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Ben Shapiro Sister And Her Online Controversies


Ben Shapiro sister ABIGAIL Shapiro is the sister of US conservative pundit It is not unusual for celebrities, or their relatives, to be targeted by cyber bullies– a nasty reality of the internet age. Cases like singer Selena Gomez being body-shamed online are not uncommon. What is particularly disheartening is when relatives of famous people become victims of internet vitriol, simply due to their familial connections. One such case is Abigail Shapiro, sister of well-known political figure Ben Shapiro. Let us delve into the contentious issues that she has become embroiled in.

Getting to Know Abigail Shapiro, Ben Shapiro’s Sister

Abigail Shapiro, sibling to renowned author, editor, and political commentator Ben Shapiro, was born into a conservative Jewish family in Los Angeles, which later converted to Orthodox Judaism. Her professional journey began on the stages of Manhattan musicals before she transitioned to acting.

In 2020, Abigail branched out to YouTube, where her channel dispenses advice to women on maintaining a classic, conservative lifestyle. Although not as intense as her brother, she is known for voicing strong opinions. This has made her the target of cruel internet attacks.

The Cyberbullying of Abby Shapiro

Abigail’s identity became fodder for relentless online abuse and antisemitic bullying. Many believe her conservative views fueled this aggression, as she revealed in her April 2020 video, “Why I Came Out As Conservative: Conservative Women NEED A Community.” Now known as “Classically Abby,” she seems to be following her brother Ben’s path as a conservative commentator.

However, her approach differs from her brother’s. She adopts a more refined manner to articulate her views on social platforms. Branding herself as a “conservative influencer,” she has amassed over 96k YouTube subscribers, 60k Twitter followers, and 34k Instagram followers. Her catchphrase, “Let’s Be Classic,” underlines her advocacy for a conservative lifestyle rooted in femininity and tradition.

While she may be contentious, she does not stir up the same level of controversy as her brother Ben Shapiro, who was accused of making sexist remarks about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP. She has shown public support for her brother on this issue, tweeting, “@benshapiro choosing not to debase himself by reading the uncensored lyrics of that garbage song is why I’m proud to be his sister.

Abigail Shapiro, known for her criticism, took a shot at renowned celebrity Taylor Swift in March 2020, accusing her of losing her appeal after taking on the mantle of a social justice advocate. Swift’s admirers quickly rose to her aid, accusing Abigail of exhibiting internalized misogyny. Yet, the worst trolling incident came about due to her brother’s actions.

Did Ben Shapiro Intensify the Trolling?

Ben Shapiro is far from quiet about his critiques of the LGBTQ+ community. In September 2020, he stirred the pot on Twitter by suggesting that homosexuality and transgenderism should be suppressed, likening it to incestuous feelings. Many commenters linked this strange analogy to his sister, Abigail. Although Snopes later confirmed these tweets to be fake, the damage had been done, leaving Twitter users aghast.

Reactions varied from utter disgust to confusion; one user wrote, “Is Ben Shapiro confessing to an unhealthy fascination with his sister’s lingerie? Also, what do her underwear have to do with homosexuality?” Another compared his tweet to the flawed logic of using ‘gay’ as an insult without referring to homosexuality, casting a negative light nonetheless.

Though Ben removed the contentious tweet, its impact lingered, inevitably leaving its mark on society. His sister was unwillingly pulled into this controversy due to his ill-advised comparison. Despite the backlash, Abby continues to support her family and personal beliefs.

However, her tweets continue to incite negative reactions. In December 2021, Abby found herself in the midst of another controversy when she attempted to publicly shame Madonna by juxtaposing her with Nancy Reagan. She posted images of the two women at similar ages, captioned “This is Madonna at 63. This is Nancy Reagan at 64.”

“Trashy living vs. Classic living. Which type of yourself do you want to be?” Abby’s tweet unleashed a wave of support for Madonna, with several users highlighting Abby’s lack of research, pointing out that “Nancy Reagan, like most of us, had a past.” Nonetheless, Abby continues to promote her concept of “classic living” to her followers, emphasizing “lady-like” and “conservative” values. She also shares snippets of her personal life, including the birth of her son.

The Polarizing Views of Classically Abby

Ben Shapiro sister, Abby Shapiro sparked widespread debate when she drew a parallel between Nancy Reagan, spouse of former President Ronald Reagan, and infamous pop star Madonna. This comparison did not sit well with Madonna’s fans, particularly when Shapiro labeled Reagan as “classy” and Madonna as “trashy”. This remark elicited anger among Madonna’s followers while being well-received by the Republican base.

However, the backlash Shapiro faced over this statement was mild compared to the uproar she stirred among Taylor Swift’s fans. Shapiro expressed her disapproval of Swift’s song “The Man”, which addresses gender inequality, and stated that Swift’s portrayal of herself as a “victim” and a “social justice warrior” was the reason for her dwindling interest in Swift as an artist. This criticism sparked a swift response from Swift’s avid supporters.

One of the most baffling points of contention for Shapiro’s critics is her staunch belief that women in America enjoy all the rights that men do. Indeed, she voiced her exasperation over women claiming they lack rights in America. In her view, women in America already have equal rights and opportunities, a topic that’s often the center of feminist discussions.

“I am exasperated with women asserting that we lack rights in America. Obviously, my tweet and Taylor Swift’s video were about American women. I wasn’t implying that women globally enjoy the same rights as men. Clearly, that’s not true. My comment pertained solely to America, where feminists often argue about equal rights and opportunities that we already possess.”

Yes, Shapiro is firmly of the opinion that American women have the same rights as men. It’s possible that her perspective is influenced by her roles as a stay-at-home mother and an influencer and that she’s not affected by the gender wage gap that persists in the US. Evidently, Shapiro seems oblivious to the fact that as of 2023, women in the US are earning just $0.82 for every dollar a man makes, according to the Pew Research Center. The gap is even wider for women of color, who earn between $0.49 and $0.75 for every dollar a man earns, as per the National Women’s Law Center.

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