develop yourself better if you will delay your work. Practice your skills daily, and manage to wind up on time.

Try to accomplish your assignments before it’s late. Never exhaust yourself and do not focus to be the best at everything that overwhelmed you. 

Make a schedule, and plan out practice times. Learn to keep balance with the things you are dealing with. Give equal time to your business and your skills as well.

 This will help you to create the better person, you used to be before. Find such groups which help you in your training to achieve your goals. 

Stay In Love With Your Process

Norman Schwarzkopf one said;

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.”

That brings up the concept of progress or your struggle. Never pressurize yourself with the outcomes. It’s not about the rewards always. Ups and downs are part of life.

One should never be scared of the results. Rewards are temporary. They come and go. But your struggle is worth a lot in the end which helps you in your self-development. 

Success seems smooth and simple. It’s inevitable because it’s the last thing on your mind. You are already aware of the fact that it’s going to happen sooner or later. 

The main thing which matters the most in your self-development is why you choose it and why you are doing it.

Never worry about what you are doing because in the last you’re “why” matters the most. 

“What” itself takes many forms. Try to never attach to one role. It doesn’t matter whether you are a writer, painter, poet, athlete, employee, or parent.

You’re ‘what’ don’t play any role in these things. Instead, why you are doing it and how you do it, that’s matters the most. 

Once you start loving your struggle and fall in love with the process, you seek coaching, monitoring, and feedback.

Make your company clean. You need to accompany yourself with people who are straightforward and not scared to tell you the truth.

Try to avoid such people who are not sincere with you and never help you in correcting your mistakes. Instead, they tell you what they think you want to hear.

These people are not real and never being loyal to you. So never consider them your friends.

Believe in yourself and your process. Your efforts and your struggle will be worth it in the end. Never disappointed with the gossip or what others think.

People always let you down in your struggling period. But once you will start getting success in your process, these people will come to join you or ask about the opportunities. That’s your success in which you believe it and never give up.


Constantly improving yourself is the real investment you invest in yourself. One should never be perfect at everything, but at least you should give it a try.

You succeed or fail, that’s not matter. You learned a lot that’s what matters in the end. It’s all about self-grooming and developing a new version of your-self. 

Once you are sincere with your development and know who you are and what you stand for, success becomes your destiny. 

Personal development is your journey, take it. 

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