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Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner, what’s buzzing?


Speculations around Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner involvement began swirling in February 2023 following their shared departure from a restaurant.

Their unexpected pairing, first noticed in February 2023, created quite a stir among fans. As per PEOPLE magazine, their relationship was confirmed by an acquaintance who mentioned that Jenner and Bad Bunny were “enjoying each other’s company”. The duo was spotted leaving a posh restaurant in Los Angeles after a double date with Jenner’s close friends, Justin and Hailey Bieber.

Bad Bunny, born as Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, is unlike anyone Jenner has dated before, the source added, and Jenner is reportedly enjoying his company.

This speculated relationship emerged a few months after Jenner separated from NBA star Devin Booker in November 2022, citing their hectic jobs and “overwhelming schedules”. Simultaneously, Bad Bunny was believed to be dating Gabriela Berlingeri, his girlfriend since 2017.

Come April 2023, Jenner was seen enthusiastically cheering for the Puerto Rican rapper during his lead performance at Coachella.

Fast forward a few months, Jenner and Bad Bunny took a romantic trip to Idaho. A source informed PEOPLE that the pair appeared to be “deeply in love and super committed.”

Let’s take a look at Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny’s love journey, from their first horse-riding dates to their Coachella debut.

February 18, 2023: Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny’s dating rumors ignite post-shared dinner

The rumored couple, Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner was seen leaving a posh L.A. eatery in late February, apparently after their double date with the Biebers. Jenner was seen in a casual outfit comprising leather pants, black boots, and an oversized grey jacket, while Bad Bunny donned cream pants, a brown jacket, and a khaki hat.

At the time, a source revealed to PEOPLE that Jenner had “recently begun spending time” with Bad Bunny.

“They were introduced by mutual friends. He relocated to L.A. a few weeks back and purchased a house,” the informant shared.

“She is truly enjoying his company,” the source stated

Bad Bunny’s Song Lyrics: A Snipe at Kendall Jenner’s Ex-boyfriend?

On March 17, 2023, the entertainment world speculated a possible dig at Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriend in Bad Bunny’s lyrics on a song collaboration, “Coco Chanel,” with Eladio Carrión. The lyrics referenced Phoenix Suns, the team of Booker, Jenner’s ex, with Bad Bunny claiming the heat of Puerto Rico’s sun outshines that of Phoenix. This didn’t sit well with Booker, who reacted via a now-removed Instagram comment stating, “He worried about another MAN again.” Fans also speculated that a line about Scorpio women being dangerous could be referring to Jenner, a confirmed Scorpio.

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny’s Equestrian Getaway

Early April witnessed rumored lovers, Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner, enjoying some quality time on a horseback ride at California’s Hidden Hills Equestrian Center. The images captured by TMZ showed the couple sharing a horse, with Bad Bunny holding the reins and Jenner capturing a selfie moment.

Kendall Jenner Grooves to Bad’s Coachella Performance

The Coachella festival on April 14, 2023, saw Jenner cheering on her rumored beau, Bad Bunny, who was the leading act for the night. Jenner, dressed in a leather jacket and blue denim shorts, was seen enjoying herself, dancing to the rhythm of Bad Bunny’s hit song “Después de la Playa.” Kylie Jenner, Kendall’s sister, later joined her and shared some snaps from the event.

Is Kendall Jenner the Mystery Woman in Bad Bunny’s Instagram Story?

Speculations ran high when fans detected Kendall Jenner’s presence in Bad Bunny’s Instagram story on April 15, 2023. The video featured Bad Bunny driving a golf cart, singing along to a Peso Pluma song with a woman, believed to be Jenner, accompanying him. The woman’s brunette hair and voice were identified by sharp-eyed fans, leading to Twitter fanbase debates about Jenner being the mystery woman in Bad Bunny’s story.

April 16, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny spotted getting intimate at Coachella

Merely two days after Kendall Jenner was seen in the crowd during Bad Bunny’s performance, Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner, the two were seen in close proximity, enjoying another day of the famous music festival. Jenner was captured in a candid moment, engaged in conversation with Bad Bunny, sporting a simple white tee and black sunglasses. He was dressed in a white collared shirt with a monochrome checkered bandana covering his face. A source who was present at the spot reported to PEOPLE, “They seemed quite close to each other.”

April 29, 2023: Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny have a dinner date in New York City

Jenner and Bad Bunny were snapped heading towards Carbone in New York City for dinner. Jenner was seen wearing a translucent brown top with a leather miniskirt, and Bad Bunny wore a black tee under a black and yellow jacket. The following day, an insider revealed to PEOPLE that Jenner and Bad Bunny’s relationship is “becoming more serious.”

“They look adorable together. Kendall seems happy,” the insider stated. “He’s a fun-loving guy. He is courteous and has a charming personality. She’s attracted to his cool demeanor. He’s very laid-back.”

The insider further shared that “Kendall isn’t dating anyone else.”

May 1, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny spotted at Met Gala after party

Though Jenner and Bad Bunny made solo appearances on the 2023 Met Gala red carpet, they were later seen together at the afterparty. Jenner sported a risqué outfit, a black thong over a transparent metallic bodysuit, while the “La Jumpa” singer wore an outfit inspired by the cowboy look.

May 12, 2023: Kendall Jenner and Bunny seen together at Lakers playoff game

Jenner and Bad Bunny were spotted in the front row at game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. The pair were seen engaged in conversation and sharing a laugh.

June 8, 2023: Kendall and Bunny seen at brunch in Los Angeles

The pair, whose relationship is still rumored, were seen having brunch together in Beverly Hills. Jenner wore high-waisted jeans and a brown leather jacket, while Bad Bunny chose to wear a cream-colored hoodie and green khakis Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner.

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