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Austin Stoermer Coleman – Spiderman Heroine; Zendaya’s Brother


We often have this assumption that movie stars or TV stars siblings’ are only famous as along they are in same profession such as acting, music or modeling for that matter. However that’s not entirely true as we have seen that even those individuals who have nothing to do with their sibling’s spotlight vocation also inescapably get public attention like it happened in the real life example of the Austin Stoermer Coleman.

The surname sounds familiar right? If your answer is, this individual is related to some famous celebrity, and then you are right, he is the brother of top notch actress who has recently starred in famous Hollywood movies including Marvel Studios’ Spiderman: No way Home and Dune, known as Zendaya Maree Coleman.

While the whole world knows about Zendaya naturally due to her occupation, less is known about her brother Austin Stoermer Coleman. And today we will fill this gap by writing this article about him.

Who is Austin Stoermer Coleman

Austin Stoermer Coleman is one of the elder step-brothers of Zendaya Stoermer Coleman. The identity of his biological mother is not known however Austin adopted his step mother’s name after his biological father Kazembe Ajamu Coleman got into relationship with Claire Stoermer.

Kazembe Ajamu is an African American national who previously worked as gym instructor for the school before he become bodyguard/manager of Zendaya. While his wife, Claire Stoermer Coleman has worked both as Elementary school teacher for Fruitvale Elementary School for twenty years as well house manager for California Shakespeare Theater during her summer vacations.

Austin has four biological siblings, three sisters named Katianna, Annabella Stoerman Coleman and Kaylee and one brother Julian and one youngest step sister Zendaya Maree. Regardless of being born to different mother, neither Austin nor his other siblings had never felt left out of place in Coleman’ household.

On the contrary, due to Claire’s nurturing and warm personality, they respected and treated her as if she was their own mother. Because of this, Austin took no time in becoming a protective and supportive brother to his youngest step sibling, Zendaya.

The siblings have close bond among themselves as photos from Zendaya’s Instagram are prove of it. Zendaya informed the public that her family has played a major role in influencing her to become a better person with each passing day.

Like his siblings, Austin too had spent most of his early days in his father’s old home Emeryville home under his grandmother care before shifting to the Los Angeles due to Zendaya’s first acting job for Disney Channel.

The information regarding Austin Stoermer Coleman is not disclosed however it is believed that he did his early schooling from a well- reputed private educational institution from Oakland and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from prominent university. 

Personal measurements

Austin is a tall man in his early forties with a height of 175 cm which is 5 feet and 9 inches. His birth date and year is not revealed however it is known he was born in 15th June, making him Gemini according to astrology sign.  

Net Worth of the Austin Stoermer Coleman

Regrettably the details of his education nor his main source of income are not known. But we do have info that the current net worth that Austin is standing at is approximately $ 1 million.

From this it can be deduced that Austin is living rather comfortably with his own house and cars under his ownership. It is believed that sudden spur in his net worth is due to the Zendaya’s work profession. At present, the current net worth of Zendaya is $ 15 million. 

Zendaya’s work experience in Marvel Spiderman Homecoming

Ever since she was a child, Zendaya had already made her mind that she will work as an actress.

The long hours of time spent in theater where her mother worked, and doing occasional plays, led Zendaya to develop remarkable skills such as dancing, acting and singing by the time she turned twelve.

After working successfully in Disney Channel and ABC for six years (2009-2015), now it came upon Zendaya who was now twenty to make a major decision regarding choosing her first acting debut in movie if she was committed in becoming Hollywood actress.

It wasn’t an easy start for Zendaya as majority of people still doubted her acting skills because of her long tenure with Disney Channel.

She wasn’t the first one who struggled as there were many actors who had worked for Disney previously also had hard time making their career in acting due to puberty changes or financial problems.

To ensure that she doesn’t repeat the past mistakes of actors who had worked before her, Zendaya made a decision to step back and wait for right opportunity.

In fact she stated herself that she would rather choose to have one line in blockbuster movie rather than long time screen appearance in some unknown flop movie.

Zendaya’s Decision

Then in 2016, her patience paid off when she got her role in Marvel’s Spiderman: Homecoming. Though Zendaya had no idea that what was the name of the movie when she submitted her acting tape, she was just informed by her managers that it was girl in the movie.

Despite the vague description, she applied for it anyway and was thrilled to find out that it was one of the Marvel studios latest movies in making, Spiderman: Homecoming. For her audition, Zendaya choose not to wear any makeup.

Later on she explained the reason that why she didn’t wore makeup is because when she was in her teens, she wasn’t permitted to wear makeup, hence in order to understand her character’s age, she needed to reconnect with her past teen self by replicating her own past behavior.

Despite getting a role, Zendaya still wasn’t certain she got the job as she was so sure that she was going to be replaced due to her skin color. But in the end, the decision was made on the basis of selecting the people who were best suited for playing the characters that were included in movie rather than going for typical looks depicted in comic books.

After signing the necessary contracts, only then Zendaya was revealed that fictional character that she was going to play in this movie was name Michelle, who was portrayed as a class nerd with a dry humor.

Zendaya described her character as “Outspoken, quirky and smart” nevertheless she was pleased that the character “Michelle” was very different from previous stereotypical female character who was always damsel in distress. The director Jon Watts even recommended Zendaya to take inspiration from the fictional character Daria who is portrayed as a smart and cynical girl in American ninety’s Sitcom “Daria” in order to play the Michelle’s character.

When Zendaya met with her male co-star Tom Holland, the one thing she was mainly concerned about was her height difference with him as she was 5 feet and 10 inches while Tom Holland was 5 feet and 8 inches. But in the end all her worries vanished when she did the audition with him.

The movie was released in theaters on July 2017 and earned approximately $ 117 million immediately within first week of its release. Though her starring time was brief, but she managed to steal the light in form of numerous praises from film critics.

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